Main Walkthrough

With only one exception, all of the recruitable characters in Chrono Cross receive three Techs as they progress through the game. Techs are unique moves that only one character can use, and they're typically more powerful than the average Element. This is especially true of each character's Level Seven Tech, which always occupies the seventh level of the Element Grid. 

Unlike other Techs that are learned through Star Levels, Level Seven Techs occasionally need to be learned through exploration and dialogue with NPCs. This guide will break down how to learn each Level Seven Tech for Chrono Cross' forty-five recruitable characters.

(This guide is still under construction, and will be completed shortly. Please don't mind the notes.)

Star Levels

We'll begin with the characters that learn their Level Seven Techs via Star Levels. There are four different Star Levels where characters can learn their final Techs:

  • Star Level 25: Harle (Lunairetic)
  • Star Level 35: Guile (Lightning Rod), Leah (Triple Kick), Lynx (Forever Zero), Macha (Dirty Dishes), Miki (Dance On Air), Radius (Vital Energy), Sneff (Sword Trick), Van (Piggy Boink)
  • Star Level 37: Pip (Heaven's Call - Archangel Form, Canon Cannon - Holy Beast Form, Hell's Fury - Archdevil Form)
  • Star Level 40: Marcy (Web Surfer), Mel (Tantrum), Glenn (Dive & Drive), Zappa (Balls of Iron)

Items and Dialogues

The rest of the Level Seven Techs are learned by finding items spread throughout Chrono Cross, engaging in dialogues with specific NPCs while the character is in the party, or both methods combined. Many of these Level Seven Techs are missable depending on your actions in the game. Each of these Techs is gained as an item, and needs to be equipped to the character's Element Grid before it becomes usable.

Doc (Hang Ten)

Unlike a lot of Level Seven Techs on this list, Doc's is very time-sensitive. The item you need, the Medical Book, is located in the Tower of Geddon in the Dead Sea. To get it you must get through the turnstiles in the subway station that's through one of the eastern doors in the mall section of the Tower of Geddon. Speaking to a spirit in the station then watching where it disappears will help you find the item you need to get through the turnstiles. Once you have the Medical Book, take it to Doc in Another World's Guldove to receive Hang Ten.

Draggy (Big Breath)

Put Draggy in your party and head to Fossil Valley in Another World. Head north to the graveyard of bones and approach the giant skull where you first met Skelly. After a quick, sad cut scene you'll receive Draggy's Big Breath.

Fargo (Invincible)

During your time as Lynx you'll wind up on the S.S. Zelbess, and Nikki will ask for your help restoring Marbule to its former glory. Agree, then continue through the plot until you wind up back in Viper Manor. Another World's Fargo will join in the aftermath of the sequence. Take him to see Home World's Fargo and he'll steer the Zelbess over to Marbule for Nikki's concert. During this trip he'll receive Invincible.

Funguy (Myconoids)

Put Funguy in your party and head to Shadow Forest after Terra Tower has risen into the sky. Return to the small waterfall refuge where you first found him. You'll find a tiny mushroom that turns out to more or less be Funguy's child. How weird. You'll receive Myconoids once the conversation is done.

Greco (Grave Digger)

Put Greco in the party and visit his home in Home World, on the far east side of Termina. Speak to Romana, the old woman in the shack, and she'll channel the spirit of a man from Greco's past. Once all is said and done you'll receive Grave Digger.

Grobyc (Strong Arm)

Put Grobyc in your party and head to Chronopolis. On the second floor is a small room with a combination safe puzzle and a box. Check the box with Grobyc and he'll find Strong Arm inside.

Irenes (Siren Song)

Proceed through the quest in Home World to save Marbule until you've defeated all of the Lagoonates. You'll know you're done when you hear a dragon's cry in the distance, and the music changes back to normal. Leave Marbule and continue the quest to defeat the six dragons (including the Black Dragon, which you just awoke in Another World's Marbule). Once Serge is back in the party, return to Home World's Marbule. The Demi-Humans will have returned. Speak to the Witch Doctor in the first cave home in Marbule and she'll give you Siren Song, so long as Irenes is in the party.

Janice (What's Up Doc?)

Take Janice to the Bend of Time. It's located amid the small island chain between the main continent and Marbule. Speak to the wiggly creature who watches over the Bend of Time and it will give her What's Up Doc?.

Karsh (Axiomatic)

Once you've completed the second invasion of Viper Manor in Another World you can enter the tower in the east wing of the manor, opposite the library. Inside is a puzzle that will open a chest containing a letter from Solt and Peppor, demanding Karsh meet them at the Isle of the Damned. Go there with Karsh in the party and trek to the rear of the island, where you fought Garai in Home World. Solt and Peppor will demand answers of Karsh and attack. Defeat them and, in the aftermath, you'll receive Axiomatic.

Korcha (Big Catch)

When you first meet Korcha in Another World's Termina he'll be telling off a merchant for imprisoning a mermaid. Return here with Korcha in the party after completing Terra Tower and Korcha will help the mermaid escape. Speak to her at Greco's cabin, down the stairs to the right of the merchant's stall, and you'll receive Big Catch.

Kid (Hot Shot)

While exploring the burning orphanage in Kid's mind you'll come across a machine on the ground floor that accepts button inputs. It's sitting just to the right of the door leading to the hallway, stairs, and kitchen. Enter L, triangle, R, triangle (or L1, triangle, R1, triangle in the original version of the game) to receive Hot Shot.

Leena (Maiden Faith)

At the beginning of the game you'll meet Leena on Opassa Beach, shortly before Serge is shunted to Another World. Say that you remembered your promise to Leena, and vow that you'll remember this day forever. Much, much later, take Another World's Leena to see her grandmother in Home World. She lives in the house closest to the docks. You'll receive Maiden Faith during the conversation. 

Luccia (Test Amoeba)

Put Luccia in your party once Serge has returned and head to Viper Manor in Another World. Proceed down to the kitchen, in the lower-west wing of the manor, and look in the top-right corner of the kitchen for a grating that will take you down into the sewers. Walk across the water flow to the east, beat any enemies that get in your way, and look for the wriggling amoeba creature that's sitting in the corner of the dead end ahead. Luccia will decide to investigate it, and you'll gain Test Amoeba.

Mojo (Hoodoo Guroo)

Put Mojo in your party once Serge has returned and head to Arni Village in Another World. Go back to the house where you first found Mojo (top-right hut) and speak to the man in the basement. He'll tell you about other good luck idols that he bought at the same time as Mojo. Check the black cat on the left side of the room, the winged cat on the right side of the room, and the winged cat on the left side of the room, in that order. After a period of self-loathing and reflection, Mojo will receive Hoodoo Guroo.

Nikki (Lime Light)

Once you get Nikki back in the party near the end of the game, put him in the party and visit the boat of the Magical Dreamers in Home World. It's attached to the S.S. Zelbess, and accessible via the Zelbess' mast. Speak to Home World's Nikki in his dressing room and he'll give you Lime Light.

Norris (Top Shot)

During the second half of the game Lynx will need to lead another expedition into Viper Manor, now under the control of Porre. It's possible for your Norris to meet Another World's Norris in the process. Return to Viper Manor with Norris in the party after successfully fleeing Viper Manor and Another World's Norris will give you Top Shot. He's in the first room from the left in the west wing of Viper Manor's ground floor (the place where Harle was sleeping much earlier in the game).

Orcha (Dinner Guest)

Head to Arni Village in Home World once you've recruited Orcha, and put him in the party. Enter the restaurant on the east side of the village and go behind the counter via the countertop flip door on the right. Speak to the cook - turns out he's Orcha's brother - and he'll give you Dinner Guest.

Orlha (Sister Hoods)

Put Orlha in the party and take her to Doc's clinic in Home World. Speak to him and you'll receive Sister Hoods after a short sequence.

Pierre (Slap of Cyrus)

To receive Pierre's Level Seven Tech you must locate the Prop Sword. It's found in the theatre section of the Tower of Geddon, the centre-point of the Dead Sea. Look on the left side of the grassy section in the north of the theatre, up on the stage, to find the Prop Sword. Bring it to Pierre in the Smithy in Another World, where you first recruited him, and it will turn into the Hero's Sword. You'll receive Slap of Cyrus in the process. The Dead Sea isn't around for long, so be careful not to miss out on the sword.

Poshul (Unleashed)

Once Serge becomes team leader again and Poshul returns to the party, take her to see Leena in Home World, on the docks of Arni Village. You'll receive Unleashed.

Razzly (Raz-Flower)

This one is a bit tricky. You need to save Razzly in the Hydra Marshes, but she cannot be present in the final battle with the Hydra. If she is she'll realize that the Hydra is pregnant, which changes the outcome of the dwarven invasion of Water Dragon Isle in Home World. You must also waste time during said invasion so that Razzly's sister, Rosetta, is killed by the dwarves. If you proceed through the area too quickly she'll survive.

Return to Home World's Water Dragon Isle once Terra Tower is in the sky and Razzly is back in the party. Speak to the fairy in front of the new tree in the area to receive Raz-Flower.

Riddel (Snake Fangs)

Just off the northeastern coast of El Nido's main continent is a tiny landmass called the Forbidden Island. Go here in Home World and you'll find Dario, the last of the Four Devas. Bring Riddel to see him and he'll lose himself and attack the party. Defeat him and Riddel will earn Snake Fangs in the aftermath of the battle. (Fighting Dario is not easy, so you may want some tips.)

Skelly (On a Roll)

Put Skelly in your party and trek to Termina in Home World once Serge is back in control of the party. Head to the bar and speak to the barmaid. Skelly will put in an order, things will get a little emotional for him, and he'll soon receive On a Roll.

Starky (Star Struck)

Proceed through the game until Terra Tower has risen into the sky. Once it has, head back to the El Nido Triangle in Another World with Starky in your party and fight your way down to his ship. Once inside Starky will look around for more things of use, and you'll gain Star Struck.

Steena (Garai's Shadow)

Put Steena in your party and head to the Isle of the Damned in Home World. Trek through the island until you reach Garai's gravestone, where you fought the dead Dragoon earlier in the game. Check it and Steena will receive Garai's Shadow.

Turnip (Veg Out)

Put both NeoFio and Turnip in your party and head to Viper Manor in another world. Head up to the roof, down the hall from Viper's study, where you first recruited NeoFio. The pair will have a quick dialogue, and Turnip will jump into NeoFio's pool. You'll gain Veg Out in the aftermath.

Viper (Flag Bearer)

Proceed through the game until Serge is back in the party. Head to Termina in Home World with Viper leading the party and speak to the barmaid. She'll recognize Viper and tell him to check out the back room. Pop inside once she unlocks it and inspect the top-left wall to find a secret room, the same place in Another World where you met and recruited either Karsh or Zoah. Inspect the massive flag on the wall and Viper will receive Flag Bearer, as well as a Dragoon's Glory.

Zoah (Toss & Spike)

If you check Zoah's room in Another World's Viper Manor - it's down the right corridor from the main hallway - you'll find a chest. Zoah says only he can open it. Return here later with Zoah in the lead of the party and he'll pop open the chest to receive Toss & Spike.

Main Walkthrough