Part Fifteen: Temporal Vortex

Main Walkthrough

Arni Village (Home World)

After you leave the Hydra Marshes your first instinct will probably be to go to Opassa Beach and try to use the Astral Amulet to jump between worlds. This won't work, likely because Lynx is in charge of the party now. Sprigg will suggest you go to Arni Village.

Head to Arni and speak to Serge's mother in his house. She'll be a bit shocked by what's happened, and will discuss Serge's past - and his brush with death when he was a child. As you're speaking Mayor Radius will show up. Recognizing Lynx, he'll order you to step outside. Battle time.


This battle is a bloodbath. Poor Radius. An enemy better suited to a one-on-one duel, Radius just isn't strong enough to give your team any trouble. His best move, Inferno, will typically do around 100 points of damage to everyone, and he doesn't use it that often. Radius is no cause for concern. The mayor  is Green Innate, so use... heck, use whatever you want. It barely matters. Radius will go down quickly.

You'll earn a Star Level, 8 g, and a Magnify Element for defeating Radius. In the aftermath of the fight Radius will realize that all is not what it seems, and he'll join the party. Radius suggests travelling to Termina to learn more about what's happening in the world.

Fossil Valley (Home World)

Previously blocked by soldiers from Porre, Fossil Valley is now open for exploration, though this version of it doesn't have a ton to see. Climb to the northern section of Fossil Valley, where all the fossils are located, and you'll find the Infrared Vision Custom Frame behind the giant dragon skull on the right side of the screen (where you found Skelly in Another World). The chest on the ledge overlooking the skull on the left contains Mythril, and if you climb down to the Dodo's nest from here you'll find another Mythril. That's all for Fossil Valley.

Termina (Home World)

Home World's Termina is an occupied city, controlled by the forces of Porre, a military power from outside the El Nido Archipelago (and a familiar name to anyone who has played Chrono Trigger). Have a look around the city to find the following:

  • The port of Termina is currently closed off, however the soldier guarding the entrance recognizes Lynx. He'll point you towards Viper Manor. You need to speak with him to trigger the next section of the story.
  • Lisa, the Elements vendor, will have newer and stronger Elements on sale. Check out her stock and grab more Elements, as you're about to receive a bunch of new party members who will need equipping.
  • If you make the trek to Zappa's Smithy you'll find that he's out of business. Speak to him and he'll join the party. He'll also provide the party with the Smith Spirit, a key item which will allow you to forge weapons, armor, and accessories on the world map and at save points. Very handy. (Arguably handier than Zappa himself.)
  • If you look north of the Smithy you'll discover that the mansion in Home World is just a humble cottage, and the owner, Gogh, is quite poor. Speak to his son Van to trigger a somewhat lengthy series of cut scenes, at the end of which Van will join the party.

Shadow Forest

Before we head to Viper Manor, our next destination, we'll check out Home World's version of Shadow Forest. If you went through Nikki's scenario earlier in Chrono Cross Shadow Forest will look very familiar, though there are a few small changes:

  • There's a new type of enemy here called a Cuscus. Though they seem pretty innocuous, Cuscuses will use any Element cast on them against you. If you used Ultranova, for example - assuming the Cuscus survived - they would use it back against you on their next turn. Not a big deal overall, but still something to keep in mind.
  • The first chest you come to on the second screen contains a Capsule Element.
  • Just west of the Capsule, along the upper path on the second screen, is some Mythril in a chest.
  • In the cave under the small waterfall on the third screen is a man guarding a chest. He asks for mushrooms in exchange for what's in the chest. We'll get to him momentarily, though make sure you speak to him here before you go any further.
  • To the right side of the entrance into the waterway beneath Viper Manor is a Carnivore Trap Element. And speaking of the waterway...


The underground path to Viper Manor is currently blocked by soldiers of Porre, and you can't use it to enter the grounds from here. Go back south from here, though, and you'll see a boy on the ledge on the left, beside a Wraith. Kill the Wraith and you'll free the boy's father, who will give you a Mushroom in gratitude. 

(If there's just a boulder in the way and no Wraith it means that you took Nikki's path earlier in the game. If that's the case, look in the water to the southeast of the slope. There's a lone Garridae loitering down here. Interact with it to scare it, popping the man out of the nearby hole. He will give you the Mushroom.)

Take the Mushroom back to the man beneath the waterfall. After sampling it, he'll turn into Funguy. Horrified and furious, Funguy will join the party in search of a cure for his newfound condition. (Fun fact, this is Lisa's father.) The chest he was hoarding contains a Forest Charm.

Viper Manor (Home World)

Home World's version of Viper Manor is a ruin, and there's not a ton to see here. With Lynx in the lead the soldiers of Porre will let you in the front gate. Go down the well on the grounds and you'll be back in the waterway leading to Shadow Forest, though now the soldiers will let you move around freely. Climb the hill on your left to get up to a watery passage that leads into the basement of Viper Manor.

This area looks more complicated than it currently is, likely because it's part of a dungeon that you don't need to worry about right now. Go south and get onto the platforms to find a Mythril Helm in the north, behind some covered barrels, then get back in the water and go counterclockwise through the water to reach a ladder in the northwest.

At the top you'll be in the dungeon of Viper Manor. Head through the dungeon to the far-right room and you'll find the much-talked-about Norris. After some important conversation he'll join the party. Immediately after you'll be sent to the docks in Termina, and a military boat will be waiting for you on the northwest side of the docks. This will serve as your primary source of transportation in Home World.