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Roaring Valley - Scenic Ridge

- There’s another ancient device by the entrance, and near it a potential Sparkle. Further east the pathway splits; if you take the lower path you can find a new map, Bagpipe Ravine. Huzzah!

- Take the upper ramp instead and you’ll find a narrow path through the mountains, filled with monsters and potential Sparkles. When you reach a set of rocky stairs leading north you’ll have the option to continue west; this will take you to another entrance to Archwing Burrow’s Putrid Tunnel.

- Up the rocky stairs you’ll find the ridge spoken of in the name of the area. There’s plenty of sweet stuff up here. To the north you’ll find the ‘scenic’ part, represented by a circle on the ground; step onto it to get the Deserted Village Map, unlocking the area of the same name. Sweet. Beside this is a singing stone that will pass on the Whispering Shard for the Headwind charm. There’s a potential Sparkle to the east… and to the west, you can find a large, spotted egg. If you investigate this you’ll get thrown into a battle with an Archwing, or perhaps even a Nest Warden. You can get an Archwing Egg doing this, but... I don't recommend trying on your first trip. You'll lose.

Howling Valley's Bagpipe Ravine in The Legend of Legacy.
Roaring Valley - Bagpipe Ravine

- You enter Bagpipe Ravine from the northeast. If you wander west along the northern wall you can find a cave to Archwing Burrow’s Rancid Tunnel, tucked into the rocks. 

- Go south through the middle of Bagpipe Ravine and, after winding past some Archwings, you’ll find an ancient device on your left. Beside it is a yellow platform that will net you Worker’s Mitts. Continue west and south past here and you’ll hit a dead end where you might find a Sparkle.

- Back at the entrance, you can find a path to the south. Near the southeast corner is an ancient device that will bring water elementals into the area. Also down here you’ll find an exit to the world map… and to the Valley Ruins. We’ll head there after exploring the Archwing Nest.