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Bogsaur Marsh appears as a purchasable map after you’ve visited Great Crag for the first time. It must be bought for 5,000 St. As far as I’ve seen, there’s no other way to reach Bogsaur Marsh outside of buying a map.

Bogsaur Marsh - Wetlands

- What a lovely swampy-swamp. You can find some new enemies here:
  • Rustsnappers. These bulky reptiles are weaker versions of the Bonesnapper from the Ship Graveyard. They hit physically, and are much more dangerous if fought with groups of enemies. Go for the weaker foes first.
  • Heroic Prowlers. Advanced forms of the Stickbugs you’ve fought before, Heroic Prowlers favour water charms. Prevent them from casting whenever you can.
  • Demoncats. You haven’t seen creatures like this for a while, and they’re quite a pain since they can put your characters to sleep, stun ‘em, and throw up Fire Walls. Kill them first if you can.
  • Water elementals are prominent in this area, and the enemies love watery charms, so be sure to steal the water advantage whenever you can. You’ll face a lot of HP regeneration otherwise.
  • Glacial Whelps. They’re basically advanced versions of Frost Whelps. No big deal.

- You’ll start out in the southwest corner of the map. You can find a Sparkle against a large, pink flower to the east, and to the northeast you’ll find an ancient device. Activating it will flood the area with fire elementals and burn a web that keeps you from proceeding north. 

- Enter the water to the direct north of the entrance. Your movement is slowed in here, so be wary of enemies. Assuming you burned the web you can get onto the stretch of land in the northwest. There’s plenty of ground up here, but nothing to see besides an exit in the far north. This leads to the Drifting Isles map.

- There’s still more to see in the Wetlands, however. If you head east you’ll find a large section of water that will probably force you into a number of battles, given how slowly you move. You can find a Chest in the southeast corner of the map, and another exit to Drifting Isles in the northeast. There are two small islands here; use these to escape enemies if you’re tired of fighting.

Bogsaur Marsh - Drifting Isles

- This area, among other things, is populated by orange flowers that will explode and do damage if you draw too close. Avoid them as best you can. Of greater concern yet are the Bogsaurs, which, similar to Archwings in previous areas, patrol as shadows under the water. Touch one and you’ll get into a fight. More on Bogsaurs below.

- Regardless of which entrance you use you’ll wind up in water. We’ll start in the east. If you head north from the entrance you’ll find dry land; here is an exit to another map, Hunting Range. To the far north from the entrance is another such exit, this one to the Pilgrimage Isles.

- To the west of this second exit is an island to climb onto. There’s an ancient device you can activate to slice a fallen tree in half, allowing you to continue west… though there’s nothing to see anyway. Shrug?

- Head north from the southwestern entrance. There’s a possible Sparkle on your left, and to the north you’ll find another exit to the Pilgrimage Isles, in the northwest corner of the map.


What a nasty piece of work. Bogsaurs are similar to Archwings in that they have a ton of HP, hit twice per turn, and can, when you first arrive in the area, probably overwhelm your team. Bogsaurs start off with a fairly simple pattern of either Chomping a single character or using Evil Eye, a fairly inaccurate attack that will instantly KO its target if it lands. (Which it usually doesn’t.) After battling for a while, though, Bogsaurs will start busting out AOE attacks of great power, including one that can stun the entire party if you’re unlucky. Ouch.

Bogsaurs can’t be poisoned (I never managed to poison one, anyway), so you need to rely on your strongest attacks, Shields, and constantly drawing elementals to your side. All three types are good, if you can manage, though try to give priority to Water Contracts so you’re constantly being healed. Beyond that all you can really do is mash these things ’til they die. You can run, so don’t hesitate to flee if the battle isn’t going your way.