Seaside Ruins - Final Depths - Enemies
  • Death's Assassin
  • Death's Reaper
  • Lizardman Sentry
  • Mako Scout
  • Rockskin Brute
  • Spriggan Raider
  • Stickbug Sentinel
  • Stickbug Zealot
You've reached the bottom of the Seaside Ruins. This place has one new enemy:
  • Death's Assassins. Similar to Death's Reaper, Death's Assassins are annoying since they will steal your elements. Don't let them stick around for long.
Both paths into this area from B2 take you to ancient devices and northbound pathways. Start with the western side. There’s not a ton of path, though you may find a Sparkle down a southwestern path along the western wall, and you will find a singing stone in the north. It gives you the Whispering Shard for the Blastwave charm.

The eastern pathway into Final Depths via Seaside Ruins B2 is nice and short, and it will pit you against only one enemy: The boss you’ve been looking for.

The party encounters the Fire Golem, a boss in The Legend of Legacy.

Fire Golem

Another Golem. Not too surprising. The Fire Golem uses the following attacks:
  • Elimination, a single-target physical attack
  • Detection, a multi-target physical attack
  • Fire Shield, a protective charm
  • Blastwave, a multi-target Fire charm
The Fire Golem is similar to its Water counterpart in that it focuses on Fire charms. It loves to deploy Fire Shield, minimizing the effects of your physical attacks, though you may see other familiar charms every now and then as well. That aside Fire Golem uses physical attacks, the most powerful of which is Detection, which hits everyone for around 100 HP of damage on a typical turn.

Ideally you want to dedicate one character to defending, one character to attacking, and the last to establishing Fire Contracts every turn. Fail to do this and Fire Golem will keep getting attack bonuses. Not horribly painful, but annoying enough. Most of the Golem's offensive measures are physical, so defensive moves like Ricochet should protect your party. Then it’s just a matter of beating on the thing. If healing proves to be an issue, establish a Water Contract as well. Fire Golem won't fight with you over elements besides Fire.

Defeating the Fire Golem earns you the Fire Core. You’ll need this in a bit, once you reach the second floor of the Seaside Ruins. You can get here via the first floor, by activating ancient devices on the east side and heading north.

Seaside Ruins - 2F

We're almost done with this place. There’s an ancient device in the northwestof the top floor of this ruin. Turning it on will open a room just to the south, within which you’ll find the Fire Shield Whispering Shard

Other than that… well, there’s the big, obvious, purple bubble in the middle of the map. Enter it and you’ll be forced into two battles against normal enemies - though they have the advantage of the Darkness element. Push it back with Contracts and kill every enemy that gets in your way.

There’s a sphere beyond the purple dome that’s identical to one you’ve seen before. Investigate it with the Fire Core in your inventory to re-awaken the Seaside Ruins. You can now head back to Initium and speak to the King of Adventurers about the Seaside Ruins, earning you a 500 St reward.