The Legend of Legacy created and owned by FurYu and Atlus.
Images used for educational purposes only.

So, you’ve managed to beat The Legend of Legacy, have you? Well done! It’s a brutal game, and you’ve no doubt struggled to thrash everything there was to thrash. Perhaps that one victory was enough for you…

… but, hey, perhaps not.

Once you’ve completed The Legend of Legacy once you’ll have the option to create a save file for your completed game. This save file will thereafter recognize that you beat the game with your starting character, and give you the chance to start aaaaall ooooover agaaaaain, albeit with someone new at the helm. A New Game Plus has some ramifications for new play throughs of The Legend of Legacy:
  • Unlike a lot of other New Game Plus options from other games, you don’t get to keep your stats. Boo! You’ll also have to uncover all the maps and collect the items again. That said, you do still have your money from your previous play-through, including the 10,000 St the King of Adventurers gave you at the end of the last game. (Did I call him a jackass? I was kidding.)
  • Though all of your items are gone, any special items you picked up (in other words, unique rare items like the Windsong Bow or Aurora’s Ray) previously will be available for purchase in the ‘Special’ category of Initium’s shop. These can make a big difference to your early-game battles. 
  • You retain all of your Stances. This, too, should give you quite an advantage right from the start, as the starting Stances suck.
  • Though you don’t retain use of your Skills, arts and charms alike, you do still have all of your Encyclopedia entries of these Skills. All other Encyclopedia entries (items, enemies, maps) are similarly intact.
  • If you enter the Options menu you’ll find a new entry for Portraits. Here you can change your character portraits between one of two settings. Variety, amirite?
  • The most important aspect of New Game +, one you probably won’t notice at first, is the change in item drop rates. This is to say that they drop more often. Not normal items, really, but the rare ones you pick up from bosses and special enemies littered randomly around maps. Each time you complete a run of The Legend of Legacy this rate gets a liiiiiittle bit better, as well, so eventually you should be getting the best items dropped with no problem (or grinding) at all.
In addition to all of the above, your New Game Plus has an extra caveat: apparently, if you complete the game seven times, each with a different character as your main, you’ll receive an extra scene during the eighth game. I have no idea what it is or what it contains, and I’m not sure if I ever will, because playing this game through seven times sounds tantamount to insanity. Still, if you want to climb to those lofty peaks, you can.