A turn-based RPG of no small renown, Chrono Trigger was first released for the SNES in 1995. It revolves around Crono, a small-town lad who's swept up in an adventure to save the world from a parasitic creature with foul designs for the planet. Popular from the get-go, Chrono Trigger has long been heralded as one of the best RPGs of all time, and has been re-released multiple times, both as a physical game and as a digital download for several different consoles. It also received a slight reimagining on the Nintendo DS, with additional dungeons and story content added onto the original game.

This walkthrough will focus on the PC version of Chrono Trigger, using its unique script and naming for items and locations. Most of the changes from the SNES to the later versions are self-explanatory when you pick up an item or reach a certain place, but for the sake of clarification, Chronopedia has a comprehensive list of name changes between the two versions here.

Beginner's Guide - Stats, Combat, Status Ailments, and New Game +

Main Story

Part 1: Truce, Guardia Forest, Porre, 1000 AD
Part 2: The Millenial Fair, 1000 AD
Part 3: Guardia, 600 AD
Part 4: Manolia Cathedral, 600 AD
Part 5: Prison Towers, 1000 AD
Part 6: Trann Dome and Site 16, 2300 AD
Part 7: Abandoned Sewers, 2300 AD
Part 8: Arris Dome, 2300 AD
Part 9: Proto Dome, 2300 AD
Part 10: Derelict Factory, 2300 AD
Part 11: The End of Time, ???
Part 12: Medina Village and Heckran Cave, 1000 AD
Part 13: Zenan Bridge, 600 AD
Part 14: Dorino, Porre, and Cursed Woods, 600 AD
Part 15: Denadoro Mountains, 600 AD
Part 16: Ioka Village, 65,000,000 BC
Part 17: Forest Maze, 65,000,000 BC
Part 18: Reptite Lair, 65,000,000 BC
Part 19: Fiendlord's Keep, 600 AD
Part 20: Dactyl Nest, 65,000,000 BC
Part 21: Tyranno Lair, 65,000,000 BC
Part 22: The Kingdom of Zeal, 12,000 BC
Part 23: The Mountain of Woe, 12,000 BC
Part 24: The Ocean Palace, 12,000 BC
Part 25: The Blackbird, 12,000 BC
Part 26: Magus, 12,000 BC

Optional Content

Part 27: Death Peak, 2300 AD
Part 28: Geno Dome, 2300 AD
Part 29: Ozzie's Fort, 600 AD
Part 30: The Sun Stone, 2300 AD
Part 31: The Rainbow Shell, 600 AD
Part 32: Northern Ruins, 600 AD
Part 33: Sunken Desert, 600 AD

End Game

Part 34: The Black Omen
Part 35: Lavos