Crono and the party travel from Arris Dome to the Abandoned Sewers in 2300 AD
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Part Six: 2300 AD

Abandoned Sewers, 2300 AD

- To continue the plot in this bleak landscape you need to check Arris Dome, the large Dome in the middle of this area. That said, you can go through the Abandoned Sewers to the right of the Dome right now. They'll hit a dead end, mind, but the items and enemies inside are worth the risk before braving Arris Dome. Clearing it now will also save you some time in the future, when you're obligated to go through. Why not?

- Heal up in Arris Dome, then descend. Some weird like cyclopean thing will mention a Sir Krawlie before flitting off. Once it does you're free to explore. Start by checking to the right, where you'll encounter two Egg Oozes and a Dondrago. All three are fairly meh fighters, and not that worthy of note. Check the box beside them for 600 gil.

- Head back to the left. After a fight with two Dondragos and a weird little cut scene between two frogs you'll find a ladder. Go down.

- This passage is odd. If you check to the left you'll find a piece of paper with a short passage about the 'fishmen' (the Dondragos) down here, saying they attack if anyone makes the slightest bit of noise. This is your clue: if you make any noise on the path ahead, you'll get into a fight with Dondragos. Ignore the cat, run past the can and bucket, forgo the cheese, and forget the save point. All will trigger battles.

- Two Egg Oozes wait at the top of the ladder at the end. Kill them off, then check up and skim the wall on your right. You'll find a hidden passage leading to a switch. Pressing it will open a door on your right. Return the way you came and keep skimming the wall until you find a second passage on the right, leading to the door.

- Follow the path north to find a chest containing a Rage Band. To the right of the Rage Band...

Crono and the party take on monsters in the Abandoned Sewers of 2300 AD


Though he doesn't have the music to match, Krawlie is basically the boss of the Abandoned Sewers, and he can be tough for parties that got worn down along the way. He has two attacks: a normal attack that can do a surprising amount of damage, and a special attack that will immediately reduce its target to one HP. Ouch. So long as you have Marle use Aura on anyone hit by this attack the fight isn't too bad, but you should still unload your strongest attacks on Krawlie to ensure he goes down as quickly as possible.

- South of Krawlie you'll run into a fight with two more Dondragos and two more Egg Oozes. Finish them off, then loop south, past the ladder down here, and look for a chest containing a Thunder Blade on your left. This Blade will be very useful in the next two areas. Next to it is a switch that will create an easy path back to Arris Dome. Hit it, then go up the ladder.

Keeper's Dome

- Back outside. To your right is Death Peak, a desolate, wind-swept rock that you can't possibly climb. This place will be veeeery important in the future. For now, though, it's useless. Go for the Dome in the south instead.

- The small Keeper's Dome actually isn't much better than Death Peak right now. Its two inhabitants offer a lot of cryptic comments that make no sense. You can speculate, but there's little point. Head back to Arris Dome instead.

Part Eight: Arris Dome, 2300 AD