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Hidden Forest - Path to the Ruins 1

- You can get to this area from Outskirts of Town and Cat Territory; we’ll start with the western entrance from Outskirts of Town. The enemies here are, yep, the same. Woo!

- There’s a potential Sparkle through the trees in the southeast corner of the map, and another through the thicker bushes a short jaunt north. Return to the main path and head north; on your left, sitting more or less in the open, is a monument you can activate for a watery advantage in the area. If you keep going north you’ll find a path to Path to the Ruins 2; we’ll go there in a bit.

- The brush gets thick here, but if you wade through the trees near a crumbled fountain you can find a singing stone in the northwestern corner of the map. It will yield up a Whispering Shard. This one teaches you Healing Hands.

- The eastern side of the map is pretty straightforward, and has a few obvious Sparkle locations (shell, rubble, fountain, the usual). In the northeast you’ll find another exit to Path to the Ruins 2, and there are two exits in the northeast and southeast, respectively, leading to East of the Ruins. We’ll check out the latter first.

Hidden Forest - East of the Ruins

- The enemies here are no different from elsewhere, so don’t sweat it. 

- How you approach this area doesn’t really matter, ‘cause all paths will force you to a sunlit clearing in the southeast. From here you can either exit to the world map on your right, or, heading north, hop up some rocky mounds to the northeast. If you take the exit you’ll find the Roaring Valley, without the need to purchase that 1,000 St map back in Initium. Handy!

- If you hop up the rock on the left you can find a Chest directly to the north. A quick jaunt east of here you might find a Sparkle. North of the right rock is another potential Sparkle, and, snugged up against the cliff edge in the northeast corner of the map, a singing stone that will give you a Whispering Shard. This one teaches you Hailstorm.

Hidden Forest - Path to the Ruins 2

- Those enemies? The ones you’ve been fighting all this time? Yep. Same here.

- You can skim the edges of the main, northbound road and find plenty of Sparkles on either side. You can also find a water elemental monument thinger on the left side of the road, though it doesn’t offer much useful coverage. If you go straight north you’ll find the exit to the Forest Ruins, which, I suppose, is what you’ve been looking for…?

- Skim along the edges of the map in either direction and you can find an assortment of Sparkles in some relatively obvious spots. The most interesting thing you’ll find is a Chest, in the far north, to the right of the exit to the world map - though it’s surrounded by poisonous grass that will temporarily slow you down. Not a big deal here, might be worse later.

- If you wander along the western edge of the map you’ll wind up finding pathways to a place called the Tower of Elementals. Sounds intriguing.