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Bogsaur Marsh - Hunting Range

- You’ll find this area to the east of Drifting Isles, the second section of Bogsaur Marsh. As soon as you enter you’ll find an ancient device on your right; activate it, as it will ‘solidify’ the water and allow you to move at full speed. You’ll need the extra speed to avoid all the Bogsaurs in the area.

- Head east from the ancient device (though, first, check a short ways north to find potential Sparkles on the edge of the map and on a small island). There’s an island to the east where you may find a Chest waiting; be careful of Bogsaurs patrolling ‘round the island. 

- Amid some rather considerable perils (logs and explodey flowers and enemies, oh my) you’ll find another ancient device in the northeast. To the left of this is an exit to another new map, Land’s Navel. If you head west of here, to the far side of the map, you’ll find two more exists. The left exit leads to the Pilgrimage Isles; the upper exit also leads to Land’s Navel.

Bogsaur Marsh - Pilgrimage Isles

- Regardless of how you enter this map, it serves largely as a gateway to other areas. There’s not a whole lot to see… but there are a lot of Bogsaurs you need to avoid. You may run into a new enemy, as well:
  • Lizardman Marauders. Upgraded versions of Lizardman Sentries, and little else. Stronger, but you can deal with them in the same way as the Sentries (namely, beat the snot out of ‘em.)
- There are three islands in this area which you can use to avoid enemies. Around each of them you’ll probably find Sparkles in a variety of detritus and flowers and so forth. Yadda yadda.

- In the north of Pilgrimage Islands is an ancient device that will bring water elementals into the region. Activating it will also solidify the water, allowing you to run around more freely… and bring a singing stone out of the water in the northwest corner of the map. The Whispering Shard it gives you the Rejuvenation charm.

- There are two more exits from Pilgrimage Isles in the east. Both lead to Land’s Navel.