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The map to the Seaside Ruins will appear in Initium’s shop after you first visit the Boiling Sea, and will sell for 2,000 St. There’s very little reason to buy it, though, as you can reach the Ruins via Boiling Sea’s second map. It’s not a long walk, so save your money. 

Seaside Ruins - Tectonic Forum

- Ooo, swanky digs. You’ll start running into some new foes hereabouts:
  • Stickbug Sentinels. These spear-wielders are quite strong, and can hit one or more characters in a single go. They also have comparatively large amounts of health. They make worthy first targets, as their Sweep attack can stun your characters and rob them of precious turns.
  • Stickbug Zealots. Rarer, buffer versions of Sentinels. They don’t hit quite as hard, but they can take more abuse. You can leave ‘em for last in most cases.
  • Rockskin Brutes. Big, nasty, tough, hard-hitting buggers be these. They tend to take the heat on the front lines, and should be a top priority for killing. Make sure somebody’s on the defence for your whole team when a Brute is on the other side.
  • Spriggan Raiders. They… Punch? I spent about twenty turns fighting one and I never saw it doing anything else. They Punch hard, though, and have lots of health, so don’t underestimate ‘em. Still, probably an enemy you can leave for last.
  • Death’s Reapers. Reapers can use status attacks and debuffs to annoy your party. In particular, it can poison your characters one-by-one. Not good. They also occasionally use their sickles to do a lot of damage to one character. They’re not really durable, so take ‘em down quick.
- This area is as straightforward as they come. East and west are dead ends, so you might as well go straight north. You may find Sparkles in the next clearing, and past that…

Seaside Ruins - Seaside Ruins 1F

- Ruins! More potential enemies are about:
  • Deepsea Prowlers. They’re essentially watery versions of Stickbug Sentinels, and may use water charms on occasion. Otherwise, they just hit hard.
 There’s an intersection ahead; start by taking a left, as straight ahead and to the right are both dead ends. The lower room down this hall has an ancient device; the upper hall has another such device, slightly different in colour, and stairs.

Seaside Ruins - Seaside Ruins B1

- The path splits here, but the lower path leads to an ancient device you can’t activate and a loop that meanders east anyway. Over here is another useless ancient device (you’re probably noticing the colour differences by now) and, beside it, another potential Sparkle.

- Head south on the lower level of the ruined floor. There are stairs on your right leading to an exit, as well as more area to explore to the south. You can’t see much here right now, though, so unless you’re going for completion, head right for the stairs.

- (As with 1F, you can use the Singing Shard on the first and second ancient devices down here to bring in fire elementals and open more paths, specifically the southwest section of the map. In the far southwest corner is a singing stone that will give you a Whispering Shard; it teaches the Firebolt charm.)

Seaside Ruins - Seaside Ruins B2

- This place looks… less… hospitable. Check behind the stairs at the entrance for a potential Chest. You’ll find another possible Chest to the northwest, on the edge of a ledge. Watch out for superheated venting as you walk through here, because, you know, damage.

- South of this second chest is a singing stone. This is not your ordinary stone, however, and it will grant you the Singing Shard of fire. With this you can summon fire elementals to your cause, and, by extension, use fire charms via Fire Contract. Took long enough to find another of these danged things, didn’t it? You can immediately use it to activate the ancient device nearby, granting you a significant fiery boon in the area. (Fire elementals will increase your attack power when they’re on your side of a fight. Good times.)

- Continue west. There’s a potential Sparkle up a ramp to the northwest, and in the southwest you’ll find another ancient device. Activating it will bring water elementals into the area. It will also open lava-coated pathways to your right and left. The left path leads to a yellow pedestal which will net you a Mason’s Chopper, as well as a cave leading to the map Final Depths; the right path also leads to Final Depths.