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The only way to gain access to the Archwing Burrow (that I’ve discovered, anyway) is to enter the Roaring Valley. Once there you can find a number of caves, on virtually every map of the Valley, which will lead you into the Burrow.

Archwing Burrow - Stinking Tunnel

- There are three entrances to the Stinking Tunnel. The closest one is on the east side of the Roaring Valley’s Valley Entrance; we’ll start from there. It will stick you in the southwest corner of Stinking Tunnel. The enemies here are almost the same as in Howling Valley, at least for the moment, and you don’t have to put up with circling Archwings. Helpful. The only exception:
  • Mako Scouts. These little creeps are hardier than most enemies, but they can’t do much damage. Their primary function is to buff everyone else in the fight. As such, they should take first priority. Do what you can to keep elements from travelling to their side, ‘cause they possess some powerful charms.
- Head east from the entrance and you can find a Sparkle in a dead end. To the north the path splits, and to the west you’ll find an egg, either broken or whole. If you pause to investigate you’ll get the option to probe deeper, which will net you a pricey Archwing Egg if you check a broke egg… though you’ll get into a battle with an Archwing if it’s a complete egg. Quick Save just in case. These eggs can be reinspected if you leave the map and return.

- Head east and the pathway will open and lead you north. There’s another perilous Archwing Egg in the midst of the clearing, and you might find a Sparkle down and to the right. Go northeast and the path splits again; in the southeast corner of the map you’ll find an exit to the Corridor of Hunger. West of the exit is another Archwing Egg nest; to the north, in the northeast corner of the map, is another egg - and a potential Chest.

- There’s not much else to see. There’s a Sparkle to the west, and you’ll wind up back near the middle of the room. Another potential Sparkle waits in the northwest, as well as an exit to the Corridor of Wisdom.

Archwing Burrow's Rancid Tunnel map in The Legend of Legacy.
Archwing Burrow - Rancid Tunnel

- Heeeeey, multiple entrances. You can access this one at its earliest via the eastern cave in the Corridor of Hunger. You’ll run into one new form of enemy in here:
  • Sinister Souls. Debuffs and Tackles, my friends, debuffs and Tackles. Nothing to write home about.
If you come through the Corridor of Hunger you’ll wind up in the southwest corner of the map.

- This place isn’t much difference between this Tunnel and the previous one, aside from the layout. You can find Archwing Eggs in the middle of the cave, in the northeast corner, and on either sides of the southern wall. If you look to the left of the eastern egg you may find a Chest. There may also be a Chest ear the middle of the northern wall.

- If you explore the cave completely you’ll notice a small, inaccessible chamber in the southwest corner, beside the exit to Corridor of Hunger. If you check the stone wall to the left of the nearby nest you’ll find a secret passage to the room, which contains a singing stone. The Whispering Shard you get can teach you Bubble Launcher.

- There are two other exits from this area. The first, in the northwest, leads out to Howling Crater. The second, in the east, leads to Bagpipe Ravine.

Archwing Burrow's Putrid Tunnel in The Legend of Legacy.
Archwing Burrow - Putrid Tunnel

- There are, again, multiple entrances to this map, but the first you’ll find is in the far north of the Corridor of Wisdom. This will take you to the southwest corner of the map. The same foes patrol this area as the other section of Archwing Burrow.

- There’s a potential Sparkle to the left of the entrance. North of here, on the edge of a lava flow, is another Archwing Egg nest. 

- The path twists a bit from here. If you head southeast you can find a straight path to the east, wherein you may find a few Sparkles, as well as two exits to Roaring Valley’s Roaring Crater. North of the southeast corner, in a small side chamber, you can find another Archwing Egg nest, as well as a possible Sparkle

- Head down the middle and towards the north (in a northwest-ish direction) and you can find a potential Sparkle on the edge of the lava. Continue northeast and you’ll hit cracked, red ground; from here you need to watch out for steam vents that will damage your characters and leave them hobbled until you next rest.

- The path splits. If you wander east you’ll find a possible Sparkle, an Archwing Egg nest, and an exit to Roaring Valley’s Scenic Ridge. (Going through here is a faster and easier way to get to the summit, speaking of which.) If you go west from the crossroads you may find a Chest along the path, and at the end of it a cluster of three eggs. Approaching them will prompt you into an encounter; if you agree you’ll be forced into a boss battle.

Nest Warden

Y'know those Archwings that have been so fun up 'til now? The Nest Warden is even stronger! Yay! In truth, though, the only difference between Archwings and Nest Wardens is the fact that Nest Wardens use more AOE attacks that will hit your whole party. It's a small difference, but enough to wipe you out quickly. Bring in a team that's got health somewhere between 200 and 250 on average, throw up Shields, and use the same tactics you would to beat an Archwing. Once you have the elements on your side the Nest Warden's attacks shouldn't do nearly as much damage. You can also expedite this battle with the Bee Stinger charm, which will poison the Nest Warden and inflict extra damage each turn. (A lot of extra damage each turn. 900+!)

By besting the Nest Warden you'll gain access to a clutch of three Archwing Egg as well as a Yellow Platform. Best of all, though, you'll gain access to a singing stone / Whispering Shard. (Does anybody know exactly what charm it teaches? The game's no help, and I can't figure it out looking at my stupid inventory. Let me know in the comments. Thanks!)