Part One: Arni Village (Home World)

Main Walkthrough

Leave Arni Village via the southeast corner of the main screen and you'll be on the world map. You can save your game on the world map, and, eventually, change your party members. You can explore a few different areas at this point, if you wish, though you won't get far. Your primary target is Lizard Rock, located just south of Arni Village.

(The one place you probably should check out is Cape Howl, which is just north of Lizard Rock. It's a very short area with a few basic enemies. Dip in here to collect a Heal Element and a Bone. Both are useful early in the game.)

As the first dungeon in the game (Fort Dragonia barely counts) Lizard Rock is small and simple, and even if you didn't bring Poshul along you shouldn't have too much trouble with the local monsters. They consist of the following:

  • Beach Bums - Blue Innate. Oval-shaped, amphibious creatures, Beach Bums have decent Elements to throw at you if you give them the chance, though they're typically too slow on the uptake to do anything besides attack. Take these out first.
  • Komodo Pups - Blue Innate. Your prey, Komodo Pups are swift but weak, typically using SquirtGun (if any moves at all). No big deal.
  • SandSquirts - Blue Innate. Little lizards that accompany other, larger enemies. Not a big deal at all.

Your goal at Lizard Rock is to capture and kill three Komodo Pups. Each one requires completing a simple puzzle and chasing the Komodo Pup down.

Komodo Pup #1

The first Komodo Pup is on the first screen of Lizard Rock, and it will run through a small tunnel to evade you. Go south from the entrance to find a Fireball Element in a chest behind a Beach Bum, then chase the Komodo Pup north through the tunnel. On the south end you'll see a big rock you can roll in front of the tunnel, blocking the exit. Loop around to the north end and chase the Komodo Pup inside to corner it. Kill it for your first Komodo Scale.

Komodo Pup #2

The second Komodo Pup is down the southeastern path from the entrance of Lizard Rock, though it will hide every time you approach it. Start by heading west and checking out the rock in the southwest corner of the area. You can push it into the water to make a chest containing a Silver Loupe rise to the surface.

Head back north and you'll see a tree stump beside a ledge. Hop onto the stump and you can walk north and off the screen, to a ledge where a Beach Bum is hanging out. Jump to the ledge, kill the Beach Bum, and walk south along the ledge to the previous screen. You'll find a jumping spot that you can use to leap down onto the Komodo Pup as it walks along. Time your jump carefully, as trying to leap on the Komodo Pup just as it's under you will result in a miss. Enjoy your second Komodo Scale.

Komodo Pup #3

The third Komodo Pup is down the northwestern path from the second Komodo Pup's screen. You'll find yourself on a large, looping path, and the Komodo Pup will try to outrun you around this little circular track.

Have a look around before you go after the Komodo Pup. There's a small waterfall in the south of the area, and on the right of it are some stairs that will take you into the water. Go under the nearby bridge and you'll find a chest containing a Tablet Element on your right. Next, head north and loop to the left, over a little jump. The exit to the world map will be to the northwest, and to the southwest is what appears to be a dead end with a hole. You can hop into the hole to jump to the island in the middle of the loop. Here you'll find a chest containing a Bone. Grab it, then get back in the water and check out the cave just north of you to find a semi-hidden path to an Ivory Helmet.

Return to the main looping path. You need to catch that Komodo Pup, and despite how it looks there are no tricks to this. Running counterclockwise along the path, you need to chase the Pup down. This seems fruitless at first, but you're just a little bit faster than the lizard, so you'll catch up to it eventually as long as you keep pace. That's three Komodo Scales.

Regardless of which Komodo Pup you kill last, you'll find yourself facing down against a Mama Komodo to finish off your little scavenger hunt.

Mama Komodo

A hefty version of the tiny Komodos you've been fighting, the Blue Innate Mama Komodo is pretty humdrum for a first boss. She primarily attacks, and though she hits harder than anything else at Lizard Rock you won't exactly be facing stiff resistance, especially if you have Poshul in your party. Equip a few Cure Elements on Serge and heal as necessary. The Fireball Element you collected earlier will do some decent damage in this fight.

You'll earn 216 g and a Fang (common drop) or a Tablet (rare drop) for defeating the Mama Komodo, as well as some common drops for defeating the Komodo Pups at the beginning of the battle.

Opassa Beach

If you head west out of Lizard Rock, from the screen where you needed to chase the Komodo Pup in circles, you'll find Opassa Beach. If you have the three Komodo Scales Leena will be waiting for you, and she'll ask you a few questions. Choose 'I remember' and 'We will never forget this day' to receive something much later in the game. Seems like a nice day indeed...

... at least until something goes horribly wrong. Serge (and potentially Poshul) will get sucked into... something... and when they reappear on Opassa Beach Leena will be gone. Weird.

Lizard Rock (Another World)

You'll need to travel through Lizard Rock a second time, and when you do you'll discover a new monster alongside the old ones:

  • Opah Fish - Red Innate. Though they don't have much health, Opah Fish can wreck your fledgling team with their many Red Innate attacks. Kill these first with Blue Innate Elements before they can charge up their stronger Elements.
As you explore Lizard Rock you'll notice that there are new items around, in place of the old ones. That's handy. Check the place over again in the same spots as before to find a Bone, a Feather, and an Ivory Helmet

Once you're done exploring, exit Lizard Rock via the northeastern path. This will take you back to the world map. Trek to Arni Village.