Part Twenty-Four: The Sea of Eden and Chronopolis

Main Walkthrough

In the aftermath of what happened at Chronopolis, Kid has been taken to the Hermit's Hideaway in Another World. She's in a coma - again - and needs to be awakened. Nothing you do seems capable of bringing her out of her nightmares, however.

The Chrono Cross

To rectify Kid's nightmare you'll need one of the most important artifacts in the game. Travel to the main island of the El Nido Archipelago and check the mountains east of Arni Village. There's a small, hidden spot near a waterfall called the Divine Dragon Falls. You can visit this place at any time in the game, though only now is it important.

Put Steena in your party and enter the Divine Dragon Falls. Inside a cave here - it will look familiar from a flashback involving the Masamune - you'll find two pedestals. Steena will recognize this place, and tell you to put the two shards of the Dragon Tear, the Tear of Hate and the Tear of Love, on the pedestals. When you do this they will merge together and become the forgotten seventh Element, the Chrono Cross. This item is vital to achieving the 'good' ending of the game...

Kid's Nightmare - The Orphanage

... and it can also be used to bring back Kid. Head to Hermit's Hideaway and you'll find Kid in bed, unresponsive. Inspect her with the Chrono Cross in your possession and you'll be sucked into her dreams, which are fiery and awful (and familiar). Serge will need to fight past several Lava-boys by himself, but he's so much stronger than them at this point that you shouldn't ever be in danger.

Behind the first Lava-boy is a door. Ignore it for a moment and look to the machine on the right. Choosing L, triangle, R, triangle (or L1, triangle, R1, triangle in the original version of the game) on the prompt that pops up to receive Kid's Level Seven Tech, Hot Shot. Before you leave this room, check the grandfather clock in the top-right corner of the room. A child is hiding behind it, and he'll ask you to look for his friends. Agree and he'll give you a Rainbow Shell.

In the next small hallway is another Lava-boy, facing towards a corner. Dispatch the beast, then check the fallen chair and pot to find another child. She'll give you a Nostrum Element. Look in the kitchen to the north of this hallway for a Stardust Cape - you'll need to fight to get back out again - then return to the hallway. 

Look up the stairs on your left. You'll find a small, messy lab. Check the north end of this room for an Ice Gun, attached to the wall. Go out the door south of here to find a small balcony with a Diva Dress in a chest. Return to the stairs and go up the right stairs this time to find a small bedroom with another Lava-boy bouncing around inside it. Kill the Lava-boy, then check the bed to find another child who will give you a Rainbow Shell. Out on the balcony from this bedroom is a boy being menaced by another Lava-boy. Kill it and the boy will give you a Nostrum Element.

The girl under the bed will point out a floor panel in the top-right corner of the bedroom. Inspect it to find a secret passage leading to more rooms. Check the drawings on the walls - pretty sad, really - then use the Ice Gun on the flames in the larger playroom. This will grant you access to the final room of the orphanage, within which you'll find, and rescue, a much-younger version of Kid.

After a harrowing cut scene you'll wind up back in Hermit's Hideaway, and Kid will be awake. She'll rejoin the party, this time for good. Yay! Radius will mention Luccia in Viper Manor, so head over to her lab and pay her a visit with Kid in your party. Her lab is the second door to the right from the cage in the basement of Viper Manor. Speak to Luccia and you'll receive a Rainbow Shell, as well as another tearjerker of a cut scene.