Crono and the party on the world map near Manolia Cathedral in 600 AD
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Part Three: 600 AD

Manolia Cathedral, 600 AD

- After healing your party and outfitting them with the best equipment money can buy, head into the Cathedral and speak to the nun in the north, by the organ. This will make a sparkle appear in front of the altar. Investigate it...

- ... and you'll be attacked by four Nagas! This is a surprisingly tough battle if Lucca hasn't learned Flamethrower, as the Nagas are highly resistant to normal attacks but can't stand fire. Wait for them to bunch up and use Techs on them either way.

- Once the battle's done, you'll get a new teammate: Frog! Frog's a good partner for Crono, as their Cyclone and Slurp Slash Techs combined create X-Strike, a potent single-strike move that will make the boss of the Cathedral much easier.

- Your party assembled, investigate the organ. After it's done playing a door will appear. Go through to enter the bulk of this introductory dungeon.

- New area, new enemies. Check the hallway stretching to your left upon entering to find three patrolling Diablos. Between them are chests containing an Athenian Water and a Potion.

- Head north to the main hallway. There are two Diablos patrolling in the south of the hall, and north of them two Vipers that will be joined by an additional pair of Diablos. Further north, by the far door, you'll fight two more Vipers.

The king and queen of Guardia in one of the rooms of Manolia Cathedral in 600 AD

- Don't leave the central hall yet. Start by checking up the left staircase. You'll find three chests in the lower room containing a Maiden's Suit, a Potion, and an Ether. Checking the small looking glass beside the bookcase will also net you a Naga Bromide, though grabbing it will bring a squad of three Underlings in to attack. Like the Nagas they're resistant to physical attacks but dislike fire.

- Continue north on the west side. There's a chest in the far north containing a Steel Saber. Next to it is a door blocked by spikes. Hit the skull switch beside the spikes to lower them, then check inside to find some captive soldiers and a sparkle in a pot. The pot contains a Strength Capsule.

- Return to the main hall and check the east side. There are two Vipers blocking the stairs. Dispatch them, then enter the first door you find. Inside are several monsters who won't attack. Talk to all of them and one will leave the room.

- Follow the Diablo to the next room up. He'll vanish inside... and you'll find some captured humans instead. Check the chests in here for 100 gil and an Ether, then go through the divot in the right wall. It will take you to a hidden chamber.

- You'll find several monsters singing to a statue beyond. Open the chests flanking the statue to find a Speed Belt and a Guardian Bangle, then attempt to leave. Three Diablos and two Nagas will attack you. Seems like a lot, but the Diablos are nicely grouped for a quick AOE attack. A further three Vipers will attack when you try to return to the main hall.

- Go through the far northern door in the main hall. On the other side, beside the stairs, you'll find a save point. This may be a good point to use a Shelter for restoring your health and MP if you've been fighting a lot.

- Run up the stairs and go right. You'll slide down the next set of stairs and won't be able to ascend again. To your right is a Mad Bat, and it'll be joined by an Underling if provoked.

- Go north. There's a small antechamber here with a Mad Bat and two Diablos. Hit the skull switch on the wall to make something lower.

Crono and the party are stopped by a spike trap in 600 AD's Manolia Cathedral

- Continue north. There are two Mad Bats and a rolling Underling in the upper corridor. Engage them and a second Underling will appear. West of here you'll find two chests, one containing a Panacea and the other a Potion. Wander too close to the northern wall up here and you'll antagonize a Mad Bat, summoning three more Underlings in the process.

- There's another antechamber in the west, this with two Mad Bats. Hit the wall switch and you'll add two more Mad Bats. Useful. 

- To the south is a path back to the entrance. If you speak to the Underling sleeping here he'll attack. Climb the stairs either way to find a chest containing a Shelter.

- Enter the central room. The switch you hit earlier will have lowered the spikes in the floor. Three Underlings and two Diablos will engage you upon entry. Once they're gone, check the chest to the right for an Iron Sword and use the organ on the left to open a door in the far north. Circle around the same route you used earlier to find it.

- Beyond is a thin walkway patrolled by two Underlings and two Nagas. Two more Underlings wander near the door in the north. If you move quickly you can slip by them all and get to the save point without a single fight.

- And past the save point, behind the door... (Might want to use a Shelter...)

The team takes on Yakra, the boss of Manolia Cathedral in 600 AD


Baby's first boss battle! Yakra's a tough customer, but you can take him. This lumpy beast uses an array of physical attacks to beat on your characters, the most painful of which is the single-hitting Needle Spin for over 50 HP of damage. Not too bad if you can pace yourself, but Yakra has another trick, as well: he'll perform an all-hitting strike whenever you attack him. (Usually, anyway. Sometimes he decides not to bother.) It's not a good idea to just whale on him with normal attacks over and over.

The solution? X-Strike. It does a lot of damage, and will limit the number of times you hit Yakra per turn. While Crono and Frog whittle away on Yakra's HP, have Lucca heal anyone who needs it with Potions. Frog can jump to healing with Slurp if need be, as well, but you should conserve as much of his MP for X-Strike as you can manage. A handful of X-Strikes will put Yakra down.

- Once the battle is done, check the two chests in Yakra's room for a Mid-Ether... and... a surprise. Things will happen, and once they're done you'll be back in Guardia Castle. Check the east wing's top floor to get Marle back in your party. Yay!

- Sadly, Frog now leaves your party. Boo. Hopefully you didn't have anything cool equipped on him, 'cause he took whatever it was with him. (Don't worry. He'll be back.)

- In the aftermath of all this nonsense, return to Truce Canyon. Aside from some minor changes to the enemies, the only new addition is a blue circle that Lucca turns into a portal with her new Gate Key. Back to 1000 AD!

- You'll return to the Millenial Fair. After Lucca leaves the party, take Marle back to Guardia Castle. Events transpire, and things go wrong, and... yeah. Smooth move, guys.

Part Five: Dungeon Towers, 1000 AD