The Legend of Legacy Walkthrough, Part Seventeen: Deserted VIllage

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The Deserted Village is available only by finding it via Roaring Valley. In order to make the Deserted Village appear on the map you must make your way to Scenic Ridge, the final map of Roaring Valley, and then ascend to the top point of the map. There’s a circle here where you can stand to observe the Village in the distance.

There’s not a lot to see here, but it’s definitely worth the trip. Upon entering the map you’ll find the following:

- Right by the entrance is a small, yellow platform. Check it for a short conversation and a Giant Egg.

- Head down onto the beach. There’s some debris to observe. Shrug?

- At the far end of the beach you can find an exit to a place called Monument Hill. There are two singing stones right at the entrance, both of which give you Whispering Shards. The right one teaches Healing Hands; the left teaches Purify. Up north of here is a cairn, and if you come here before collecting all of the Singing Stones it won't do anything...

- .... however, if you come here with all three, the cairn will cause some epic stuff to transpire. You'll get 1,000 St from the King of Adventurers, as well as unlock two new maps for purchase at the shop: Great Crag and Ship Graveyard.


  1. What if you did it out of order? Cause now I have all 3 Whispering Shards but nothings is happening and can't get to the next place?(went to deserted village but nothing happens)

    1. Do you mean Whispering Shards or Singing Shards? There's a big difference. It's also possible you have to go talk to the King of Adventurers and tell him about what you saw in each place first.

    2. i think he/she meant all 3 singing shards because i have all 3 but when i talk to the cairn it doesn't respnd

    3. Yeaa I meant singing shards and have clear all the area available already(Forest Ruins, Hidden Forest, Boiling Seaside, Seaside Ruins, Roaring Valley, Vally Ruins) and I already went to Deserted Village. But can't get the new map even though I went back to the Scenic Ridge a couple of times too.

    4. I don't think this is a prerequisite, but have you 100 percented all of the maps? If so, have you sold them all? Again, don't think either of those are prerequisites, but...

      Also, did you make sure to 'awaken' each of the ruins by interacting with the spheres? I imagine that's a big part of the progression.

      Only other thing I can suggest is talking to the King of Adventurers about each of the ruins. I did that before approaching the cairn, and it lit just fine. If that's not the case, erm... maybe something to do with the number of shards you have...? Clearly I'm going to have to research this more when I get to my second play through...

  2. Hmm. I went to the Deserted Village some time ago (before getting both the air and fire singing shards). I just went back with all three after clearing the Seaside Ruins - and the last cairn does the sequence as described for me. The maps are now in the shop (plus Seaside Ruins is worth a lot!). Also - be sure to get the reward from clearing Seaside Ruins before doing the Deserted Village - otherwise you lose out that 500St.

  3. I've clear all the current maps 100% and sold all of them. I also I've awaken all 3 of the ruins, I even went back through all the maps over 10x looking to see if I miss something... I check with the shop every time I come back into Indum and talk to the kings several of time. Idk what I'm missing..

    1. Okay. To get the cairn to light up, I:

      - Slept at the inn once, to get the little story about the night sky, or whatever it was;
      - Got all of the characters, and swapped 'em around at least once;
      - Traded at the port;
      - Spoke to everyone in Initium a few times over;
      - Visited and cleared Hidden Forest, Forest Ruins, Roaring Valley, Archwing Burrow, Valley Ruins, Boiling Sea, and Seaside Ruins;
      - Got all three Singing Shards;
      - Awakened all three sets of Ruins via the spheres, after defeating their respective Golems;
      - Spoke to the king after all three;
      - Got most - not all, but most - of the Whispering Shards - pretty sure I left one of them until after I'd activated the cairn;
      - Sold all of the maps;
      - Killed a few Archwings, though I doubt that's a prerequisite;
      - Killed one of the Shadow Giant things, or at least I'm PRETTY SURE I killed one (can't remember their names off-hand, and I doubt they're a prerequisite anyway - you know, the creatures that start showing up when maps mist over); and
      - Visited the Deserted Village several times and mucked about with the cairn.

      I don't know that you would need most of the above so long as you've activated the three ruins and spoken to the king, though. Very odd. A glitch, maybe?

    2. So, you fought the Golems (AKA bosses) in each of the ruins then? If you did, you should have put in the Cores where they belong to, thus restoring the places to how they once were.
      If this is true, then clicking on that rock should activate.

  4. I also had problems until I realized that I missed the Cathedral. Thee hidden ruins located in the Forest ruins. So what most of you might be missing is actually the first golem in the Cathedral.

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