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Bogsaur Marsh - Land’s Navel

- Assuming you pop out in the west - the walkthrough assumes you do, at least - you’ll find an ancient device for fire elementals in the northwest. There’s also a ramp over here you need to use to access the land in the middle of the map. If you skirt around the south of this island and head to the east side of the island you’ll find an exit to another map, Lizardman Domain. (It’s of slight importance to Filmia, if he’s your main.)

- There’s a ramp in the northeast of the island that leads down into the water again. Head west from here to find another island, this with a Yellow Platform. Slightly further west is yet another ramp, this leading to an exit… in the form of an enormous hole in the ground. It should be no surprise if you’ve seen map names that this leads to Bottomless Pit.

- Don’t exit too quickly, though. Next to the exit are a pair of waterfalls. You can walk down these waterfalls (but not back up) to reach a singing stone. The Whispering Shard you get as a result contains the Air Shield charm. (I think. Pretty sure?) You can’t get back up from here, though, so you’ll have to walk all the way around again.

Bogsaur Marsh - Lizardman Domain

- You’ll pop out in the northwest of this map. Wander down into the water and you’ll quickly discover that this map is full of water, and thus, is an enormous pain in the ass. Expect, as you might imagine, to be forced into a lot of battles against Lizardmen here.

- There are two thin islands in the north. Wade between 'em and you'll find a fire elemental ancient device at the tip. Activating it will erase a cobweb barring you from reaching the island in the middle of the map. There's a horde of potential Chests here.

Now for that water. Wade your way to the southeast corner of the map, curve around the island down here, and head north along the eastern border. There’s an ancient device up here that will make walking much easier. 

- There’s more to explore - Sparkles on the islands, for example - but you shouldn’t bother yet. Go up the ramp to the left of the ancient device, assuming you’re ready to fight, and you’ll find a nasty boss waiting.

Green Dragon

This is a mean fight. The Green Dragon has some rather painful attacks:
  • Its basic physical attack is Dragon Claw. It’s nothing special - but Green Dragon can use it three times per turn. Ouch.
  • It has three other powerful physical attacks in Stomp, Mutilate, and Dragon’s Maw. They hurt, but you can defend against all three. These sometimes get used in conjunction with Dragon Claw swipes, but not too often.
  • Its cruelest attack by far is Poison Breath, which inflicts 100+ damage to everyone (more if fire element is on the Dragon's side) and will usually poison the characters it hits. This can wipe your party if the Green Dragon decides to use it twice in a row, so… pray that it doesn’t, I guess? Not much you can do. Expect to see this as Green Dragon’s first attack, as well, which is just peachy.
  • Its second cruelest attack is Hellfire. It's another AOE attack, obviously a fire elemental, which does about the same amount of damage as Poison Breath - the big difference being that it can instantly kill a character, and it usually will. Ouch. Keep fire on your side to best avoid this.
  • The Green Dragon will also steal all three elements. This isn’t a huge deal for air, but fire gives its already strong physical hits a boost… and water will allow Green Dragon to rejuvenate 999 HP each turn. Yeesh. Promptly steal these back whenever you get the chance. Occasionally these thefts will be paired with elemental Shield spells.
This battle is a slog, no two ways about it. The Green Dragon is invulnerable to poisoning, as far as I’ve seen (I tried a lot), so all you can rely on is your strongest attacks. Start by stealing elements with Contracts, then put your usual defender on point with whatever shield skill you like while your other two characters spam their strongest physical attacks. Heal as necessary. Whenever Poison Breath gets carted out, immediately go on the defensive and heal everyone up to full as quickly as you can, dispelling poison status with Purify or Rejuvenate. There’s no really easy way to beat this bastard - it’s just a matter of overwhelming him with time, patience, and a bit of luck. Moves that counterattack also help, if you're really struggling to do damage as you defend.

Beating the Green Dragon will unlock the door to the south. Beyond it, well, you can see from the sidelines - a singing stone, with the usual Whispering Shard as your prize. It contains the Blastwave charm. (I think.) Woot.