The party wanders near Dorino, a small village found only in 600 AD
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Part Thirteen: Zenan Bridge, 600 AD

Dorino, 600 AD

- After defeating Zombor on the Zenan Bridge you’ll wind up on the southern continent. To the east of the Bridge is a town that doesn’t exist in 1000 AD; might as well give Dorino a look.

- There’s an Inn and a Market in Dorino. They’re not that interesting, but the Inn might come in handy after the fight with Zombor.

- There’s a small Residence here. Enter after collecting the Naga Bromide from Manolia Cathedral and one of its occupants will offer you a Magic Capsule for the Bromide.

- Last, check the Elder’s House. You’ll find Toma inside, brokering a deal with the elder. Follow Toma to the Inn and you can buy him a drink (30 gil) to learn of a strange beast to the southwest.

- East of Dorino is a mountain you can climb. Don’t bother doing so just yet.

Fiona’s Villa

South of Dorino is a small home in the middle of the desert. This is the abode of Fiona, a nature fan with a missing husband. Much later she’ll be the centre of an important side quest. Pop open the chests inside for two Mid-Ethers, then head out. Remember its location for later.

The party visits a house in Porre Village in 600 AD and trades a Bromide for some extra goodies


- South of the Villa is Porre, looking much the same as it does in 1000 AD. It has the usual amenities, notably some new defensive equipment in the Market. You should also look on the left side of the Market for a Strength Capsule.

- You’ll meet Toma again in the local Tavern. He has a story about the ‘Rainbow Shell’, part of another side quest that will come into play much later in the game. Also here are several people that speak of the Legendary Hero, a local boy named Tata. Hrm.

- You can visit Tata’s House and learn more about the boy from his father and grandfather. Double hrm.

- Last, you can visit the Elder’s House. It contains two black boxes, the same as the ones you may have seen in 1000 AD, and a bunch of people with naught else but info to offer. This house is part of another side quest late in the game, so you’ll probably be back here at some point.

Cursed Woods

- Head Northwest from Porre to find the Cursed Woods, a small area populated by Edible Frogs and Fangtooths. The Fangtooths are easily killed via normal attacks, but the Edible Frogs love to counter attacks and resist physical strikes, so magic is a good idea. Fight them simultaneously and the Fangtooths will drain health from the Edible Frogs when hit, allowing you to ignore the Frogs altogether. Check the sides of the short path through the Woods for chests containing a Mid-Potion and a Shelter.

- The Woods are also home to the Nu, a strange, shambling race of blue creatures with a lot of HP and a single attack that takes a single character down to one HP. Nu are very dangerous - but they also offer a lot of TP upon defeat, relative to your current level. You’ll occasionally see Nu wandering horizontally through the forest, heralded by the hooting of owls, but the only way to fight one is to get into a fight with other enemies while the Nu is on the screen.

- In the north is a bush. Slip behind it and you’ll find a hidden home… and living here, none other than Frog. He won’t join you just now, so snag the Magic Scarf from the chest on the right and leave. You’ll be back.

You’ve now scoured all there is to see on the southern continent, save one location: the Denadoro Mountains to the northeast. Head to an Inn if you found the Cursed Woods taxing, then wander up to the Mountains and prepare for a lengthy series of battles.

Part Fifteen: Denadoro Mountains