The Legend of Legacy Walkthrough / Guide

The Legend of Legacy created and owned by FurYu and Atlus.
Images used for educational purposes only.
Welcome to the weird, wonderful, and dangerous island of Avalon. Created for the Nintendo 3DS by Furyu and distributed by Atlus, The Legend of Legacy tells a multifaceted story about a group of adventurers attempting to unlock the mysteries of a land beset by danger, many of them in search of the fabled Star Graal - or the gods that created the Graal in the first place. The Legend of Legacy is a fairly unique game in that you choose your protagonist at the beginning, and see the tale through their eyes from that point forward. Despite its obvious JRPG roots, The Legend of Legacy is a much harder game than many of its kin, employing a formation system that is key to your survival.

The Legend of Legacy is much more open-ended than other, similar games, and you can proceed through it in whatever order you like - though you might find yourself getting thwomped if you enter some areas too early. I have attempted to craft this walkthrough in such a way that you're proceeding from easy areas to hard, with plenty of levelling in-between; that said, you are under no obligation to follow it in the order laid out here.


Part One: Getting Started in the Forest Ruins
Part Two: Initium

Hidden Forest

Part Three: Outskirts of Town, Cat Territory
Part Four: Path to the Ruins, East of the Ruins
Part Five: Tower of Elementals

Forest Ruins

Part Six: Forest Tomb
Part Seven: Fallen Cathedral

Roaring Valley

Part Eight: Valley Entrance, Corridor of Wisdom
Part Nine: Corridor of Hunger, Roaring Crater
Part Ten: Scenic Ridge, Bagpipe Ravine

Archwing Burrow

Part Eleven: Stinking Tunnel, Rancid, and Putrid Tunnels

Valley Ruins

Part Twelve: Propylaea, Courtyard
Part Thirteen: Tower 1F, 2F, 3F

Boiling Sea

Part Fourteen: Coastal Springs, Seaside Ruins

Seaside Ruins

Part Fifteen: Tectonic Forum, Seaside Ruins 1F, B1, B2
Part Sixteen: Final Depths, Seaside Ruins 2F

Deserted Village

Part Seventeen: Deserted Village


  1. I appreciate your guide. Amazing game so far. Can't wait until you make it to Roaring Valley and beyond... I'm stuck. I'm pretty sure I need the Wind and Fire singing shards to move forward, but the Big Evil Jerk-Ass Bird won't let me win. I'm learning this relentless game along with you. So here's hoping we both don't punch our 3dses.

    1. Thanks. Yeeeeeeah, it's pretty brutal. I'm starting to catch on now, but I'm sure as soon as I move past the Forest Ruins I'll start getting my butt whipped again... it's a fun game, but frustrating. Who was your starter? (Not that it REALLY makes a difference in the long run, but...)

    2. I started out with Filmia, and it gave me Bianca and Liber. I've been trying to experiment with the elements to come up with some sort of chart for us all, but its inconsistent at best. From best I can tell, water bets fire, fire beats wind, and wind beats water. But even then I'm not 100% on that. I just baaaaarely got my hands on the Wind Singing Shard, so I'm still learning. (Which had nothing to do with Large jerk-ass bird BTW... That was a death fest until I gave up lol) If you want to bounce ideas back and forth, feel free to shoot me an email at!

    3. Yeah, I haven't figured out how the elements work with one another yet either. It doesn't seem quite as cut-and-dry as, say, Pokemon weaknesses. How much of one element is dominating the others seems to make a difference as well. (Don't have the Singing Shard for wind yet, either. Don't even know where it is. Hopefully I can rectify that tonight.)

      If you're talking about the Archwings, I managed to beat one last night after at least a dozen tries. Took freaking forever, too. Had to have one character constantly creating water contracts while the other two Ricocheted and attacked. Good value for winning, but damn is it hard. If you mean the Nest Warden... stiiiiiill workin' on that bastard.

      Thanks! I'll keep that in mind. Feel free to comment on any of the individual articles, as well - I'm more than happy to respond, and edit in any suggestions or advice you might have. This game in particular lends itself to collaborative effort.

    4. We totally missed an area early on, and it certainly fills in some blanks. Go back to the Singing Grove in the Forest Ruins, and go up the stairs right next to the first Singing Stone you encounter. I can't believe I totally missed this spot, but by the time I found it, I was waaay overpowered. After using the "gain n dash" start against Archwings until I could beat them up, my party is kinda beating all the monsters save a few tough customers... Nest Warden still out of reach, but I'm sure I'll bring him down soon enough. Hope that changing everyone to fire helps keep from getting mangled by his sandstorm attack. You had any more luck in the equipment department. I got a flood of gear after buying the two shadow giant pieces. Best stuff I've found yet has been inside of the Sea Temple (Exit to world map from second area of Boiling Sea). Hope that assists a little. (I'm working on getting my gmail password so I can post as a human and not just anon)

    5. Huzzah! Finally remembered my G+ password! So now I can post as myself instead of sketchmo anon :)

  2. Love your guide, was very helpful. I chose Eloise, she's pretty good lol
    RNG Jesus hates Liber though, he's my healer, but is lacking in the HP department...

    1. Thanks! It's far from done, I'm sure, but I'm workin' on it. Hopefully I can get some screenshots up soon, too - it's always a pain extracting them from the 3DS.

      I know what you mean about Liber. I picked Filmia, and my Liber dies quite often. I'm still not getting enough gear to adequately protect him. Really have to abuse the docks in Initium some more...

  3. Yes, he's fast which is perfect for healing, but man, he cannot take them hits. I need to do that too, I got lucky and got Mithril Shoes from one chest.

  4. Does anyone know what to do after you are done reviving all of the above areas? There are no more maps for sale....this can't be the end of the game, right?

    1. Hopefully I can answer this for you tomorrow. I'm just about to snag the last of the spheres. Might have to go back and speak to the King of Adventurers? I've gotten money from him every time I've reestablished an element so far.

  5. Go back to Deserted Fishing Village, there's a cliff you can go up with two singing stones. Once you've revived Water, Air, and Fire, examine the large cairn stone and enjoy :)

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  7. In the archwing caves I beat the Nest Warden by poisoning it. It did 900 points of damage. hope this helps you out. The move is not terribly accurate and took a couple of tries

    1. Thanks, I've beaten one since then. Need to come back and edit this, is all. I'll do that sometime today.

  8. Just found your walkthrough, I know it will be useful!! I just got the Wind singing shard before I found this. Thank you!

  9. Thanks for this guide. Finally maybe I'll make more than random progress on this game.

  10. I'm still trying to understand the mechanism for the character learning a skill. I get some learn certain weapons and elements faster than others, but I wonder if there are hidden pre-requisites somewhere. For example, I equipped Owen with Bee Stinger and so far he learned Headwind, Lullaby but 'refuses' to learn Bee Stinger . The order to learn small sword techs seems to vary between my characters too.

  11. I can not get the fire shard, I stand by the stone an nothing happens. I have checked every place available in seaside ruin b2 for the last shard and can not find it....