Crono stands trial for the abduction of Princess Nadia in 1000 AD
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Part Four: Manolia Cathedral, 600 AD

Prison Towers, 1000 AD

- After a lengthy sequence of shenanigans, Crono will wind up on trial. At this point your previous actions may (or may not) come back to harm you. Crono's responses during the trial, coupled with his actions at the Millenial Fair, will determine whether or not the jurors find you guilty. Refer to this article for actions that will mess with your score at the Fair. As for the trial itself, simply act innocent, say that Marle initiated contact, and say that Marle's fortune did not tempt you.

- (And no, it doesn't really matter what happens in the trial. It's still fun to watch.)

- Once the trial is over Crono will get carted to a jail cell, deep in Guardia Castle's dungeons. You now have two options: you can either break out of your cell or simply wait for the guards to come to you. In the former case you'll have a complete dungeon to run through. In the latter you'll cut it roughly in half, and Lucca will be around to help. We'll proceed as though you broke out of the dungeon.

- Look around your cell to start. There's a cup in here which will restore your health to full, and a care package will yield up a bounty of items from wellwishers. The items you receive varies on the severity of your verdict at the trial. The more jurors believed you were innocent, the more items you'll receive.

- Smack on the bars of the cell several times. Eventually one of the guards will enter and knock you down. You can then slip behind him and take him out with your sword. (Why did they leave Crono with a sword, exactly?) You can then take out the Royal Guard outside the cell. Freedom!

- Climb the stairs to your right. In the next room you'll find a pair of Sentries. Attempt to attack them while they're hiding behind their shields and you'll do virtually no damage. Wait until they pop out before you attack. (You can also slip between the two Sentries and avoid a battle entirely, though it's a close shave.)

- You now have four potential routes to take. Start by going up and to the left. In one of the cells up here (open it via the switch on the wall) you'll find a Revenant that will come to life and attack. The next cell over is inaccessible.

- Back to the four-way stop. The bottom-right path leads to a cell containing four chests. They hold two Ethers and two Mid-Potions. Watching over the cell is a Royal Guard, and if you approach from the side you can knock him out without a fight. The same goes for every other Royal Guard in the Prison Towers: stay out of their line of sight and a quick knockout is assured. On your way back out you'll fight a Gaoler, whose tendency to miss makes it a relatively easy fight.

- Back to the four-way stop. Take the top-right path. A pair of Royal Guards will pin you from both sides. Easy fight regardless.

Crono is freed from Prison Towers' torture and execution room in 1000 AD

- Back into a tower on the other side. Take out the Royal Guard ahead and continue down the hall to the east. Pop into the cell you find (another Royal Guard waits beside it) and you'll find someone stuck beneath a guillotine. Opt to free him and he'll provide you with a nice selection of items if you visit the store in Truce. This is the only chance you have to save him, so do it now.

- Check the chest across from the boy for a Mid-Potion, then open the rear cell. Inside is a chest containing Bronze Armor. Opening it will bring two Lancers to life. You'll have to kill them (again) to leave.

- Return to the corridor and take the northern path, heading left. There's another Royal Guard ahead, and past him - and another bridge - a four-way split, guarded by two Sentries. Take the lower-left passage to start. Down here you'll find two cells. The right cell contains a Shelter. The left... ehhhhh...

- Back to the split. The top-left passage leads to two more cells. The first cell is empty, but the second has a hole in the wall. Crawl through and scale down the outer wall to find another breached cell. Immediately beside the hole in this wall is a chest containing a Shelter. Crawl down the hole to your left and you'll find a cell beside the one where you started, this containing a Silver Sword and 1,500 gil. Nice haul.

- Make the trop back to the previous split and go up the upper-right staircase. It leads past two Royal Guards and into the room where Crono was processed earlier. If Lucca didn't rescue you earlier, she'll join you here. Check the unconscious man in the room for five Mid-Potions, save, and head up the stairs in the north. Battle time!

Crono and Lucca battle the Dragon Tank on a bridge between Prison Towers and Guardia Castle

Dragon Tank

This hefty boss consists of three segments, all of which get their own turns and all of which need to be destroyed to finish the battle.

- First up is the Dragon Head. This is your initial target, as the Head will periodically heal all three parts of the body. The Head can also hit one character with a flame attack.

- Second, the Dragon Tank itself. It will occasionally launch a volley of missiles at your characters.

- And, third, the Wheel. The Wheel will allow the Dragon Tank to charge forward and hit Crono and Lucca simultaneously. This is the Tank's most dangerous attack if you aren't healing constantly.

Neither Lucca nor Crono are born healers, so designate one of them (likely Lucca, as she just can't hit as hard as Crono) to use Mid-Potions while the other wails on the Dragon Tank's Head, then the Wheel, then the body. Eventually it will be left with just its missile attack, which isn't terribly threatening, and a weak laser attack that will go off when you attack the Dragon Tank. So long as you go after the Head first, this won't be that difficult a fight.

- Rush downstairs. Check the chest in the first room along the way for a Shelter. You'll be forced to flee guards on the ground floor, and when you reach the door Marle will rejoin the party. Soon you'll be out in Guardia Forest, still running...

- ... aaaaaand you'll find a Gate leading to, well, who knows? Better than this dump. Hop in and zip off to new territory.

Part Six: 2300 AD