Part Two: Lizard Rock

Main Walkthrough

Cape Howl is located just north of Arni Village. You'll need to check out Arni Village first, however.

Arni Village (Another World)

Everything in Arni looks the same, though it's quickly obvious that something's wrong, as no one recognizes Serge. Have a quick look around and you'll find some new stuff:

  • Check the back room in the restaurant for a Tablet Element, hidden behind a curtain. Speak to the girl here again about poems. Check the jar here several times for an Ice Lance Element.
  • Check Serge's house - no longer Serge's house - for a Magma Bomb Element, hidden behind some boxes in what used to be Serge's room.
  • Check the house near where Mayor Radius used to be to find a Tablet Element behind a wall scroll.

Having looked the place over, head to the pier. Leena is here again, though she has no idea who Serge is. She does remember a boy who died, however, and she'll point you to his gravestone, up on Cape Howl. You'll need to make a trip up there to get this all sorted out.

Cape Howl (Another World)

Venture up to Cape Howl and check the two treasure chests on the ledges for an Electro-Jolt Element and a Bone. Head all the way north up Cape Howl and you'll indeed find a grave marker... and Serge's name is on it. That's not right. Before he has much time to process this, however, Serge will be approached by three men, and a mystery girl (who should look familiar) will show up to save him. 

Karsh, Solt, Peppor

Poshul will get kicked out of your party temporarily if she's in it, but that's fine. These three are pushovers, and the mystery girl will join your party to fight them. The only one here who's moderately dangerous dangerous is Karsh, as Solt and Peppor spend too much time messing about to be a true threat. Pick either Solt or Peppor to start, then take out the other one, then go for Karsh. Solt and Peppor are both Yellow Innate while Karsh is Green Inate, for Element purposes. Try to steal from them using the girl, as well.

You'll earn a Star Level, 300 g, a Bone Axe, an Ivory Vest, and an Ivory Helmet for defeating Karsh, Solt, and Peppor. They will promptly retreat from Cape Howl...

... leaving you to deal with the girl, whose name is Kid. She's looking for a traveling companion, and given that she often appears in Chrono Cross' FMVs you can guess that she is an important character. This is true. Nevertheless, you should turn Kid down (three times, she's persistent) when she offers to join the party. You'll get another chance shortly, and turning her down now...

... will, after Serge jumps back to Arni Village, result in Leena joining the party. You'll also receive Poshul, if you didn't have her already. (A different version of Poshul, technically, but in this case it doesn't really matter.)

Your next destination is to the north. First, though, we'll look into another recruitable character.


Remember that Shark's Tooth you found in Home World's Arni Village? It's time to use it. If you checked out the same hut where you received the Shark's Tooth in Another World you would have found, instead of a fisherman, an oddball praying to a straw doll in his basement. If you give the Shark's Tooth to this man he'll have a bit of a crisis of faith, and demand you leave his home. As you leave the doll, Mojo, will leap to life and offer to join the party. Okay...? Mojo is the first Black Innate character you can get, so you might as well accept. You won't get another for a while.

Head north of Arni Village. There's a canyon here separating the north from the south. This is your next destination.

(If you want you can also go east of Arni Village to find the Hydra Marshes. You'll be visiting the marshes in the near future, though if you go here now you can collect the Tablet, Bushwhacker, and Electro-Jolt Elements, as well as the Safety Gear Key Item. The Safety Gear will allow you to traverse the Hydra Marshes without taking damage. The other Elements are a nice addition, but hardly necessary, so we'll come back here in greater detail later.)

Part Four: Fossil Valley (Another World)

Main Walkthrough