A map of the Tabletop Mountains / Frost Drake Trail, an area in The Legend of Legacy.


The Western Mesa is available as a map-for-purchase (3,000 St) in Initium when you visit Great Crag for the first time. Don’t bother paying the fee, as you can find a path to the Western Mesa in the northeast corner of Great Crag, not too far from the entrance.

The party runs into some monsters in the Tabletop Mountains, an area in The Legend of Legacy.

Tabletop Mountains - Frost Drake Trail - Enemies
  • Archwing
  • Coatl
  • Dire Wasp
  • Fire Whelp
  • Frost Whelp
  • Goblin Fighter
  • Goblin Shaman
  • Hornshell Brute
  • Nest Warden
  • Primal Thrasher
  • Rockskin Brute
  • Thunder Whelp
The mountain-climbing continues, assuming you checked out the Southern Mesa before coming here. The enemies are more or less the same in this area, and if you could survive Great Crag or the Southern Mesa you'll be fine exploring this spot. There's one exception:
  • Hornshell Brutes. These huge enemies are essentially the same as Rockskin Brutes, though they have more HP and can Stun your characters with their physical attacks. Having someone to Ricochet their attacks is best.
Garnet explores the Frost Drake Trail, an area of the Tabletop Mountains in The Legend of Legacy.

The path splits right from the start, though there’s not much to see up the ramp to the north besides a possible Sparkle on your left and an Archwing Egg nest on your right. If nothing else this spot will alert you to the presence of more poisoned grass in this area.

Return to the lower path and go east. There's another split ahead. If you go up the ramp on the right you'll find an Archwing Egg nest, and beside it is a yellow platform that'll give you a Bird Statue. The eastern path winds around this raised area and connects with the northern path. There’s a possible Sparkle on your left as you wander north, and another on your right, set into a large shell. There’s yet another potential Sparkle to the northwest, as well.

Garnet spots the Northern Mesa of the Tabletop Mountains, an area in The Legend of Legacy.

The path splits again at this wide clearing. Northeast of the clearing you’ll find a small side island across a walkway of rocks. You might find a Sparkle, but that's all.

There are two paths that will take you into the northwest, but, honestly, there’s nothing to see up here besides an Archwing Egg nest, poisonous plants, and an annoying number of enemies. Don’t bother going this way unless you want a completed map. The only thing you have to see here is a ramp off to the northwest, where you’ll find a spot to scope out the Northern Mesa in the distance.

The party battles a huge Frost Drake, an enemy in the Tabletop Mountains of The Legend of Legacy.

Frost Drake

Upon selling the map for Western Mesa in Initium you'll trigger the potential appearance of a powerful Frost Drake back in the Western Mesa. It appears in the far northeast of the map as a massive enemy, though the chances of it doing so are about one in five. Just leave and reenter the map until one appears.

This giant Frost Drake is essentially a supercharged normal Frost Drake, with two attacks per round and an powerful Cold Breath attack. It's not quite boss-level difficult, however, as long as you can heal yourself. The Frost Drake doesn't drop anything great, so this battle is best used for leveling character stats.