Main Walkthrough

Below is a guide to all the weapons you can collect in Chrono Trigger. Anchor links included below take you to the lists for specific characters. If you want to find a specific weapon, use the Find function in your browser to jump to the item description.

The party picks up Crono from the End of Time in Chrono Trigger.

Katanas (Crono)

A joke weapon. Not useful under most circumstances.

Wooden Sword / Wood Sword
  • Attack Power: 3
  • Special Effect: --
  • Found: --
  • Purchased: --
  • Sell: 50 G
Crono's starting weapon. You'll want to upgrade from this at your first opportunity.

Bronze Blade / Iron Blade
An early weapon. The Steel Saber is a better choice that you can get at roughly the same time.

Steel Saber / SteelSaber
The weapon of choice for Crono when you first arrive in 600 AD, assuming you don't save up money to buy the Silver Sword from Melchior.

Silver Sword / Lode Sword
An overpowered weapon that you can save up to buy when you first start the game, though it's not really worth all the effort. By the time you pick one up in the Prison Towers the Silver Sword is just a bit overpowered, and in 2300 AD it's on par with everyone else's weapons.

Thunder Blade / Bolt Sword
A weapon from 2300 AD. Despite the name it has no elemental affinity.

Crimson Blade / Red Katana
A solid mid-game weapon that improves Crono's spells, just as he unlocks them via Spekkio. Useful for Heckran Cave.

Mammoth Tusk / Flint Edge
A good item to pick up while visiting 65,000,000 BC for the first time, though it gets outclassed by the Slasher pretty quickly.

A great weapon to snag for Crono in the early areas of the Fiendlord's Keep, though you'll need to beat Slash to get it. Don't forget to grab the sword off the ground before you leave Slash's room.

Primeval Blade / Aeon Blade
A big power jump after the Slasher, and a priority once you arrive in 65,000,000 BC for the second time.

Zanmato / Demon Edge
A useful weapon for tackling the Ocean Palace. You can purchase it earlier, in Medina Village, but it is not worth the inflated prices.

Vajra Sword / Alloy Blade
A blade with a short shelf life. There's not much point buying one from the Nu merchant in Kajar, as you'll find a better weapon for Crono a short way into the Ocean Palace. Charm one from the Bomber Birds on the Mountain of Woe or don't bother.

Empyrean Blade / Star Sword
A good weapon to pick up in the Ocean Palace. By the time you get Crono back it will probably be a little underpowered, especially if you picked up the Rainbow first.

Yaksha Blade / VedicBlade
A decent weapon to stick on Crono once you bring him back. If you do any side quests after receiving the Wings of Time, however, you'll probably have something better for him to use.

A weapon you can get once you recharge Marle's Pendant. The Swallow greatly outstrips Crono's other weapons at the time, but picking it up prevents you from getting a Guardian Helmet, which is useful for a longer period of the game. The choice is up to you.

Onimaru / Kali Blade
Somewhat of a useless weapon, as you can get the stronger Suzaku instead with a small time investment. You may also have the Rainbow by this point, rendering both weapons a bit pointless.

Slasher II / Slasher 2
A one-time weapon that you can Charm off of Super Slash. You'll almost certainly have a stronger weapon by the time you get the Slasher II, and it lacks the Speed boost of the regular Slasher.

A weapon exclusive to versions with the Lost Sanctum. By the time you get around to the Icewyrm you'll likely have a stronger, better katana.

Suzaku / Shiva Edge
One of three end-game weapons for Crono. The Suzaku's multiplier for critical hits makes it quite powerful, but the Rainbow tends to have a higher damage output thanks to its increased chances of a critical hit. A good alternative if you failed to get the Rainbow.

Rainbow / Rainbow Sword
Crono's most powerful weapon in the original versions of Chrono Trigger. Melchior gives it to you if you complete the Rainbow Shell scenario with the Sun Stone in your inventory. Only outdone by the Dreamseeker.

Crono's most powerful weapons if you have access to the Dimensional Vortex dungeons. You must defeat the Dream Devourer, the game's most powerful enemy, before you get this weapon, making it a novelty weapon at best.

The party picks up Marle from the End of Time in Chrono Trigger.

Crossbows (Marle)

Bronze Bowgun / Bronze Bow
  • Attack Power: 3
  • Special Effect: --
  • Found: --
  • Purchased: --
  • Sell: 40 G
Marle's starting weapon. You won't get much use out of the Bronze Bowgun before replacing it.

Iron Bowgun / Iron Bow
A crossbow that you can pick up early, though not something that will come in very handy. You can safely wait for the Silver Bow if you want to save some money.

Silver Bow / Lode Bow
The first of Marle's weapons that'll have lasting use. Make sure you grab it before leaving Site 16.

Bandit's Bow
A standard weapon, Save money and time by grabbing it from the Derelict Factory before leaving 2300 AD.

Shaman's Bow / Sage Bow
An easy weapon to grab when you first arrive in 65,000,000 BC.

Dreamstone Bow / Dream Bow
A good weapon to grab on your second trip back to 65,000,000 BC.

Comet Bow / CometArrow
A weapon that Marle's only likely to use on the Mountain of Woe. Given how expensive this shopping trip tends to be you don't have to get this for Marle, as she picks up something stronger in the next dungeon.

Sonic Bow / SonicArrow
Easily found in the Ocean Palace. Not really worth the expense if you don't find the chest, as Marle can get better weapons once you have access to the flying version of the Wings of Time.

Siren's Kiss / Siren
In theory a solid weapon for Marle, but you can upgrade the Siren's Kiss to the stronger Valkyrie Bow with a minimum of work, rendering this bow somewhat useless.

Stardust Bow
A weapon only available if you have access to the Lost Sanctum. The existence of the Valkyrie Bow makes the Stardust Bow rather useless, as it requires a great deal more effort to obtain and is statistically worse.

Valkyrie Bow / Valkerye
Marle's best weapon in the original versions of Chrono Trigger. Worth grabbing early.

Venus Bow
Only available if you have access to the Dimensional Vortex. Although the Venus Bow allows Marle to hit much harder than normal, she can't land critical hits and can demolish your characters if she's Confused. Given Marle's greater use as a magic user, the Venus Bow may not be that useful in the long run.

The party picks up Lucca from the End of Time in Chrono Trigger.

Guns (Lucca)

  • Attack Power: 5
  • Special Effect: --
  • Found: --
  • Purchased: --
  • Sell: 150 G
Lucca's starting weapon. Replace it with something better at your earliest convenience.

Pea Shooter
The first weapon you'll likely buy for Lucca. Grab it from Truce's Market before heading into Manolia Cathedral.

Pocket Blaster / Auto Gun
Lucca's weapon for 2300 AD. Grab it before heading into Site 16 and beyond.

Plasma Gun
A great weapon for Lucca to finish off 2300 AD. Has the useful ability to Stop robots, but the ability has almost no application if you fail to get the Plasma Gun from the Derelict Factory.

Ruby Gun
A good, if unremarkable, weapon to pick up for Lucca in 65,000,000 BC.

Dreamstone Gun / Dream Gun
Available after completing the Fiendlord's Keep and returning to 65,000,000 BC. Might as well get the upgrade if you plan to use Lucca.

Megablaster / Mega Blast
A decent midgame weapon, though given the overall expense of buying the weapons available in Algetty you may not want to spring for the Megablaster. Lucca's Techs are more powerful than her guns.

A useful weapon for getting through the Ocean Palace thanks to the Confuse status. Not that useful if you don't get it from the Surviving Village, as Lucca can get stronger guns.

Only available if you have access to the Lost Sanctum. The Speed boost makes this a great weapon for Lucca, but the difficulty of finding it in the Lost Sanctum (it's located in the Primeval Fortress) makes the Turboshot a less-than-desirable weapon, especially since you can get the Wondershot more easily.

Lucca's strongest weapon in the original version of Chrono Trigger. The Wondershot's damage output is random, though gets stronger the longer you've been playing the game at any one time. Inconsistent at best, but quite strong if you're lucky.

Only available if you have access to the Dimensional Vortex. The Spellslinger can hit more or less as hard as the Wondershot at its best, though the last digit of Lucca's MP needs to be a 9 to maximize damage. If you use Lucca's Techs on a regular basis (likely) the Spellslinger may not be the weapon of choice.

The party picks up Frog from the End of Time in Chrono Trigger.

Swords (Frog)

Bronze Sword / Bronze Edge
  • Attack Power: 6
  • Special Effect: --
  • Found: --
  • Purchased: --
  • Sell: 175 G
Frog's starting weapon. You'll get an upgrade shortly after entering Manolia Cathedral.

Iron Sword
The weapon of choice for Frog once you pick it up in Manolia Cathedral.

An important storyline weapon for Frog. The Masamune is a necessity for accessing the Fiendlord's Keep, and is useful for battling Magus. Equipping both the Masamune and the Hero's Badge improves Frog's critical hit rate, and it can be upgraded later in the game to do more damage.

Radiant Blade / Flash Blade
A very pricey weapon that probably isn't worth the upgrade over the Masamune, since that sword offers an improved critical hit rate with the Hero's Badge equipped.

Smiter's Blade / Pearl Edge
A middling weapon that won't get much use unless you fail to find the Demonslayer in the Ocean Palace. Not worth buying if you don't Charm one on the Mountain of Woe.

Rune Blade
A great choice if you regularly use Frog as a healer. Worth grabbing in the Ocean Palace, not an amazing purchase if you waited until the Surviving Village. (You can easily upgrade the Masamune at that point.)

Demonslayer / Demon Hit
An excellent weapon for exploring the Ocean Palace, given the number of magical enemies. Loses its usefulness after that dungeon.

Brave Sword
Only useful if you haven't bothered to upgrade the Masamune before getting Crono back. Otherwise it'll just fill space in your inventory.

  • Attack Power: 160
  • Special Effect: +5 to Strength
  • Found: 
  • Purchased: --
  • Sell: 14,000 G
Only available if you have access to the Lost Sanctum. In theory the Dinoblade is a solid weapon for Frog, but acquiriing it requires working through almost the entire Lost Sanctum quest. Upgrading the Masamune takes far less time, and the upgrade is a fair bit stronger.

Masamune - Upgraded
The upgraded form of the Masamune. Empowered by repairing the floors in the Northern Ruins and visiting the gravestone inside with Frog in your party. The Masamune remains a potent weapon, and its critical hit rate rises when paired with the Hero's Badge. (The Champion's Badge has an even greater effect, though you'll need to complete the Lost Sanctum to get it.) There's no finer sword for Frog.

The party picks up Robo from the End of Time in Chrono Trigger.

Arms (Robo)

Tin Arm
  • Attack Power: 20
  • Special Effect: --
  • Found: --
  • Purchased: --
  • Sell: 500 G
Robo's starting weapon. He won't be using it for long.

Hammer Arm
Robo's replacement weapon. Grab it from the Derelict Factory to save yourself some money when you head back to 1000 AD.

Mirage Hand
A decent weapon for Robo that you can pick up early in the Denadoro Mountains, as long as you keep your eyes open when searching to the north of the entrance.

Stone Arm
A good weapon to pick up as soon as you arrive in 65,000,000 BC.

Death Claw / Doom Finger
A decent weapon that you can pick up halfway through the Fiendlord's Keep. Might as well, though it won't be on Robo for long.

Magma Hand
A solid weapon to pick up immediately after you finish with the Fiendlord's Keep. Ayla can get it before you finish up in 65,000,000 BC for the first time, but she's unlikely to learn Charm during that visit unless you spend a lot of time earning TP from Nus.

Megaton Arm
A pricey weapon to pick up from Algetty, and it won't be on Robo for long. You may want to hold off and save your money for something else, as you can Charm something better while you're on the Mountain of Woe.

Heavy Hand / Big Hand
A great choice that you can Charm while exploring the Mountain of Woe. Not worth buying if you don't get one from the Mountain of Woe, as the Ocean Palace has something better.

Kaiser Arm
A good weapon to carry Robo through the Ocean Palace and the Blackbird. An okay choice if you want to go through Geno Dome, since the boss holds Robo's new weapons from that dungeon.

Gigaton Arm
If you decide to get Crono back early then this is a good weapon to grab. If you go to Geno Dome first then the Gigaton Arm won't be too useful.

Teraton Arm / Terra Arm
Earned by defeatng the final boss of Geno Dome. One of the better weapons you'll get for Robo, and a good thing to grab shortly after you receive the flying version of the Wings of Time.

Crisis Arm
  • Attack Power: 1
  • Special Effect: Damage based on final digit of Robo's HP
  • Found:
  • Purchased: --
  • Sell: 500 G
A bit of a tricky weapon to use, the Crisis Arm is acquired by defeating the final boss of Geno Dome. Its damage output is determined by the last digit of Robo's HP, and if you can keep that number at 9 (usually by healing Robo back to a full HP of 999) he'll do tons of damage. If you're not interested in micromanaging, however, the Crisis Arm may not be for you.

Dragon Arm
Only available if you have access to the Lost Sanctum. The Dragon Arm requires less time to acquire than other weapons in the Lost Sanctum, making it somewhat worth the effort, as it's the strongest weapon you'll get for Robo before the Dimensional Vortex. If you're willing to micromanage with the Crisis Arm, however, you won't need the Dragon Arm.

Apocalypse Arm
Only available if you have access to the Dimensional Vortex. Normally the Apocalypse Arm doesn't add any additional damage to Robo's attacks, but if he gets a critical hit you'll deal 9,999 HP of damage. Give Robo accessories that boost his critical hit rate (the Rage Band or Dragon's Tear) and he'll rip most enemies to pieces in no time flat.

The party picks up Ayla from the End of Time in Chrono Trigger.

Fists (Ayla)

Unlike your other party members, Ayla does not - and cannot - equip weapons. Instead she uses her fists, which grow stronger and receive additional effects when Ayla reaches specific levels:
  • Fist (levels 1 - 71)
  • Iron Fist (levels 72 - 95) - May inflict Confusion
  • Bronze Fist (level 96) - Inflicts 9,999 damage on critical hits

The party picks up Magus from the End of Time in Chrono Trigger.

Scythes (Magus)

Moonfall Scythe / DarkScythe
  • Attack Power: 120
  • Special Effect: --
  • Found: --
  • Purchased: --
  • Sell: 10,000 G
Magus's starting weapon. You can get him a better weapon shortly after he joins the party.

Headman's Scythe / Hurricane
The first weapon you can buy for Magus. Assuming you have money to spare, you can grab it as soon as you recruit Magus, near the Surviving Village. You probably don't need to grab this, however, as you can easily get a better weapon from Ozzie's Fort.

Hadean Sickle / StarScythe
An easy weapon to pick up from Death Peak. If you check out Ozzie's Fort first you won't need to bother with this scythe.

Judgment Scythe
Only available if you have access to the Lost Sanctum. You need to put a significant amount of time into getting this weapon, which winds up weaker than what you can get at Ozzie's Fort. Don't bother.

Doom Scythe / DoomSickle
An easy weapon to pick up once you get Magus in the party, whether or not you fully complete Ozzie's Fort. You'll probably spend the majority of the second half of Chrono Trigger with Magus wielding this scythe.

Only available if you have access to the Dimensional Vortex. Magus's most powerful weapon, though you need to beat the game once to get at it. Ultimately not that useful.