The Legend of Legacy title screen.

Welcome to the weird, wonderful, and dangerous island of Avalon. Created for the Nintendo 3DS by Furyu and distributed by Atlus, The Legend of Legacy tells a multifaceted story about a group of adventurers attempting to unlock the mysteries of the fabled Star Graal - or the gods that created the Graal in the first place. Which adventurer you use is up to you, as you get to choose your main character from the start. 

Despite its obvious JRPG roots, The Legend of Legacy is a much more difficult game than many of its kin, employing a formation system that is key to your survival. The Legend of Legacy is also much more open-ended, and you can proceed through it in whatever order you like - though you might find yourself getting thwomped if you enter some areas too early. This guide attempts to push you through the game from lowest difficulty areas to highest, though you can enjoy your adventure in whatever order you like.

This guide is heavily skewed towards the original, 3DS release of The Legend of Legacy. The HD Remake doesn't look too different in terms of how the game plays, so all these guides should still prove helpful.

The Basics


Part 1: Getting Started in the Forest Ruins
Part 2: Initium

Hidden Forest

Part 3: Outskirts of Town, Cat Territory
Part 4: Path to the Ruins, East of the Ruins
Part 5: Tower of Elementals

Forest Ruins

Part 6: Forest Tomb
Part 7: Fallen Cathedral

Roaring Valley

Part 8: Valley Entrance, Corridor of Wisdom
Part 9: Corridor of Hunger, Roaring Crater
Part 10: Scenic Ridge, Bagpipe Ravine

Archwing Burrow

Part 11: Stinking Tunnel, Rancid, and Putrid Tunnels

Valley Ruins

Part 12: Propylaea, Courtyard
Part 13: Tower 1F, 2F, 3F

Boiling Sea

Part 14: Coastal Springs, Seaside Ruins

Seaside Ruins

Part 15: Tectonic Forum, Seaside Ruins 1F, B1, B2
Part 16: Final Depths, Seaside Ruins 2F

Deserted Village

Part 17: Deserted Village