A map of the Northern Mesa / Fire Drake Trail, an area in The Legend of Legacy.


The Northern Mesa is normally unlocked by purchasing the map in Initium for 5,000 St. It’ll appear in the store after your first visit to the Great Crag. If you want to bypass this purchase, however, you can find a lookout point in the Western Mesa that will unlock the area for free. It’s a small hunk of raised land in the north of the map.

The party battles enemies in the Tabletop Mountains, an area in The Legend of Legacy.

Tabletop Mountains - Fire Drake Trail
  • Archwing
  • Coatl
  • Dire Wasp
  • Fire Whelp
  • Frost Whelp
  • Goblin Fighter
  • Goblin Shaman
  • Hornshell Brute
  • Nest Warden
  • Primal Thrasher
  • Rockskin Brute
  • Stickbug Sentinel
  • Thunder Whelp
The enemies on this trail are pretty much the same as everywhere else in the Tabletop Mountains. If you can handle the other mesas, you'll be fine on the Fire Drake Trail.

You’ll start in the southeast corner of the map. Wander northwest to find a clearing with a few poisonous cacti. Up the ramp on your right you can find an Archwing Egg nest, and if you explore the up-ramp area to the southwest you’ll find a winding path, filled with bushes, that leads to another Archwing Egg nest. There's a small pond along this route, and if you check the shoreline you may find a Chest.

Garnet finds a treasure chest on the Tabletop Mountains, an area in The Legend of Legacy.

Head back to the west side of the map and check in the north to find a rocky path leading to the northeastern area. You’ll find an insect clinging to a column, similar to what you may have seen in the Eastern Mesa. Defeat the enemies that appear - a significant number of Stickbug Sentinels and Elite Wasps - to create another bridge, leading west.

Head west to find another small pond, with a potential Sparkle.Up a set of rocky stairs on the north side of the pond you’ll find yet another Archwing Egg nest, nestled into a cluster of grass. South of here is a large, ancient device. Activate it to freeze the water at its base. You can continue to explore in the northwest, but there’s little to do besides uncover ground to clear the map.

Garnet stands next to an ancient device on the Tabletop Mountains, an area in The Legend of Legacy.

Return to the clearing in the northeast of the map. As soon as you cross the bridge back to the clearing, head west, past a fallen log. There’s a sort of narrow alley alongside the raised, grass-bestrewn ground that leads to the ice. You’ll find a yellow platform beside the ancient device that contains a Drakescale Charm, a possible Sparkle to the northwest, and a split in the path.

Head east from the frozen pond and you can find a potential Sparkle up the ramp on your right, and to the southeast another Sparkle in a shell. Head west and you’ll find a dead end, and, in all likelihood, finish the map.

Return to the entrance of the map, in the southeast. Head to the clearing in the north, then go up the ramp to the west. In the south, past the second Archwing Egg nest, you can get down onto the ice again. From here you can reach a singing stone, as well as its Whispering Shard. It teaches the Permafrost charm.

The party battles a large Fire Drake along the Fire Drake Trail, an area in the Tabletop Mountains of The Legend of Legacy.

Fire Drake

You can potentially find a large Fire Drake waiting just to the west of the ancient device that froze the water that's running through the middle of the map. It's similar to the other Drakes you can encounter, and essentially a bigger, tougher version of a normal Whelp. This Fire Drake isn't quite a boss, and throwing up an elemental Shield and stealing the elements should keep you safe. The chances of seeing this enemy are small, so you may have to enter and leave this map several times to make it spawn.

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