In order to access Great Crag you must first activate the cairn in Deserted Village. This requires activating the three sets of elemental Ruins. That done, you can purchase the map to Great Crag in Initium for 3,000 St. If you want to save money, you can also find Great Crag for free by returning to Deserted Village after unlocking the new continent and checking the area to the left of the cairn.

The party battles monsters in Great Crag, an area in The Legend of Legacy.

Great Crag - Mountain Rise - Enemies
  • Coatl
  • Death's Reaper
  • Dire Wasp
  • Elite Wasp
  • Fire Whelp
  • Frost Whelp
  • Goblin Fighter
  • Goblin Shaman
  • Primal Thrasher
  • Shockwave Coatl
  • Thunder Whelp
Fresh territory, straight out of the sea. There are a bunch of new enemies to fight hereabouts:
  • Dire Wasps. They look familiar and they attack in a familiar manner, but they hit a lot harder than normal. They also tend to appear in large clusters. Defending is critical, as they prefer physical attacks. You'll also run into Crimson Wasps, which are stronger and can Poison your characters.
  • Fire / Thunder Whelps. They’re the Fire and Wind versions of Frost Whelps, which you’ve doubtless faced before. Not much more to say beyond that.
  • Goblin Fighter. You probably fought these little guys when confronting shadow orbs in the ruins areas. They're not a big deal.
  • Goblin Shamans. These back-row enemies stick almost entirely to charms. They’re more dangerous than average because they steal your elements, and their Insanity attack can mess up your party.
  • Primal Thrashers. Despite the red skin these beasts are similar to their weaker kin from earlier areas. Throw up a strong physical defense to stop them from ravaging your party.
  • Shockwave Coatls. They're Coatls, but they hit harder! Yep. You won't see them often.
Most of these battles aren’t much harder than what you’ve faced in previous areas. The primary exception comes if you step too close to the insect nests in this area. If they’re shaking, you’ll get into a fight with a mob of Dire Wasps and Crimson Wasps. These battles are brutal without AOE attacks. Avoid these nests unless you're ready to wipe out large numbers of enemies in a flash.

Garnet activates an ancient device of Fire in Great Crag, an area in The Legend of Legacy.

The path splits right at the entrance. If you head north you’ll find an ancient device for Fire, and activating it makes the northeastern path from the entrance a bit safer. To the west you'll find a yellow platform in a cluster of bushes, which will earn you a Beast's Husk. There are also a few potential Sparkles over to the west.

Your destination is to the east. You can find a Sparkle near a flaming pillar, and past it, in the southeast corner, you’ll find an exit to Tabletop Mountains’ Southern Mesa. Near here is a cactus that puffs out purple clouds. Get caught in one and you’ll be temporarily slowed down, similar to the poisonous grass found in earlier areas.

Head north. There’s nothing much to see to the west, so head north up the next ramp. You’ll find an ancient device up here that can turn the water to the west into ice. Before heading that way, check to the northeast. There’s an exit from the map leading to Tabletop Mountains’ Western Mesa.

Garnet crosses a patch of ice in Great Crag, an area in The Legend of Legacy.

Head northwest across the ice. There’s an ancient device here that brings Wind elementals into the area. North of the ice you can find yet another exit, which leads to the Ship Graveyard. (Hopefully you didn't buy the map for the Ship Graveyard from Initium.) You should check out the Tabletop Mountains before going here, given the difficulty jump.

Almost done. Return to the entrance of Great Crag and go north, up the nearest ramp. You’ll find an air-generated platform up here that can shepherd you to the last section of the map. There’s potentially a Chest north of where you land, and up the ramp to your right you’ll find a singing stone with a Whispering Shard. This one teaches the Bluster charm.