Hidden Forest - Tower of Elementals

- This area, regardless of how you enter, is filled to the brim with thick brush. It’s easy to get caught by enemies accidentally. Move with caution if you want to avoid fights. (Though you should be fine. They’re no more difficult here than in most other parts of the Hidden Forest.)

- All three entrances to this area take you into a connected area that loops in on itself in the southeast, and aside from a few Sparkles it’s not very useful. (Watch out for the poisoned grass just north of the ruined fountain.) Unless you’re planning on completing the map, I recommend entering through the northern path and slipping through the first cluster of trees to the north as you walk west.

- The path will split in the northwest, and you’ll see poisoned grass to the south. Slip through the trees to the north and you may find a Chest. Head south and you can find a looping, enemy-bestrewn path to… a fountain. Activate it for a watery advantage. Yay? You can find Sparkles on your right, including one that’s hidden behind a tree right beside the fountain.

- So why are you here? Well, you’ll probably see it on the road to the fountain: a reeeeeally big wolf. Boss battle!

Shadowcat Khan

Despite how nasty this battle looks, it’s really not that bad. Shadowcat Khan is accompanied by three Shadowcats, all of whom like to stun your party. This can be bad luck if they target someone with a vital role, but they’re all old hat by now, and easy enough to kill with SP-sucking Skills. Take out the Shadowcats and Shadowcat Khan itself doesn’t pose much of a threat. You still need somebody to block, of course, but… eh. No big deal. Throwing up a Water Shield will help mitigate the damage, if you snagged it from another section of Hidden Forest.

Yep, short article. Oh well! Needless to say, if you can conquer the Hidden Forest you're more than ready to finish up the Forest Ruins. The Shards you picked up here will come in very handy, so stick 'em on one of your attacking / support characters and head into deadlier territory.