The Deserted Village is available only by finding it via Roaring Valley. In order to make the Deserted Village appear on the map you must make your way to Scenic Ridge, the final map of Roaring Valley, and then ascend to the top point of the map. There’s a conspicuous circle on the ground up here, where you can stand to observe the Deserted Village in the distance.

Garnet explores the Deserted Village in The Legend of Legacy.

Deserted Village

Forget deserted, there's barely even a village in this location. There’s not a lot to see in the Deserted Village, but it’s definitely worth the trip. Upon entering the map you’ll find the following:
  • Right by the entrance is a small, yellow platform. Check it for a short conversation and a Giant Egg.
  • Head down onto the beach. There’s some debris to observe. Shrug?
  • At the far end of the beach you can find an exit to a place called Monument Hill. There are two singing stones right at the entrance, both of which give you Whispering Shards. The right one teaches Healing Hands, whiles the left teaches Purify
The party presents the three Singing Stones to the cairn in the Deserted Village, an important area in The Legend of Legacy.

North of the two singing stones is a cairn. If you come here before collecting all of the Singing Shards it won't do anything. You can find the Singing Shards in the following locations:
If you inspect the cairn with all three Singing Shards in your inventory it will trigger some truly epic events. You'll get 1,000 St from the King of Adventurers, as well as unlock two new maps for purchase at the shop: Great Crag and Ship Graveyard. This will also prevent you from returning to the Boiling Sea, so make sure you check that location out first before going here.