A map of the Abandoned Sewers, a dungeon in Chrono Trigger.

Abandoned Sewers - Enemies
  • Dondrago - 138 HP - Weak to Lightning, Shadow
  • Egg Ooze - 160 HP - Weak to Shadow

  • The adventure continues. To forward the plot in this bleak landscape you need to check Arris Dome, the large dome to the east of Site 16. There are two other locations you can check first, however, and one of them is the Abandoned Sewers. They're a bit further east of Arris Dome, and though the sewers are optional you'll pick up a few good items by going through. Clearing the Abandoned Sewers now will also save you time in the future, when they're no longer optional.

    Heal up via Arris Dome's Enertron, if need be, then head into the sewers. A strange, cyclopean creature, floating by the entrance, will mention a 'Sir Krawlie' before flitting off. Once it does you're free to explore. Start by checking to the east, where you'll encounter two Egg Oozes and a Dondrago. All three are standard fighters, and not much of a challenge. Crono's Wind Slash and Lucca's Flamethrower will serve you well. Check the box next to this little battleground for 600 gil.

    Return to the entrance ladder, then carry on west. After a fight with two Dondragos and a weird little cut scene between two frogs you'll find a ladder, to the south. Go down to enter a new area.

    Crono, Marle, and Lucca find a cat in the Abandoned Sewers in Chrono Trigger.

    This twisting passage is brief, odd, and a bit creepy. If you check to the west of the ladder you'll find a piece of paper with a short passage about the 'fishmen' (the Dondragos) down here, saying they attack if anyone makes the slightest bit of noise. If you do anything besides run on the path ahead, you'll get into a fight with Dondragos. Ignore the cat, run past the can and bucket, leave the cheese, and don't touch the Save Point. All will trigger battles. (Unless, you know, you want some extra experience and pocket money.)

    Once you reach the end of this weaving path you'll find a ladder, not far from the Save Point. Climb it to return to the main area of the Abandoned Sewers.

    A switch in the Abandoned Sewers in Chrono Trigger.

    Two Egg Oozes wait at the top of the ladder, once you return to the upper level. Kill them off, then head north, skimming and bumping along the wall to your right. You'll find a hidden passage leading to a switch. Press it to open a locked door on your right, across a small, watery gap. Return the way you came and keep following the wall north, until you find a hidden passage leading east. This will take you through the door, and the frogs will interrupt the game again for a short cut scene.

    Follow the path north of the door to find a chest containing a Rage Band. When equipped this accessory will trigger counterattacks to enemy attacks half the time, making it a useful piece of equipment for Crono. If you continue a bit further east of this chest you'll run into a nasty surprise, and the Rage Band comes in handy if you put it on.

    Krawlie, the miniboss of the Abandoned Sewers in Chrono Trigger.


    HP: 500
    Weakness: Shadow
    Drops: Mid-Ether

    Though he doesn't have the music to match, Krawlie is basically the boss of the Abandoned Sewers, and he can be tough for parties that were worn down along the way. He has two attacks: 
    • A normal, hard melee strike
    • A combo slam that reduces Krawlie's target to 1 HP
    Ouch. So long as you have Marle use Aura on anyone hit by the slamming attack the fight isn't too bad, but you should still unload your strongest attacks on Krawlie to ensure he goes down as quickly as possible. Pretty simple.

    South of Krawlie you'll run into a fight with two more Dondragos and two more Egg Oozes. Finish them off, then head southwest, past the sewer's final ladder, and look for a chest containing a Thunder Blade. This sword goes on Crono, and will be very useful in the next two areas. Next to it is a switch that will extend two bridges, creating a quick, northbound path back to Arris Dome. 

    Hit the switch, then backtrack east and go up the ladder that you ignored earlier.

    Death Peak and the Keeper's Dome in Chrono Trigger.

    This will put you back on the world map. To the south of the Abandoned Sewers you'll find two locations, neither of which is useful right now:
    • First up is Death Peak. This icy mountain is protected by strong winds, and there's no way for you to climb past the first screen. Death Peak plays a vital role in the story of Chrono Trigger, but... not yet.
    • Second, to the south, is the Keeper's Dome. This dome is home to a rambling old man and his odd, squat, blue assistant. They, too, will play an important part in the story, but you won't be seeing them again for a while.
    In short, you're not meant to be here yet. Still, that Thunder Blade you picked up will come in very handy for the battles to come. Make your way back to the Abandoned Sewers, and begin your investigation of Arris Dome.