Crono speaks to an old man about his lunch at the Millenial Fair, 1000 AD
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Part One: 1000 AD

Millenial Fair, 1000 AD

Ahhhh, the Millenial Fair. It only happens once every thousand years, and it's a bustling hub of business and entertainment, rolled into one happy package. There are, as you can imagine, many things to do here.

Several of the Millenial Fair's attractions reward you with Silver Points. Silver Points can be expended at one of the Fair's tents. More on that soon.

- To the west of the entrance is a vendor's tent. The guy sells more basic supplies. Still meh.

- Further west is a strongarm game. Interact with the base of the game, wait for Crono to move as far back as he'll go, then hit the button. If the bell goes off you'll win one Silver Point. Hurrah!

- North of the previous vendor is another, though this guy sells Bronze Helms and Padded Vests. Neither is amazing, but you'll probably be buying them eventually anyway, so...

- East of this second vendor is an old dude named Melchior. He's a swordsmith, the best in the business, and he has some blades for your perusal. A Bronze Blade isn't bad for warriors on a budget, while the Silver Sword is a nice buy if you want a big jump to your attack strength early on. (It's overkill, really. You'll find one for free later.)

- Next to Melchior is another tent. Talk to the guy inside once the four people running 'round the fair grounds are lined up and you can place a bet on who will win the next race. Guess correctly to win 20 Silver Points. The old man watching on the right side of the track will offer his guess as to the next winner, and he's right often enough that you may as well follow his advice.

- To the far east is the Tent of Horrors, the only place where you can spend Silver Points. This page covers the Tent of Horrors.

- Head north. On the next screen you'll see a girl pacing beside a bell. You'll likely run into her. One retrieved Pendant and a conversation later, you have a new party member: Marle. Way to go Crono. We'll talk about her in a second.

- Look on the east side of the bell. A little girl here has lost her cat, which you can deliver to her by leading it from the west side of the Fair to her location. Also here is a man who will engage you in a drinking contest, and if you beat him you'll win 5 Silver Points. Not worth the button mashing stress, really. Continue one more screen east to find a prehistoric dance where Crono and Marle can groove out.

- Look on the west side of the bell. The man in the first tent will tell you how many Silver Points you've accumulated. Down the stairs and further west you'll find the aforementioned lost cat, as well as a man with a Sandwich. You can, if you wish, eat the Sandwich off of the table. Down the far western path you'll find Gato, one of Lucca's creations, which will engage you in simple combat. Beat him up for 15 Silver Points. Gato is probably the fastest method for earning Silver Points at the Millenial Fair later in the game. 

Crono chugs down a drink at the Millenial Fair in 1000 AD

The Marle Situation

As soon as you get Marle in your party, a very slight - but ultimately somewhat important - mini game comes into play. From now until the point that you leave the Millenial Fair, Crono's actions will be gauged for their... appropriateness. Without spoiling anything, the following actions have both positive and negative consequences:

- Picking up the Pendant before talking to Marle

- Not giving the Pendant back on the first go

- Refusing to accompany Marle around the Fair on the first go

- Finding the little girl's cat

- Eating the old man's sandwich

- Speaking to Melchior and agreeing to ask Marle if she'll sell her Pendant

- Trying to drag Marle away when she's buying candy (you'll see this last one automatically in a moment)

Needless to say, you want to be a gentleman if you desire a good outcome. What outcome? Ahhh, the future...

- Once you're done looking around, head back to the main part of the square and speak to one of the two girls lingering by the fountain. They'll tell you that Lucca and her father are probably done setting up one of the Fair's main attractions. Head to the far north to see it.

- Numerous things will happen at this point. Hop onto the Telepod when invited, then speak to Marle to trigger a rather important event. That done, approach her Pendant to jump to the next section of the game. Woooooo!

Part Three: 600 AD