Below is a guide to all the headgear you can collect in Chrono Trigger. If you want to find a specific piece of equipment, use the Find function in your browser to jump to the item description. Headgear only available to players of the PC, Mobile, and DS versions of the game are marked as such.

Note that virtually every helmet on this list can be won in the Arena of the Ages, a DS-exclusive combat area for battling monsters against monsters. The Arena of the Ages is not included in the various item descriptions.

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Crono's equipment screen in Chrono Trigger.

Universal Headgear

Hide Cap
  • Equipped by: All
  • Defense Power: 3
  • Special Effect: --
  • Found: 
    • Default headgear for Crono
    • Default headgear for Marle
    • Default headgear for Lucca
  • Purchased: --
  • Sell: 25 G
Bronze Helm / BronzeHelm
Iron Helm / Iron Helmet
Stone Helm / Rock Helm
Triceratopper / Cera Topper
Platinum Helm / Lode Helm
Clarity Cap / Sight Cap
Memory Cap
Time Hat
Aeonina Helm / Aeon Helm
Haste Helm
Rainbow Helm / R'bowHelm
Mermaid Helm / MermaidCap
Vigilant's Hat / VigilHat
Guardian Helm / Safe Helm
Prismatic Helm / Prism Helm
Ozzie Pants

Frog's equipment screen in Chrono Trigger.

Male Headgear

Golden Helm / Gold Helm
Radiant Helm / Glow Helm
Dark Helm
  • Equipped by: Crono, Frog, Robo, Magus
  • Defense Power: 35
  • Special Effect: Reduces Shadow damage by 50%
  • Found: 
  • Purchased: --
  • Sell: 6,000 G
Dragonhead (PC, Mobile, and DS only)
Master's Crown (PC, Mobile, and DS only)

Ayla's equipment screen in Chrono Trigger.

Female Headgear

Porrean Beret / Beret
  • Equipped by: Marle, Lucca, Ayla
  • Defense Power: 17
  • Special Effect: --
  • Found: --
  • Purchased:
  • Sell: 350 G
Reptite Tiara (PC, Mobile, and DS only)
Angel's Tiara (PC, Mobile, and DS only)

Lucca's equipment screen in Chrono Trigger.

Lucca Only

Taban's Helm / Taban Helmet
  • Equipped by: Lucca
  • Defense Power: 24
  • Special Effect: Magic Defense +10
  • Found:
    • Lucca's Home, 1000 AD
  • Purchased: --
  • Sell: --

Magus's equipment screen in Chrono Trigger.

Magus Only

Doom Helm
  • Equipped by: Magus
  • Defense Power: 29
  • Special Effect: --
  • Found:
    • Default headgear for Magus
  • Purchased: --
  • Sell: 4,750 G
Gloom Helm / Gloom Helmet
  • Equipped by: Magus
  • Defense Power: 42
  • Special Effect: Immune to status ailments
  • Found:
  • Purchased: --
  • Sell: 6,500 G