Part Five: Fossil Valley (Another World)

Main Walkthrough

The most populous place you'll visit in Chrono Cross, Termina will come up again and again as you explore the game. Have a look around and you'll find the following points of interest before you get back to the story:

  • As you enter Termina you'll see a young man named Glenn trying to purchase Bellflowers. In the far east of Termina you can find Glenn again, with a woman named Riddel, trying to pay homage to someone at a shrine. If you grabbed the Bellflower from Fossil Valley you can either give it to them for free or sell it to them for 70 g.
  • On the entry screen of Termina you'll find an inn, a bar, and a store. The inn and the bar aren't important yet, but the store - belonging to Lisa, a friend of Leena - is of great help throughout Chrono Cross. Here you can purchase Elements, and their stock will grow as you proceed through the game. Check back here whenever you're in town to see if Lisa has anything new. (You can also see Lisa's father in the rear of the store, and despite his not having a character picture when he speaks, you can recruit this guy to your party... just not right now.)
  • If you go east from the entrance of Termina you'll hit a small crossroads. There's a fortune teller here who will evaluate your active party members if asked. She has something unique to say about everyone.
  • Next to the fortune teller is a Trading Post. This merchant - and others throughout the game - will trade you forging items for your leftover Elements. It's generally better to try and hunt down items yourself by killing enemies, but if you're short of something crucial and in a hurry the Trading Post has you covered.
  • North of the fortune teller is a Smithy. This belongs to Zappa and Zippa, a husband-wife duo. Speak to Zippa and she'll have Zappa forge new weapons, armor, and accessories for you from the items you've been picking up. Very handy. If you have Mojo in the party he'll comment on the training dummy in the back yard of the Smithy. (Brother?)
  • Just north of the Smithy is a mansion belonging to Gogh and his son, Van. Van is a recruitable character, but... not yet. Check under the stairs on the first floor of the mansion to find a Profiteer Purse.
  • Head east from the fortune teller and you'll see a quick scene between Korcha, a boat-riding kid from Guldove, and the greedy Trading Post vendor. Korcha is another potential party member, and even if you don't recruit him you'll be seeing him a few more times. Just past Korcha is the shrine where you'll find Glenn and Riddel, mentioned above.
  • To the west of the entrance of Termina you'll find a port with a docked ship. It's not much use to you now, but it will be shortly, if you decide to recruit a rock star onto your team.
  • In the north of Termina you'll find a statue of General Viper, leader of the Acacian Dragoons. To the right of the statue is a home that belongs to Skelly's grandmother. You'll need to come here later to complete Skelly's quest and recruit him to the party. To the left is another house, and hiding behind the house is someone with the Tea for Three Custom Frame. Say 'I understand' to receive the Frame.

All done, at least for now. You'll visit Termina a lot, so get used to navigating the place.

When you arrive in Termina you're greeted by Kid, assuming you turned her down earlier. Seeing Leena in your party drives Kid into a huff, but she gets herself together and approaches you again if you speak to the man by the General Viper statue. Kid needs to get into Viper Manor, the home of the Acacian Dragoons, and she asks you to accompany her. You can still turn her down, though at this point it's more advantageous to accept her offer and put her in the party. She's one of the better party members, especially at this early point in the game. You'll receive a Tele-Porter if you recruit Kid, which will allow you to change your party members at save points or on the world map.

Viper Manor is bolted up tight, however, and even with Kid joining the party you'll need some additional help. You have three options, and choosing one will lock out the other two.


Your first potential recruit is Guile, a suave magician with a bet to win. Guile is standing on the far-left side of the bar. Speak to him and he'll mention needing to get into Viper Manor, and will ask for your assistance. Guile's path into Viper Manor is the easiest, in part because he's an excellent party member.

(If you chose Guile, pay the fortune teller a visit once you've escaped Viper Manor. She'll concede their bet and give you a Brass Rod if Guile is in the party.)


Your second potential recruit is Nikki. Travel to the docks - west out of the first screen - and you'll find a fantastic-looking touring ship docked nearby. This belongs to Nikki, El Nido's resident rock star. Enter the dressing room and speak to the man in the right corner. This will bring Miki, a fellow performer, into the room to speak with you. She'll ask you to help her track down Nikki. If you agree she'll take off and open up the Dark Forest, a small dungeon to the east of Termina that's currently blocked by Acacia Dragoons. Nikki's path takes the longest, and is of middling difficulty.


Your final potential recruit is Pierre. Head east through Termina, then north past the fortune teller to find the Smithy, then check the back room. Pierre is grooming himself in here, and he plans to join the Acacia Dragoons, but he's missing something. Go outside and speak to the boy running circles to receive the Hero's Medal. Show this to Pierre and he'll join the party. Pierre's path into Viper Manor is the shortest, but given that it's a full-frontal assault - and given that Pierre himself is a bit of a wimp - it's the most difficult path you can take.

Made your choice? Then let's explore the three paths.

Part Six: Infiltrating Viper Manor - Guile, Nikki, Pierre

Main Walkthrough