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City of the Unseen 

This area is really just a bit of wanderlust, as there are no enemies. There are, instead, ‘statues’ that will pester you as you make your way around. Each has a bit of story to tell, and you can destroy them without a fight, if you wish. (Or just ignore them. Up to you. If you refuse to destroy one, though, you'll be shunted back to the beginning.) Keep an eye open for Chests along the way.

Eventually you’ll find a path to a large, open platform surrounded by several statues. Save when you see a man in armour up ahead, ‘cause he’s a boss.


This battle, considering how epic the setup, should be a lot harder than it is. Cherubim is a melee fighter first and foremost, and he uses several high-level sword Arts to pummel your party. Thing is, only one of them deals a lot of damage - it’s a painful fire-based AOE attack called Blazing Edge - and he barely ever uses it. Like, seriously, he used it once on me. The rest of his strikes are single-hitting sword attacks that your defender can more or less negate with Ricochet or whatever defending skill you prefer. Put up a Water Shield, draw in the elements, and pound him into submission. Just be careful not to use close-ranged attacks, ‘cause Cherubim will occasionally use Enshroud to counter your attack and do damage to your character instead. Other than that? Big shrug. It takes a while, but this fight is easy.

Once Cherubim goes down you’ll see a bright light in the north, and if you approach you’ll be given the option to turn back. Make sure you save before entering the light, because heeeeeere comes the final boss!

Amelius and the Star Graal

That’s, uh, quite an outfit. Just saying.

Final battle! It’s a doozy, too, though not as tough as the Dragons. Amelius and the Star Graal work as a team, and they complement each other quite well. Amelius is the lesser of your two concerns, as he spends every round using one of two physical attacks. Both do roughly the same amount of damage, and can both be deflected with a defensive move. The Star Graal is the rougher of the two, as it can use virtually every charm in the book, and will constantly steal your freaking elements. This latter fact is evil, ‘cause it’ll rob you of HP and SP regen - and in the former case, it and Amelius regain 999 HP per round. That is just wrong.

The key here is to ignore Amelius altogether - aside from defending against his attacks - and focusing all your damage on the Star Graal. Have one character use a defensive move to cover your party on most turns (Perseverance is solid, and Ricochet’s not bad either), while another character focuses on wrestling over the elements with the Graal. The Graal’s colour will indicate which type of element it intends to use next, so have your second character use the appropriate Contract (red for fire, blue for water, green for air). If it turns purple, consider it a ‘free’ turn, as the Graal is going to use a shadow move, and there’s nothing you can do about that. 

Your defensive character can carry the third Singing Shard for stealing elements, and I recommend splitting the water and air Shards between the two characters. Ideally you want to be able to steal both elements in one turn, if need be. I highly recommend making your element thieves slow via Stances, ‘cause you don’t want the Graal to get the last move and steal an element out from under your nose.

Your third character should be your attacker. This character needs to be capable of dishing out as much damage as possible each round, ideally boosted by Berserker Rage. If possible, use ranged attacks (namely, a bow) for this character - if you use a close-range weapon you’ll risk getting intercepted by Amelius instead, which can put a damper on your turn. This character should also have Shield charms, and, if possible, restorative charms to get rid of status problems like poison and sleep. Regenerate is great in this fight, if you can afford it. 

Do enough damage - and, hopefully, keep the water element away from the Graal - and you’ll win. Unfortunately for you, though, this was not the final battle. Or, uh, if you prefer, it was only the first phase of the final battle. Yay?

Star Graal

Now that’s more like a final boss. Tossing out two targets for one, the Star Graal is now quite the massive foe - and as deadly as it looks. You also can’t see your Elemental Shell anymore, so there’s no way to tell which element is currently dominating the field. Painful, but not so bad so long as you keep an eye on what’s happening. You can expect the following moves from this behemoth:
  • Element theft. Star Graal begins the fight with Shadow Element, which means little to you, but every other elemental Contract is either water, air, or fire. Counter this as soon as you can, ‘cause these elements will power up the Star Graal’s other attacks.
  • Insanity. You’ve probably seen this one before; it confuses one character for a few turns. It’s annoying, but kinda nice since it’s the only attack that will be used on a given turn.
  • Sunlight Veil. The same as the charm. Irritating, but you can get rid of it after a turn or two by stealing the fire element.
  • Riptide. Three watery physical strikes on one target. Painful, more so when water has the field advantage, but it can be blocked.
  • Sunder. A single AOE attack on everyone that doesn’t do much, though Star Graal follows it up with an Air Contract. Not much to speak of. Star Graal immediately follows it up with the AOE move Clean Sweep, which is also not terribly notable.
  • Cleave. A single fire attack against one target. Meh? Nothing much to say. Block it if you can.
  • Contagion. A two-times AOE attack with the potential to poison targets. Very annoying, but it’s still physical, so you can potentially block it.
  • Mangle. By far the worst attack, Mangle is an AOE strike that can do around 100 HP to everyone at its worst. This doesn’t seem bad, but Star Graal can spam it three times in a row, and will do so often. It can be blocked with moves like Perseverance, and I highly recommend doing so. Retaliation will completely block this move. Yay!
  • Babel Prime. An AOE magic attack that doesn’t seem to be of a fixed element. Not much you can do about this ‘cept do your best to survive. This doesn’t seem to come out until late in the battle, and it doesn’t hurt that much to boot.
  • Titan Fist. Another late-game AOE attack. It hits really hard, but it’s the only attack you get on the turn, so that’s… something. As long as you haven’t been rocked too badly by previous turns it shouldn’t wipe your party.
Yep. That’s a lot of attacks. Fortunately, most of them are physical, so shield moves like Ricochet and Retaliation will bounce them away from your party - and so long as you have an active Shield charm and the elemental advantage, they shouldn’t be that painful anyway. Use roughly the same strategy as the previous fight: one character constantly defends, the next steals elements, the last uses boosted attacks on the Star Graal. Heal as necessary, but so long as your defences are halfway decent the regeneration gains from hoarding the water element should help you carry the day. Given how many physical moves Star Graal uses, I highly recommend a countering move that will do return damage to the boss.

The most challenging aspect of this fight is dealing with the elements, as you have no idea how far they’re skewed to one side. The answer? Jump around a lot between water and air. Contract air one turn, contract water the next, and contract fire whenever it gets stolen. By doing this no one element will take the lead, which, despite resulting in a long fight, will keep Star Graal’s attack power relatively low. Then you just need to chip away at him, and, uh… that’s… that’s gonna take a while. Just saying.

(And if you die? Don’t worry. You can start again on this fight, not the first one. Cruel game, but not that cruel, apparently.)

Did you win? Then congratulations! You’ve beaten The Legend of Legacy! Enjoy the ending… and then prepare to do it all over again, ‘cause this sucker’s got a New Game Plus!

(Oh, also, you get 10,000 St from the King of Adventurers. Just in time for the game to end. Thanks, jackass.)

Part Thirty-Two: New Game Plus

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