The party prepares to enter Ozzie's Fort, a small dungeon in Chrono Trigger.

Following the defeat of Magus and the downfall of the Fiends, the remnants of Magus's army linger on under the command of Ozzie, second-in-command of the Fiends. This is a small dungeon that takes little time to complete, and offers some great rewards, so you might as well finish the Fiends off once and for all.

Head to 600 AD and land the Epoch on the island where you would, in 1000 AD, find Medina. Here you’ll instead discover a small Ozzie’s Fort, which looks similar to the Fiendlord’s Keep where Magus used to live. You'll get more out of Ozzie's Dungeon if you bring Magus along, but he's not mandatory for this quest.

Go inside and Ozzie will berate the party a bit before retreating deeper into the keep. Follow him to get into a sort of miniboss battle.

The party battles Diva Flea, a minor boss in Ozzie's Fort, a 'dungeon' in Chrono Trigger.

Diva Flea

HP: 2,500

Not a difficult battle. Diva Flea uses some minor attacks to batter your party, and is quickly defeated.

Flea leaves the room to the north after the battle. Follow him for more hijinks. (Note that you can interact with the chains in this room and make them move, for some reason. A glitch?) Another battle awaits to the north.

The party battles Super Slash, a miniboss in Ozzie's Fort, a 'dungeon' in Chrono Trigger.

Super Slash

HP: 2,500

Slash is the same deal as Flea: Single-target attacks that aren’t terribly strong. Wipe him out with a strong Tech or two.

Follow Slash after the fight to again run into Ozzie. Ignore his obvious trap baiting and try to leave through the door on the right. This will foil Ozzie's trap, and once he leaves you can open the chest on the left side of the room, which contains a Hi-Ether. Before leaving through the northerneaster door, check the wall south of the doorway to find a secret passage. Inside are chests that contain a Doom Scythe, a Gloom Helm, and a Gloom Cape, all for Magus. There’s also a Magic Capsule on the ground in here.

Don't go through the northeastern door just yet. Leave Ozzie's Fort altogether, heal with a Shelter, and save. This place has been a joke so far, but it’s about to get a whole lot tougher. Putting Ayla in your party is recommended.

The final remnants of Magus' grand army - Ozzie, Slash, and Flea - take on the party

Ozzie the Great, Super Slash, and Diva Flea

  • 6,000 (Ozzie the Great)
  • 4,000 (Super Slash)
  • 4,000 (Diva Flea)
  • Ozzie Pants (Ozzie the Great)
  • Slasher II (Super Slash)
  • Flea Bustier (Diva Flea)
Yikes. The difficulty level just jumped substantially. The three Fiends are reflections of your own team, fighting individually and via combo moves. Ozzie, Slash, and Flea use the following attacks:
  • A series of single-target slashes (Super Slash)
  • Wind Slash, which can hit one or more of your party members (Super Slash)
  • A flaming kiss attack on one target (Diva Flea)
  • Rainbow Beam, an attack that can Blind one or more of your party members (Diva Flea)
  • Rainbow Storm, an attack that can Poison one or more of your party members (Diva Flea)
  • Evil Impulse, a Fire combo counter against one target
  • Heartfire Sword, a Fire combo counter against one target
  • Delta Force, a Shadow combo counter against the whole party
The key to winning this fight is to avoid any attacks that hit multiple enemies and focus strictly on wiping out one of the Fiends at a time. Most of their combos are counters to your attacks, and if you hit all three enemies simultaneously you'll trigger three counterattacks. Ouch. This is more manageable if you only attack one of the Fiends, and once you remove one of the fighters the other two won’t be able to use group attacks anymore. If you take out Slash first Flea will probably try to run, and Ozzie has no solo attacks, so you can mop him up at your leisure.

It's recommended you bring along Ayla for this battle, as she can use her Charm Tech to steal from all three Fiends. Ozzie has the Ozzie Pants, Slash has the Slasher II for Crono, and Flea has the Flea Bustier. These items are not only quite useful, they're utterly unique. You'll never get another chance to collect them during a playthrough. If you have trouble stealing them you can also put Marle in the party, as the two have the Twin Charm Dual Tech.

Ozzie berates Magus, his former leader, for abandoning the Fiends, a race of monsters in Chrono Trigger.

Left alone, Ozzie flees to the north after the battle. Check the two chests in this room for a Speed Ring and a Clarity Cap, then head upstairs. You have to battle Ozzie again, but… uh… well. He's back to using cheap tricks. Hit the switch on the wall behind Ozzie to trigger a floor trap, then trek back upstairs to fight him again. That's the end of Ozzie, and his fort.

Check 1000 AD. With the defeat of Ozzie you’ll find people are much, much friendlier in Medina, and the merchants stop inflating their prices. Not that there’s much to do in Medina at this point, but, hey. Change is good.