Main Walkthrough

Truce, 1000 AD - Market
  • Crimson Blade (4,500 G)
  • Bandit's Bow (2,850 G)
  • Plasma Gun (3,200 G)
  • Hammer Arm (3,500 G)
  • Titanium Vest (1,200 G)
  • Potion (10 G)
  • Mid-Potion (100 G)
  • Panacea (10 G)
  • Shelter (150 G)

  • Home, sweet home. Truce is much as you left it, so you probably won't spend much time here before flitting off to another destination. Still, there are a few things you should do here before jumping through the Gate at the Millennial Fair:
    • Check in at home. Not only will Crono’s mom be relieved, she’ll have a different reaction each time you introduce her to a new party member. Some of the conversations are pretty funny.
    • Assuming you saved Fritz from Guardia Castle during your previous escape, check in at the Market. Fritz works there, and he'll give you 10 Mid-Ethers. Score! The Market’s also a good place to get caught up on your equipment, if you skipped Melchior's Cabin.
    • Head to Lucca’s House. Her father will give you Taban’s Vest, a fancy piece of defensive equipment for Lucca. Check in every now and then and he’ll give you more equipment. (If you can’t find Taban, look upstairs to trigger a quick cut scene with Lara, Lucca’s mother. After that’s done Taban will appear on the ground floor.)
    • If you check a short ways northeast of Lucca's House you'll find a spot labelled 'Coastal Vortex'. This will allow you to leap into the water and return to Heckran Cave. It's unlikely that you'll ever need to use this vortex, but... still.
    That's all for Truce. Return to the Millennial Fair and hop back to the End of Time via the Gate in the north. This will unlock a Gate at the End of Time, leading to 600 AD.

    Crono, Marle, and Lucca take on Ozzie and his skeletal troops on Zenan Bridge, in Chrono Trigger.

    Zenan Bridge, 600 AD - Enemies
  • Lancer - 67 HP - Weak to Light, Fire, absorbs Shadow
  • Ozzie - 762 HP - Immune to all elements 

  • The Guardia of 600 AD is a kingdom under assault. Start by leaving Truce Canyon, then heading south of Guardia Castle to Zenan Bridge. Now rebuilt, the Bridge is under attack by Fiends, and the ranks of the knights will prevent you from crossing the bridge. Speak to the Commander (the knight in gold) on your side of the bridge to learn of their desperate need.

    Head to Guardia Castle and down to the kitchens, to the right of the entrance. Speak to the Master of Kitchens (the rowdy fellow in the chef's hat), then head back to the main floor. He’ll rush up and give you Spiced Jerky and a Strength Capsule. Take the Jerky to the Commander at Zenan Bridge and he'll ask for the group's help in fighting off the baddies invading from the west. He’ll give you a Golden Helm if you speak to him a second time. Put Marle and Lucca into the party, then cross the bridge.

    There are two battles with Lancers ahead. They’re accompanied by Ozzie, one of Magus’s generals, and an ongoing nuisance. Dealing enough damage to Ozzie (300ish HP) will immediately knock out the Lancers. This is preferable, as you'll need to expend MP to defeat the Lancers, and you'll want to preserve it for what's coming next.
    The party takes on Zombor, a massive skeletal boss monster on the Zenan Bridge in Chrono Trigger


    • 960 (torso)
    • 800 (legs)
    • Light, Fire (torso)
    • Water, Shadow (legs)
    That’s a biggun. Zombor consists of a torso and a set of legs, and you need to destroy both to finish it off. Zombor uses the following attacks:
    • A physical crunch against a single target (torso)
    • A single-target Fire attack (torso)
    • A draining attack against a single target (torso)
    • A beam attack against the whole party, also used as a counterattack (torso)
    • MP Buster, which completely saps one character's MP (torso, upon defeat)
    • A single-target drop attack (legs)
    • A rumbling earthquake attack against the whole party (legs)
    Zombor's top half is vulnerable to Water, while the bottom is vulnerable to Fire and Light. Use your magic and special attacks accordingly to avoid healing Zombor. Crono’s Double Techs, Ice Sword and Fire Sword, are great at whittling down Zombor's HP in a hurry. The fight isn't a big deal at first...

    … but it gets trickier. Once you defeat one half of Zombor, the other half gains new attacks. If you defeat the lower half the upper half will become more powerful in general. Defeat the upper half first, though, and it will use MP Buster to suck out one character’s MP - and then the lower half will start to attack.

    Both halves have a little under 1,000 HP, so your best bet here is to spread out your attacks and try to keep the amount of damage inflicted on Zombor’s bits roughly equal. The bottom half will go down first, leaving the top half open to a quick(er) kill before it can use its more brutal attacks.

    The south end of the Zenan Bridge, near the village of Dorino, in Chrono Trigger.

    Defeating Zombor will clear Zenan Bridge of enemy combatants, and open the way to the southern continent. The journey continues!

    Part Fourteen: Dorino, Porre, and the Cursed Woods, 600 AD