A map shot of the Millenial Square in 1000 AD
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1000 AD

- First step: Name your character. By default, this dude is Crono. 

- Dialogue. Introductions. Stuff happens. Go downstairs and you get to name another character, not yet appearing. By default, she's Lucca.

- Before leaving the house, speak to Crono's mom. She'll give you an extra 200 gil on top of the 400 gil you already have. How sweet.

- Head outside. The world!


- Welcome to the kingdom of Guardia! A lovely, bustling place, it's full of houses to check and people to engage. Your primary destination is north of Crono's house, but you should go for a quick look 'round the world first.

- There are numerous houses in Truce. None of them have much of interest at the moment, though if you enter the Inn you'll find a piano player who will play a song for 10 gil. Meh. There's also a mysterious black box in the room with the beds; you'll want to mark its location for later. Right now it's useless to you.

- The other notable house in Truce is the Mayor's Manor. Inside you'll learn the ins and outs of Chrono Trigger. Chat with the NPCs if you think you need a tutorial. You can also find a Potion and 100 gil in the chests on the first and second floor.

- On a small island south of the village is Lucca's House. There's nothing here right now, but later it'll yield up some fancy items.

- And just west of Truce...

Crono visits a home in 1000 AD

Guardia Forest

- Your first little dungeon! Guardia Forest is the easiest area in the game, and it's possible to run through the entire thing without encountering a singe enemy. Of course, you could always not ignore your foes, and use them for experience instead...

- If you decide to level in Guardia Forest, try to learn the Tech Cyclone. It's an AOE strike that does a little more damage than Crono's normal attack within a small radius. Try to conserve your Techs for moments when you can hit multiple enemies at a time - namely, when they're moved close together on the map. Not every Tech is capable of hitting multiple enemies, but Cyclone can.

- Check the southeast clearing first. Here you'll find three Amanitas. Take them on. They're pretty easy to kill with normal attacks. If you want to avoid them, simply slip around them.

- Head north. There's a strange, yellow creature wandering the woods. Approach it and it'll summon three Scarabs. They're no tougher than the Amanitas.

- To the west is the center of the Forest. Two more Scarabs appear here if you alert the bird with the bell. You can skim past the left side of the bird to avoid the fight.

- To the southwest you'll find three more Amanitas. Exciting!

- Up the northwest path are yet more Amanitas, numbering three. They're also the last of the enemies in Guardia Forest.

- East of this last clearing you'll find a northern path that leads briefly back to the map, then up to Guardia Castle. Don't bother trying to enter the Castle, as guards will kick you out immediately. If you keep following the eastern path in the Forest you'll find another small clearing, this one containing another black box. Another thing to note for later.

- That's all for Guardia Forest. Leave the way you came in.

Lucca's home on the world map of 1000 AD

World Map

- Head southwest on the world map. You'll find a bridge called the Zenan Bridge. There are plenty of NPCs to talk to, all headed the opposite direction. Not much to say.

- Head south. At the far tip of the continent you'll find the village of Porre.


- Porre hosts a modest market with some very basic items. You don't need any of them right now, save perhaps a Potion or two. Meh.

- The purveyor of Porre's Snail Stop will sell you Jerky for 9,900 gil. You probably don't have that much cash right now, nor do you need the Jerky at the moment. Come back for it muuuuuch later.

- On the west side of Porre is the Mayor's Manor. The mayor himself, the dude on the couch, will give you 10 gil if Crono spins around and crows. You can do this as many times as you like, though it's a very inefficient way to earn money. You'll find a chest containing a Shelter on the second floor, as well as two more mystery chests you can't open. Drat.

Aaaaand that's all for Porre, as well as the current world map. If you like, you can take the ferry from Porre's Ferry Office back to Guardia. Otherwise, hoof it across land. We're off to the fair!

Part Two: The Millenial Fair, 1000 AD