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The only way to get to the Valley Ruins is to reach the end of the Roaring Valley. This exit is in the far south of the Bagpipe Ravine. (If you have trouble getting this far, try going through the caves - and the Archwing Burrow - instead of winding through Roaring Valley.)

Valley Ruins - Propylaea

- Heeeeey, a new area. You’re facing some new guys here:
  • Mako Moon-Sisters. They’re basically tougher versions of Mako Scouts with an emphasis on wind charms. Not a huge deal, though Headwind can be annoying if you let its effects linger for too long, and Bladestorm can be devastating if the battle lasts for too long.
  • Frost Whelps. They Bite hard, but otherwise aren’t a huge deal. Shrug?
You can also run into Archwings here, so watch the ground carefully before you start moving. You’re probably strong enough to take one down, but doing so still takes an annoyingly long time. Mind, too, the stupid thorn-spitting cacti.

- The path splits in three directions from the entrance. The lowest western path leads to a dead end, though also a conspicuous altar. Mind it for later. The middle path leads to another, similar altar, along with an ancient device. There’s also a potential Sparkle along here. Ultimately you’ll be taking the upper path. If you activate the device with the Singing Shard of fire you'll drive off the nearby enemies, which is kinda nice, since there are a lot of 'em.

- There’s another possible Sparkle spot via the shell here, and not from it an ancient device you can’t yet activate. Follow the path as it turns you northwest to find another altar, as well as a stone path leading south and further west. You may find another Sparkle along the way. From here it’s more or less a straight jaunt to a massive cave, the Courtyard…

- … though you can find more map to the southwest of the cave first. Sadly, you can’t access most of it yet. Come back later.

- (Once you have the Singing Shard of wind, use it to activate the windmill in the middle of this map. It slows down the Archwings patrolling the area. It also activates the altars 'round the place, allowing them to shepherd you to areas of the map you couldn't normally reach. In particular you'll find the nests of Archwing Runts, smaller, much easier versions of the adults... though killing one will bring in a new challenger: High-Lady Merton. You can't flee her, so... maybe... don't fight these things unless you're ready for a scrap.) Check the east side of this area for a possible Chest.

High-Lady Merton

Listed as a separate boss, but in all honesty, High-Lady Mertons are all but identical to Nest Wardens, besides the fact that they've been recoloured. The same rules apply: call in water elementals to keep your health high, throw up a Shield charm (Air or Water, either work), and smack it around for as long as it takes. Eventually you'll win. You can get Archwing Plumes for beating High-Lady Mertons. Huzzah!

Valley Ruins - Courtyard

- There are a few directions you can go. Start by heading west. You may find a Chest at the end of the path, though you need to go through poisoned grass and enemies to get there. If you activate the ancient device here you'll freeze the water to the north; you can across head and head west to find a potential Sparkle, then north to find a side entrance to the area's tower. Go east instead and you'll find another ancient device; this one you can activate via the Whispering Shard of fire, which also opens up the tower. These two passages ultimately link up in the next area, so it doesn't matter which you open.

- If you feel like ignoring the two side entrances to the tower, which you probably shouldn't, you can go straight up the middle from the entrance. There’s stuff to see to the east and west of the stairs, including a locked door to the east, but you’re kinda forced to enter the tower that dominates this area. Pop on in.

- (Once you have the Singing Shard of wind, found inside the Tower, you can activate the large ancient windmill on the left side of the Tower. This will not only slow down the Archwings in the area, but it'll create a moving platform in the west that'll take you to a singing statue. It passes on a Whispering Shard for Bee Stinger.)