You can first access the Ship Graveyard immediately after inspecting the cairn of Deserted Village, which requires activating the three sets of ruins on the initial world map. You can purchase the map from Initium for 3,000 St. You might as well save your money, though, as you can get to Ship Graveyard via Great Crag’s northern exit. Given the difficulty jump you may want to come here after visiting the four sections of the Tabletop Mountains.

The party battles a band of monsters in the Ship Graveyard, an area in The Legend of Legacy.

Ship Graveyard - Forest of Ships - Enemies
  • Death's Reaper
  • Deepsea Prowler
  • Drowned Buccaneer
  • Lizardman Sentry
  • Sinister Soul
  • Spectral Soul
What a delightful place you've discovered. You have some new enemies to fight in the Ship Graveyard:
  • Drowned Buccaneers. Though they don’t do a ton of damage, Drowned Buccaneers can attack twice per turn. With a large stable of enemies on the other side of the field this can be quite dangerous. Try to wipe these out first - or at least take out all the weaker enemies with AOE attacks. You’ll want to summon Wind elementals consistently, as you’ll use up a lot of SP-draining attacks to wipe out Drowned Buccaneers.
  • Sunken Destroyers. These things are virtually identical to Drowned Buccaneers - they just hit harder, and can take more abuse. You won’t see Sunken Destroyers too often.
Garnet explores the Ship Graveyard in The Legend of Legacy.

There might be a Sparkle in the first shell you see, upon entering the Ship Graveyard. Take a left from the entrance. There’s a potential Sparkle in a broken box a ways to your left, and beyond that a fairly straightforward walk to the northwest. The insect enemies here run in pre-determined patterns, so you can avoid them every time if you’re careful. Go far enough west and you can hop over some crumbled boxes to a side area, though there's not much to see here besides potential Sparkles.

Eventually in the northwest you’ll hit a split in the path, though going all the way northwest won’t get you anything. (You can find Sparkles with a pair of barrels, if nothing else.) If you stay as north as possible while heading east you can find a Sparkle, though there’s a dead end here as well.

In the northeast corner is an exit to the Sea of Spires section of Ship Graveyard, but there’s more to explore to the south as well. You can find two more Sparkles down here. You’ll also find a dead end that prevents you from exploring the southeast area.

(When you do get down here, which won’t take too long, you’ll find a Yellow Platform waiting, as well as a potential Sparkle. There’s also a Chest if you hop over boxes to the west.)

Ship Graveyard - Sea of Spires - Enemies
  • Death's Reaper
  • Deepsea Prowler
  • Drowned Buccaneer
  • Lizardman Sentry
  • Pale Spiritbeak
  • Sinister Soul
  • Spectral Soul
The path splits right at the beginning. in the northwest of the Sea of Sprites. If you go south immediately you can hop across a box, and you may find a Sparkle on the other side.

Backtrack and go east. The path splits again, and if you follow it south and stick to the west side of the map you can find the exit back to Forest of Ships. There’s also a possible Sparkle along the way, and if you swing right when you go as far south as possible you may find a Chest waiting.

- The path splits in three places once you reach the middle of the map. The lowest path leads to Sparkles, but that’s all. The middle path leads to the southeast corner, where, again, possible Sparkles. The upper path branches again, but it only leads to more possible Sparkles. Ultimately you need to take the central path. Be careful of the clearing in the northeast, as it leads to a boss. Take the smaller path to the direct northeast - it leads to a possible Chest - then head to the clearing.

The party battles the Bonesnapper, a boss in The Legend of Legacy.


Ouch. The Bonesnapper uses the following attacks:
  • Headbutt, a single-target physical attack
  • Blast Rain, a multi-target attack
  • Turtle Rush, an attack buff
This battle is problematic not so much because Bonesnapper is strong - it’s not that tough - but because it’s accompanied by three Drowned Buccaneers. Rough. These ensure that you’re bombarded with attacks every turn. 

Either take the Drowned Buccaneers down with AOE attacks as quickly as possible - a bow is fantastic at this with Bombard and / or Silver Rain - or use the Lullaby charm and, hopefully, put them under for a while. Stunning Drowned Buccaneers is wise, too, so long as you have characters who can go before them, and as ever you should throw up defenses via elementals and Shields. 

Once you’ve taken out all three Buccaneers, Bonesnapper isn’t a big deal. It will start using AOE attacks, but it only attacks once per round. Keep your elementals strong and keep throwing up Shields when needed.

Garnet stares down the entrance to the final dungeon of The Legend of Legacy.

Beating the Bonesnapper opens a path out of the Ship Graveyard. This path doesn't prove too useful - at least, not yet. Once you've completed one of The Legend of Legacy's penultimate dungeons the exit turns into an entrance into the game's final area. You'll be coming back here, in other words. (Though Bonesnapper remains dead.)

Part 24: Bogsaur Marsh - Wetlands, Drifting Isles