Part 18: Great Crag - Mountain Rise


Southern Mesa / Predator's Trace is available as a map-for-purchase (3,000 St) in Initium when you visit Great Crag for the first time. There’s virtually no reason to buy it, though, since you can reach it via the southeastern exit of Great Crag. It’s a very, very short trip from the entrance.

The party battles monsters on the Predator's Trace, part of the Tabletop Mountains in The Legend of Legacy.

Tabletop Mountains - Predator’s Trace - Enemies
  • Archwing
  • Coatl
  • Goblin Fighter
  • Goblin Shaman
  • Nest Warden
  • Primal Thrasher
  • Rockskin Brute
  • Stormrise Coatl
New area! Predator’s Trace has a bunch of familiar enemies, but they’re made a little more difficult to fight because there’s so much thick greenery ‘round these parts. Be careful of blind turns. Watch out for poisonous plants, as well. 

Right at the entrance is a ramp, assuming you start in the west. Go up and you’ll find an Archwing Egg nest, as well as a yellow platform where you'll get a Bird Statue. These nests seem more likely to spawn Nest Wardens over Archwings, though you should be more than strong enough by now to handle one without much difficulty. The Bee Stinger charm is your best friend against these winged fiends.

The lower path branches around this central rise, but you’ll ultimately wind up going northeast. There’s a potential Sparkle ahead, beside a fallen log. South of here you can either stay on the low ground or hop up on the rise to your left. Continuing clockwise around the rise on the low ground takes you to a dead end, so you might as well hop up the rocks.

Amid way too much poisonous grass you can find another Archwing Egg nest. In the south you’ll find a large windmill which will fill the area with Wind elementals. You’ll also activate two moving platforms. Note that you must activate it from the upper platform, not from the lower path.

There are now two platform generators in the south, along the lower path. The platform in the west sends you to a solitary island where you may find a Chest. The platform to the east takes you to a northbound path where you can find potentially find a Sparkle in the north. If you follow the path as it winds north you'll eventually see a conspicuous bare patch of dirt. Stand on this spot and you’ll open a path to the Eastern Mesa of the Tabletop Mountains. (And save yourself 5,000 St in the process.)

Garnet looks to another area of the Tabletop Mountains in The Legend of Legacy.

This ends your trip through Predator's Trace. You can't access the rest of the Tabletop Mountains from here, so either hoof it back to the entrance in the west or get into a fight and run away to leave.

(This area apparently has a rare enemy called the Elderwyrm, similar to the other three areas of the Tabletop Mountains. I can't get the thing to appear for the life of me. If / when I successfully find one I'll edit this section to include it.)

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