The party walks to the Denadoro Mountains in 600 AD
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Part Fourteen: Dorino and Porre, 600 AD

Denadoro Mountains, 600 AD

- First thing’s first: put Lucca in your party. Her fiery attacks will come in quite handy with one brand of enemy in particular on the mountain range.

- As soon as you enter you’ll see two sleeping Ogans and two Bellbirds, and the Bellbirds will awaken the Ogans. This is a hint for later battles. You can slip by if you wish, though all four enemies are easy to kill with physical attacks. Check the chest beside them for 300 gil.

- Head northeast to find a path to an adjacent screen. It’s a dead end, but you’ll find a Mirage Hand in a semi-hidden chest on your left, under a tree. 

- Return to the first screen and check to your left. After a quick cut scene you’ll face another Ogan, and after another cut scene an Ogan with a hammer. Hammer Ogans are much stronger than normal, though you can use Lucca’s fire magic to fry the hammer and make him vulnerable. Climb the ladder.

- Slip west and south at the top of the ladder to return to the previous screen, where you can grab Athenian Water from a chest. Return north, then fight off the Ogan and the Freelancer that appear when you try to go further north. Check the chest to the left for an Ether before continuing.

- There are two Ogans ahead. Wipe them out, then check the chest behind ‘em for 500 gil. Head east.

- An Ogan protects the ladder to the east. Kill or avoid it as you wish, then head north.

- You’re now in a small forest of sorts. Head east along the bottom of the screen until you find a northern path leading to a Mid-Ether, then return to the south and continue east to face two Freelancers. Look near them to find an Athenian Water.

The party battles an Ogan in the Denadoro Mountains of 600 AD

- Climb north, look near the second ladder for a Golden Helm, and keep climbing to face an Ogan. Continue west to fight an Ogan and a Freelancer, check south of the battle to find a Mid-Potion, then head back to the west to find a new screen.

- You’re now on the edge of a cliff, and if you head north far enough a Freelancer will start pelting you with rocks. Each one will deal five points of damage to Crono. Not a big problem, but still annoying. Rush north, snagging the Mid-Ether from the chest along the way.

- Immediately after entering the next screen you’ll be attacked by a Freelancer and an Ogan. Carry on up the ladder to face two more Freelancers. Northeast of them, sitting beside the path, is a chest containing 600 gil.

- To the north is a cliffside path. Head west to find the waterfalls again. Check the chest nearby for 300 gil.

- The continued path is north, but if you want to snag eeeeverything in the Denadoro Mountains you’ll want to approach, and fall down, the waterfall on the far left. (After defeating two Freelancers and a Bellbird, of course.) Make sure you go all the way left or you’ll miss a chest containing a Silver Stud. Fall down and check the pathway at the bottom to find a Silver Earring. Up and to the right you’ll find a path back to the previous area.

The party climbs a ladder in the Denadoro Mountains of 600 AD

- Continue north. To the right of the Freelancers is a chest containing a Mid-Potion. Head left, open the chest to the left of the rope ladder to find a Mid-Ether, and go down the ladder. You’ll have to face two more Freelancers.

- Two Bellbirds wait on the next screen. Continue across the bridge they were guarding to find a Kilwala that’s watching the scenery. Talk to him enough times and he’ll give you a Magic Capsule.

- To the south is a save point. Use it and continue south, looking on the right side of the screen for a chest that contains a Mid-Ether. Soon you’ll be back near the waterfalls; make sure you check to your immediate right upon emerging from the trees for a partially-hidden Golden Suit.

- To the south is a ladder you’re forced to fall down. Check the chest on your left for a Shelter, then have a quick look around. There are three sleeping Ogans which you can avoid, but you’ll be forced into fighting if you try to go up the ladder on the right anyway. A Freelancer bars your path; if you chase him down you’ll face a brawl with two hammer-wielding Ogans and two Freelancers. Your choice.

- Up the final ladder and to the north is a cave. Inside you’ll find two little boys. Tell them you’re after the sword they’re guarding and you’ll get into a fight. Woo! Fighting… uh… children… well, maybe not quite children.

The party faces off against Masa and Mune, the protectors of Denadoro Mountains in 600 AD

Masa and Mune

Two bosses? Seems challenging; really isn’t. Masa and Mune use singular and combo attacks to inflict moderate amounts of damage to your party, and can confuse one character for a short while. They’ll also counter every attack you make, which can get a little painful if you stick to strictly physical strikes. Pick one of them and focus solely on that brother until he goes down. Do enough damage to one and the fight will immediately end. You’ll want to keep your health high, though, as your trial isn’t done yet…

The party battles the merged Masa & Mune, the final boss of the Denadoro Mountains in 600 AD

Masa & Mune

Ouch. This is the real fight. Masa & Mune is a beefy creature that’s as strong as he looks. Typically Masa & Mune will use single-hitting strikes that will deal moderate to hefty amounts of damage, and you can tell which character he’s going to attack based on which direction he moves. Not too bad, overall.

The real pain enters the fight when he begins to ‘store wind energy’, at which point Masa & Mune is charging up for his Vacuum Wave attack. Vacuum Wave hits your whole party for well over 100 HP of damage, which, if you’ve already been softened by his other attacks, will probably kill one or more characters. Ouch. You can negate Vacuum Wave before it hits by using Crono’s Wind Slash attack. Make sure you always leave him with enough MP to use this attack or you’re in deep trouble. Anyone else attacking Masa & Mune while he’s charging will receive a retaliatory Wind Slash, which is annoying but hardly fatal in most cases.

Other than his attacks, Masa & Mune has a lot of HP and no real vulnerabilities - but at the same time, he has no resistances, either. You’ll want to spend this battle chipping away at him with your strongest Techs and Dual Techs. Crono and Marle / Lucca’s Sword attacks are very good here, if you have them, and Robo’s Robo Tackle is great as backup. Keeping whittling away, healing as necessary and using Wind Slash whenever Masa & Mune charges up, and you should beat him without too much trouble.

- Beating Masa & Mune will earn you the Broken Blade, which, as the name implies, is pretty useless right now. You’ll also get shunted out of the Denadoro Mountains and back to the world map. Convenient!

Crono, Marle, and Lucca meet Frog and learn about his connection to the Masamune in 600 AD

The Masamune

- You need to do a few things before triggering the next major event. First, visit Tata’s House in Porre. He’ll give you the Hero’s Badge.

- Second, head back to the Cursed Woods (or do so for the first time, if you’ve never visited before - it’s northwest of Porre) and visit Frog. Show him the Hero’s Badge and you’ll be able to open the left chest in his house. It contains the Broken Hilt - and also provides your next clue.

- Third, head to Medina in 1000 AD and visit Melchior, south of town. He’ll clue you in to your next destination.

- Return to the End of Time and check your Gates. One has been here since the beginning, one you may not have investigated until now. It leads to the next time period in your journey: 65,000,000 BC.

Part Sixteen: Ioka Village, 65,000,000 BC