Welcome to... somewhere. After the escape from the soldiers of Guardia the team finds themselves in a futuristic-looking space, and there are only two doors: One, open, to the south, and one, mysterious and locked, to the north. You have little choice but to leave through the south. (You can try to return to 1000 AD, but the soldiers will just chase you back into the Gate.)

Leave the building - which is known as Bangor Dome - and you'll appear on a blasted landscape. There are two locations available to you, again to the north and the south. You can skip the place to the south, but you're advised to check it out. We'll go there first.

Crono speaks to a merchant of Trann Dome in Chrono Trigger.

Trann Dome - Vendor
  • Pocket Blaster (1,200 G)
  • Iron Suit (800 G)
  • Iron Helm (500 G)
  • Potion (10 G)
  • Mid-Potion (100 G)
  • Panacea (10 G)
  • Athenian Water (200 G)
  • Shelter (150 G)

  • Home to some ragged-looking humans, Trann Dome is a tiny location. The first guy you meet will sell you some basic supplies, as well as a Pocket Blaster for Lucca and Iron Helms / Suits for everyone. Stock up as much as you can.

    Further inside Trann Dome you'll find a bunch of hopeless people, as well as another mysterious locked door. The only other thing of real value in here is the Enertron to the far left. These devices will instantly restore your HP and MP to full for free. (Though you're still hungry.)

    That's all for Trann Dome. Better head back outside.

    A map of Site 16, a short dungeon in Chrono Trigger.

    Site 16 - Enemies
  • Crater - 80 HP
  • Floral Horror - 75 HP - Weak to Fire - Drops Ether
  • Mutant - 300 HP - Weak to Shadow
  • Ruin Stalker - 130 HP - Weak to Lightning
  • Shadow - 1 HP

  • What a lovely heap of unk. The first thing to note about Site 16 are the Rats that you'll see darting about. They won't hurt you, but if one touches you it'll take off with a Potion. Annoying at most. Avoid them if you can. If not, well, Potions are quickly losing their usefulness anyway, so not a big deal.

    Up and to the right of the entrance you'll see a plant-like creature. Approach it to start a fight with a Floral Horror and two Ruin Stalkers. They're nothing terribly difficult, though the Floral Horror is annoying thanks to its regenerative move. Always take them down first. A short ways to the east of here you'll find a Berserker Ring in a chest, just below a wrecked car. This accessory puts its wearer into Berserk mode, giving them extra attack power but making them uncontrollable. Useful for random enemies, not so much against bosses.

    Head back to the west, then proceed north. You'll find a cluster of Craters accompanying a Floral Horror. The Craters can be painful, but they're grouped in such a way that a single quick Cyclone will take them all out before they can attack. Make this quick, as they will soon begin to wander around, making AOE attacks less effective.

    The party fighting monsters at Site 16 in Chrono Trigger.

    Further east along this upper path you'll be ambushed by two more Ruin Stalkers and another Floral Horror. Kill them off, then check the chest they were guarding for a Silver Sword for Crono. If you missed out on the one in the Prison Towers, you'll want to stick this on Crono ASAP.

    Follow the path through the trash to the north, then off to the west. Along a small side path to your left, above a Floral Horror, you'll find a chest containing a Silver Bow for Marle. Approach the Floral Horrors and you'll have to take on two Ruin Stalkers as well. North of this group are a bunch of Craters that you can, again, wipe out quickly with Cyclone.

    The party fighting more monsters at Site 16 in Chrono Trigger.

    Another screen. Immediately head, stationed atop and around a wrecked car, are three Shadows. These irritating little beasts can only be hurt by magical attacks, which, in this case, means only Lucca's Flamethrower or Crono's Wind Slash attack will do them any damage. If you're low on MP you'll want to avoid these critters altogether by sticking to the southern heap of rubble.

    The path splits to the south: 
    • Take the upper path and you'll face a Mutant. High in HP, Mutants can steal your health for themselves. Annoying, but not as bad as they look, really.
    • Take the lower path and you'll find an Ether on your left. You'll also run into three terribly-spaced Shadows if you try to walk along the path to the right, and three more past the first (though this lot isn't so oddly placed). Better to just take on the Mutant, given the choice.
    Head north, regardless of the path you took. Another Mutant lingers near the exit. Beat it down and you'll be free to leave Site 16 for the world map.

    At this point you'll have another choice of destinations: Arris Dome, Site 32, and the Abandoned Sewers. Arris Dome will continue the plot, Site 32 is largely non-navigable at this point, and the Abandoned Sewers are (currently, not forever) optional. We'll head to the Abandoned Sewers before trekking into Arris Dome, though if you'd rather skip that section for now, feel free to jump straight to Arris Dome.

    Part Seven: Abandoned Sewers, 2300 AD