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Valley Ruins - Tower 1F

- There’s not much to see on this initial floor when you arrive from the front entrance. You’ll find stairs up to the second floor on both sides of the room, and if you go right and to the north you’ll find a singing stone that confers the usual Whispering Shard. It teaches you Bladestorm. You may also find a Chest up here.

- If you enter the Tower via either of the side entrances (water elemental needed for the left entrance, fire for the right) you’ll find a connected rear area with more enemies, two potential Chests, and, in the northeast corner, a hole in the wall that takes you up to the second floor.

Valley Ruins - Tower 2F

- If you come up here from the central entrance you’ll be forced into a circle you can’t escape. Aside from some potential Sparkles there’s no point going this way. Use the northeast route from 1F.

- If you come up the aforementioned northeast stairs you’ll wind up in a series of narrow, connected corridors that force you to the west. There’s a potential Chest in the northwest room, and, one room south of that, the singing stone you knew was coming. It gives you the Singing Shard of wind elementals. Drawing wind elementals allows you to use wind-based charms, and having them on your side will also restore small amounts of SP every turn. This latter is extremely handy for blowing through battles in a hurry.

Valley Ruins - Tower 3F

- Confused? Don’t be. Go back to Tower 1F and, just south of the crack in the wall, you’ll find an ancient device your new Singing Shard can activate. It turns on a teleporter to the northwest that will zip back back to 2F. Head west from here to find another teleporter that will take you to 3F.

- There’s a potential Sparkle just northwest of where you appear, in the northwest corner of the map. And also up here…

Air Golem

Might this be the final Golem? We’ll see. The Air Golem is similar to the other two Golems in that it utilizes a mixture of elemental charms (air-flavoured, obviously) and physical attacks to do damage. It’s nevertheless more dangerous in general, ‘cause its charms make it more evasive and allow it to hit everyone more often, because it’s regaining SP reeeeeally quickly. Bladestorm can devastate your party after a couple hits.

The obvious first measure is to rob Air Golem of its SP advantage with an Air Contract, then balancing out the elements a little to level out the damage it does with its charms. After that it’s just a matter of smacking Air Golem ’til it dies. It’s still probably the hardest of the Golems by virtue of its move combinations, but if you come here last you should be more than strong enough to maul the thing.

You’ll receive the Air Core for beating Air Golem. Now you need to find the obligatory sphere that pairs with the Air Core.

- Head back down to 2F. If you make your way back to 1F you’ll find another teleporter on 2F in the northeast. It will take you to another small room with a singing stone; it will give you the Whispering Shard of Lullaby.

- Leave the Tower and reenter it through the front entrance. On 2F you’ll find a teleporter that leads to the rest of 3F. Directly south is another two-battle purple dome. Get rid of it and you can explore the remainder of this small area; there’s a possible Chest on the left and a teleporter in the south.

Valley Ruins - Wind Flute Terrace

- There’s so little here that it didn’t even make it into the article’s title. You’ll find a yellow platofmr that’ll net you a Menas Coin in the northwest, as well as the usual sphere in the north. Use the Air Core on the sphere to restore the Valley Ruins. (And before you leave, check the newly-unveiled to your right for the Whispering Shard for the Windsweep charm.)

- Head back to Initium. The King of Adventurers will give you 500 St. Huzzah!