Main Walkthrough

There are forty-five total characters in Chrono Cross. It is only possible to have forty-four characters in your party total at any one time, and you'll need to play through Chrono Cross three times to get them all. Here we'll go over how to recruit each character, and which character recruitments bar others from your team. (Until New Game+, anyway.)

Serge and Lynx

Either Serge or Lynx will always be your party leader in a New Game of Chrono Cross. It's not possible, without hacking, to have Serge and Lynx in the party at the same time.


Poshul is found in Arni Village in Home World, and can be recruited at any time, so long as Lynx isn't the party leader. Look under the bed in the back bedroom of the restaurant to find the Heckran Bone, then offer it to Poshul. 

You can also recruit Poshul early in Another World. Turn down Kid's offer to team up at Cape Howl. The next day both Leena and Poshul will join your party, assuming Poshul isn't already in the party.


Despite her importance to the plot, it is almost possible to never have Kid in your party, though you get many opportunities to recruit her:

  • Your first opportunity is at Cape Howl in Another World, where Kid will help you fight Karsh, Solt, and Peppor. If you agree to Kid's team-up proposal, however, Leena will never join the party.
  • Your second opportunity is in Termina in Another World, during your first visit. Kid will offer to help you invade Viper Manor. If you turn her down here you'll nevertheless see her throughout the Viper Manor sequence.
  • Your third opportunity is by deciding to help Kid recover from her poisoning no matter what. After you track down the Hydra Humour at the Hydra Marshes in Home World Kid will be restored to full health and join the party.
  • Your fourth opportunity is to revisit Kid after completing the S.S. Invincible and gaining access to Mount Pyre. Kid will have recovered thanks to the help of a mystery stranger when you return to Guldove, and will automatically join the party. If you don't recruit Kid here you won't be able to get the Ice Breath that makes going through Mount Pyre a less painful task.
  • Kid will leave the party for a long time after the events of Fort Dragonia. She won't be recruitable again until after Chronopolis, where she winds up in Hermit's Hideaway. Take the Chrono Cross to her and you can enter her nightmares and save her. She'll permanently rejoin the party after this.

Leena is found in Arni Village in Another World. To recruit her you must turn down Kid's offer to join you at Cape Howl. Leena will join you the next day. You will get Kid soon after even if you turn her down, so it's highly recommended that you reject her offer during your first meeting.


Mojo is found in Arni Village in Another World. While first exploring Arni Village in Home World, speak to the fisherman in the basement of the upper-right hut. He'll give you a Shark Tooth. Show the Shark Tooth to the same fisherman in Another World - he's still in the basement, though praying to the inanimate Mojo - and as you go to leave Mojo will spring to life and join the party.


Skelly's remains are scattered throughout Another World, and you need to visit a number of locations to hunt them down and put him back together:
  • The Heavy Skull is in Fossil Valley, and is spooking several Acacia Dragoons in the north of the area
  • The Trading Post vendor on the docks in Guldove will give you the Pelvic Bone if you speak to her once
  • The Good Backbone is located in a small cave in the north of the Hydra Marshes, though you'll need the Green Tinkler from the dwarf in Guldove's bar to properly explore the swamps - getting the Safety Gear from an NPC on the west side of the swamp is also recommended, as it will prevent you from getting poisoned while walking around
  • The Angry Scapula is found in a small waterfall cave in Shadow Forest - if you didn't recruit Nikki to get into Viper Manor you'll need to come here after you've completed the manor
  • An excavator to the right side of the northern path on Water Dragon Isle has the Sturdy Ribs
  • The Mixed Bones are in a cave on the northern side of the first screen of the Isle of the Damned
Once you have all six pieces they'll leave your inventory. Head to Termina and check the upper-right house on the first screen, near the statue of General Viper. Speak to the old woman here and Skelly will walk in. Leave and return and Skelly will join the party. You can do this with either Serge or Lynx in charge of the party, though Skelly will take off for a big chunk of the game if Serge recruited him.

Guile, Nikki, Pierre

All three of these characters are tied to your quest to enter Viper Manor, and their recruitment quests begin in Termina. Recruiting any one of them will lock out the other two for your current playthrough, and the only way to get all three is to reach New Game +2. Once you've decided to raid Viper Manor you can recruit Guile, Pierre, and Nikki in the following places:
  • Guile is in the bar - you can recruit him immediately, though you'll need to cough up 100 g to pay for a boat
  • Nikki has left town, and you'll need to speak to Miki, his fellow performer, on their ship by the docks - speak to a man in the dressing rooms to make Miki appear, then follow her suggestion and go to the Shadow Forest - you'll spot Nikki pretty quickly
  • Pierre is in the back room of the Smithy - you'll need to retrieve the Hero's Medal from the boy running around just outside this room, then give it to Pierre

You'll first meet Pip in Luccia's Lab in Viper Manor, locked in a cage. Once you've defeated her Neo-N-Bulbs, speak to Pip in the left corner of the room and help him out by unlocking his cage. He'll escape after the events of Viper Manor, and you'll find him on the S.S. Invincible, during the ghost invasion. Chase him down and he'll join the party.

Like every other character on your team, Pip will ditch you once Serge leaves and Lynx takes over. You can find him again on the S.S. Invincible later on, once you return to Another World, and unlike the other party members he will rejoin you. Pip is sitting in the storage room where the pirates locked you up during your first visit.

Korcha, Razzly, and Mel or Macha, Glenn, and Doc

These six characters are part of another decision point early in Chrono Cross. After the adventure to Viper Manor Kid will be poisoned, and you'll need to decide whether or not to help her. Which path you take will change which characters are available for recruitment:
  • If you decide to help Kid no matter what Korcha will join the party early on. Your trip to find an antidote will take you to the Hydra Marshes in Home World, and if you explore the west side of the Marshes, beat up a Beeba, and use a Beeba Flute to find a Wingapede (this will all make sense when you get there) you'll find Razzly locked in a cage. Defeat the Pentapus guarding Razzly to recruit the fairy. Once you've restored Kid to health Mel will steal Kid's Elements, and you'll need to chase her around Guldove. Once you corner Mel she will join the party.
  • If you decide that there's no way to help Kid you'll need to find a way off Guldove, as Korcha will refuse to ferry you around on his boat. Speak to Macha, his mother, and she'll commandeer the boat and ship you back to Termina herself. As you're preparing to leave the city both Macha and Glenn will join your party. Once Kid is back to herself, just before you enter Mount Pyre, speak to Doc and he'll join your party.

Greco is found in Termina in Another World. Check out the cottage in the far east of Termina once you've gotten through Viper Manor. You'll see Greco praying for a departed soul. Follow him into his cottage and he'll join the party. Greco is one of few party members whom you can recruit while either Serge or Lynx are in charge, though he won't stick around to help Lynx if he was recruited by Serge.


Luccia is found in Viper Manor in Another World, and you'll meet her while infiltrating the manor. She'll tell you to come back later. Release Pip from his cage in her lab, then make the trip back here after acquiring a boat. Luccia will be up on the roof, near General Viper's office. Speak to her to send her back to her lab, then speak to her in her lab to recruit her. Only Serge can recruit Luccia.


NeoFio is found on the roof of Viper Manor in Another World, though you need a Life Sparkle to bring the little plant to consciousness. Speak to Luccia on the roof and she'll mention her experiment, then head to the Hydra Marshes in Another World. You'll need the Green Tinkler from the dwarf in Guldove's bar to reach the end of the marshes. 

You'll find two goblins hoarding a chest in the spot where you fought the Hydra in Home World. Kill them and claim the Life Sparkle from the chest, then take it to the little plant atop Viper Manor. Using it on the plant will bring NeoFio to life, and it will join the party.

Sprigg and Harle

Sprigg will join you in the Temporal Vortex, shortly after Lynx takes control of the game. Once you have Sprigg the tower in the north of the Temporal Vortex will unlock, and once you complete its puzzle Harle will join the party.

It's worth noting that Harle is the only character who will permanently leave the party in Chrono Cross besides Lynx. The only way to get her back after her departure is to complete the game with her still in the party during a New Game+. Using the Chrono Cross (we'll talk about this below) will put Harle back in the party at the end of the game.


Radius will join you in Arni Village in Home World. Return there as Lynx and speak to Serge's mother. Radius will show up and fight you. Beat him and he'll join the party.

Zappa and Van

Zappa and Van are both located in Termina in Home World, leaving down the street from one another. Speak to Zappa in the Smithy to bring him onboard, and speak to Van in his ramshackle home - and agree to hire him - to recruit the boy.


Funguy is found in his original form in the Shadow Forest of Home World, behind the waterfall where you recruited Nikki and / or found a piece of Skelly. Speak to the man behind the waterfall, then head to the waterway at the end of the Shadow Forest that leads to Viper Manor. Partway through you'll see a boy and a boulder on your left. If you recruited Nikki the boulder will be blocking a hole, and you need to scare a nearby monster (down and to the right of the slope leading to the boy) to get rid of the boulder. If you didn't recruit Nikki a Wraith will be up here and you'll need to kill it. 

Either way you'll free the boy's father, who will give you a Mushroom. Take the Mushroom to the man behind the waterfall. He'll eat it and transform into Funguy. He'll then force his way into the party.


Norris is located in Viper Manor in Home World. Check the place out after visiting Termina - you need to speak to the soldier blocking the docks before you can gain access - and you'll find Norris in the dungeon. He'll join the party as part of the plot, and give you a boat to boot.


To recruit Draggy you first need the Big Egg from Another World. You'll find it in the nest of a Dodo in Fossil Valley, accessible by going west through the bone-strewn northern section and looking for a southern path. Take the Big Egg to Fort Dragonia in Home World, activate the central elevator by completing the puzzles, and go down. You'll find a birthing chamber. Place the egg in the central device and Draggy will pop out and join the party.


Starky is located on Sky Dragon Isle in Home World. Go to the El Nido Triangle and dive down as far as you can to find a chest containing a Star Fragment. Take it to Sky Dragon Isle and open the empty chest in the middle of the wide open area at the apex of the island. Starky will appear as Mega-Starky and attack you. Defeat him to recruit him. Starky is a mandatory character later in the game, though you can get him as soon as you have a boat in Home World.


Sneff is located on the S.S. Zelbess in Home World. You'll meet him while trying to get off of the ship. Regain control of your boat by stopping Fargo from cheating, then speak to the Sage of Marbule and complete this area. Check the casino and Sneff will be winning his way to freedom. Speak to Sneff in his changing room and he'll join the party.


Janice is located on the S.S. Zelbess in Home World. Once you unmask Fargo's cheating he'll allow you access to the Grand Slam, a monster-fighting contest. Win three matches in the Grand Slam and Janice will join the party. This article will help you get through the Grand Slam.


Irenes is located on the boat of the Magic Dreamers, which is docked with the S.S. Zelbess in Home World. Link Nikki up with the Sage of Marbule, then use the rope platform atop the Zelbess' mast to access Nikki's ship. After watching a quick conversation Irenes will offer to join the party.

Karsh, Zoah, Orcha, Grobyc, Riddel, Viper, Fargo, and Marcy

Once you complete the Dead Sea in Home World and return to Another World you'll begin a lengthy sequence that will take you back to Viper Manor to rescue Riddel, General Viper's daughter. Go to Termina and check the bar to recruit either Karsh or Zoah, then sneak into Viper Manor via the sewers. You'll fight and recruit Orcha in the dungeon, then fight and recruit Grobyc during the escape from the manor. Riddel joins the party when you speak to her in Hermit's Hideaway after the escape. Viper, Fargo, Marcy, and either Karsh or Zoah will join the party once you're on the S.S. Invincible.


Miki is located on the S.S. Zelbess in Home World. To recruit her you must restore Home World's Marbule, which is done by introducing Another World's Fargo to his lame counterpart in Home World. Once you've watched a concert defeated all the Lagoonates in Marbule, return to the S.S. Zelbess and look for Miki. She's on the balcony of the ship's restaurant. Speak to her and she'll join the party.


Orlha is located in Guldove in Another World. You'll find her beating up several Porre soldiers on the docks after you've freed Riddel from Viper Manor. She'll give you a Sapphire Brooch and tell you to come back when Serge is in the party. Show Orlha the Brooch once Serge is leading the party again and she'll join you.


Leah is located in Gaea's Navel in Home World. She'll temporarily join the party when you first visit Gaea's Navel, looking for the Green Dragon, and she'll join permanently once you defeat the Green Dragon.


Steena is located in Guldove in Home World. To recruit her you need to speak to Chief Direa in Another World, once you've defeated the six Dragon Gods. Direa will give you a Dragon Emblem. Show the Emblem to the guard in front of the chief's tower in Home World. This will gain you access to Steena, who is the chief in Home World. She'll give you the Dragon Tear and offer to accompany you.


Turnip is located at Hermit's Hideaway in Home World. Go to Hermit's Hideaway in Another World, where the hideaway has been burnt to the ground, and look for a conspicuous patch of ashen grass. You can use the Ice Breath on this patch to cool it down, causing Turnip to sprout in the same spot in Home World. Check the top of his head with Poshul in the party and she'll dig him up, allowing you to recruit him.

The Chrono Cross

As noted above, you can't normally have every character in the game in your available roster at one time. When you reach a New Game+, however, you can have the vast majority of characters available once you acquire the Chrono Cross. Go to the Divine Dragon Falls with the Tear of Hate and the Tear of Love (you'll acquire both as you progress through the game) and place them on the two pedestals inside to create the Chrono Cross.

Go to the Hydra Marshes in Home World and reenter the Temporal Vortex. Head back to Sprigg's home and use the Chrono Cross inside. This will re-add every character you've recruited in previous playthroughs. This is the only way to have characters who are mutually-exclusive in the same party.