Forest Ruins 

Yep, gotta head back here. The first thing you absolutely must note is that the enemies are now more numerous and more dangerous. Numerous is one thing; dangerous is another, because it involves their excessive use of Skills. The enemies now Stun your characters, and though this only lasts for a round, getting Stunned is quite bad if it happens several times in a row. Go after the Wild Familiars first to stop this from happening. If you went through Hidden Forest before coming back here you should be more than adequately equipped to survive, as most of the enemies overlap between the two areas.

Your next destination is the Forest Tomb, but with the Singing Shard equipped you can do something else first. While wandering through the Forest Ruins earlier you may have come across a few ancient monuments. They were of little note before, but once you have the Singing Shard you can activate the monuments. They creates a field of effect wherein you will start battles with Water-elemental advantages on your side. The monuments are in these locations:
  • Forest Ruins - Clearing - Northwest of the map
  • Forest Ruins - Singing Grove - Southeast of the map
The monuments aren't much use yet, but they can come in handy if you want to grind a few levels in this area.

An elemental fountain in the Forest Tomb area of The Legend of Legacy.

Forest Ruins - Forest Tomb - Enemies
  • Elite Drone
  • Maneater
  • Shadowcat
  • Spectral Soul
  • Warrior Drone
  • Wild Familiar
You’ll find this area through the northeastern exit from Forest Ruins - Clearing. It’s... more trees, really. There are a few new enemies here, as well as in other parts of the Forest Ruins:
  • Maneaters are enhanced Shadowcats that can inflict very heavy amounts of damage if your luck is poor. Wipe these out first.
  • Spectral Souls look like Wild Familiars, but they won't change the elements around. They hit harder, but are arguably less problematic. The fact that they can Stun your characters still makes Spectral Souls a pain in the butt.
Head to the center of the map before you do anything else in the Forest Tomb. You can get here by heading straight east and looking for a passage through the trees. There’s a huge monument in the middle, and with the Singing Shard equipped it turns into a fountain. The fountain offers a great deal of Water-elemental coverage in the surrounding area, making this an excellent spot to grind levels.

There’s not much else to see in this area, except for Sparkles along the edges, a potential Chest just south of the fountain, another potential Chest in the southeast, and a gathering of creepy ghosts in the far east. Make sure you activate the fountain before you approach the ghosts, as this is a boss battle. 

The party battles Soul Legion, a boss in The Legend of Legacy.

Soul Legion

This is a tough battle. Soul Legion is similar to other ghostly monsters found in the Forest Ruins, but it has two big advantages over the rest: 
  • First, it pretty much always gets the first turn
  • Second, it goes twice in that span of time
Typically it will use Tackle and Power Blow, though occasionally Soul Legion goes for the the party-wide attack Sandstorm. It can also use Taint as a debuff. All four attacks are a pain.

You can’t cover an ally from Power Blow, but your main defender can block Tackle, so use your defensive Formation every turn. Heal whenever someone gets within the 30 HP range. Your final character can then work on whittling away Soul Legion’s health. It’s a nasty fight, and will take a little while, but with the rejuvenating power of the fountain you can get it done. 

Make sure you revive anyone who dies. This battle will go south in a hurry if you don't have all three party members active. Getting the Whispering Shard from the Hidden Forest is highly recommended, as Water Shield makes Soul Legion much more manageable.

Beating Soul Legion allows you to snag another Whispering Shard from the singing stone the ghosties were guarding. This Shard teaches Hailstorm when equipped. Grab it and we're done with this area.