The follow-up to the fantastically-successful Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross was... not received with quite as much critical acclaim. A sort of pseudo-sequel to Trigger's storyline, Cross focuses on Serge, a young man who is essentially erased from history when he's plunged into an alternate version of his own world. With the help of a young woman named Kid - as well as a massive cast of playable characters - Serge must puzzle out what's happening to him, and save the planet in the process.

Long relegated to the PlayStation, Chrono Cross has since been remastered and re-released in 2022 as Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition. Aside from some graphical differences, a speed up / slow down function, a few name changes, and the inclusion of Radical Dreamers, however, the game is the same now as it was in 1999.

Main Walkthrough

Part One: Arni Village (Home World)

Part Two: Lizard Rock

Part Three: Cape Howl (Another World)

Part Four: Fossil Valley (Another World)

Part Five: Termina (Another World)

Part Six: Infiltrating Viper Manor - Guile, Nikki, Pierre

Part Seven: Viper Manor (Another World)

Part Eight: Guldove (Another World)

Part Nine: Saving Kid - Hydra Marshes (Home World)

Part Ten: Boat Exploration (Another World)

Part Eleven: S.S. Invincible

Part Twelve: Water Dragon Isle (Home World)

Part Thirteen: Mount Pyre (Another World)

Part Fourteen: Fort Dragonia (Another World)

Part Fifteen: Temporal Vortex

Part Sixteen: Arni Village, Termina, and Viper Manor (Home World)

Part Seventeen: Boat Exploration (Home World)

Part Eighteen: S.S. Zelbess

Part Nineteen: Isle of the Damned (Home World)

Part Twenty: The Dead Sea and the Tower of Geddon

Part Twenty-One: Viper Manor Revisited (Another World)

Part Twenty-Two: The Dragon Gods

Part Twenty-Three: Recruiting Serge

Part Twenty-Four: The Sea of Eden and Chronopolis

Part Twenty-Five: Kid and the Chrono Cross

Part Twenty-Six: Terra Tower

Part Twenty-Seven: Preparing for the Final Battle

Part Twenty-Eight: The Time Devourer

Side Guides

Character Recruitment Guide

Level Seven Tech Guide

Trap Elements Guide