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Roaring Valley - Corridor of Hunger

- The enemies here aren’t any different than the previous areas of the Roaring Valley. Nevertheless, this area is much nastier to navigate because the trails are tighter, there are more spine-launching cacti traps, and Archwings offer you even less room to maneuver. Take it slowly and edge your way through here without urgency. The further you get from the entrance, the more annoying it is when you accidentally engage an Archwing and have to run.

- You’ll start off in the northwest corner of the map. Head southeast, past three wandering Archwings, and you’ll find a minor split. Going north will take you to a dead end with a potential Sparkle. Little to see otherwise. Following the upper cliff edge east leads to another potential Sparkle, and, uh, nothing? Yay! 

- The lower path is the one you want to follow. It leads to… yeah, another split. North of here is a long, straight walkway to a new area, Howling Crater. Go up the cliffs to the east instead and you can find a number of Sparkles to the east and west. You’ll also find a cave to the Archwing Burrow in the west, and in the east another cave to the Archwing Burrow - though this one leads to Rancid Tunnel instead. North of this second cave is another pathway to Roaring Crater. (This second route’s safer than the first. No Archwings!)

Roaring Valley's Howling Crater map in The Legend of Legacy.
Roaring Valley - Roaring Crater

- Head north from either entrance (again, the upper path is less dangerous) to find an ancient device you can’t use just yet. The path splits here; take a right to start. Up the northeastern path you’ll find a cliffside exit leading to a new map called Scenic Ridge; south of here is yet another cave into Archwing Burrow’s Rancid Tunnel.

- If you take a left at the ancient device instead you’ll find an area encircled by Archwings, but because your view is temporarily blocked by the scenery it’s easy to walk right into one while you wander northwest. Wait until one moves counterclockwise to the north and well out of your way before proceeding.

- You’ll wind up on high ground after bypassing the Archwings. You may find a Chest up here, sitting beside a cave. The cave leads to Archwing Burrow’s Putrid Tunnel. South of the cave you may find a Sparkle… and, at the end of the path, you’ll finally find a singing stone. This one yields up a Whispering Shard, this capable of teaching you the Air Shield charm. This is a good charm to use if you decide to fight Archwings away from water elemental devices.

- To the east of the cave is a rock formation you can hop over to potentially get at a Sparkle. Otherwise, you’re forced down into the ‘crater’ and to the northeast corner of the map, where you can find a cave to Putrid Tunnel. If you stay on the low ground running parallel with the ramp to this cave you may find a Chest, as well.