The party prepares to enter Ozzie's Fort in 600 AD, the final refuge of the Fiends
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Ozzie’s Fort, 600 AD

- Head to 600 AD and land the Epoch on the island where you would, in 1000 AD, find Medina. Here you’ll find a small location, Ozzie’s Fort, which looks similar to the Fiendlord’s Keep that has since vanished.

- Head inside. (You get more out of this if Magus is with you, though he’s not obligatory to triggering this side quest.) A cut scene follows, and in the next room…

Diva Flea

Not a terribly difficult battle. Diva Flea uses some fairly standard, single-hitting attacks and doesn’t have a whole lot of HP to keep himself alive. Smack him around until he succumbs and flees.

- Follow Ozzie. Hijinks ensue. Then…

Super Slash

Slash is the same deal as Flea: single-hitting hits that aren’t terribly strong. Wipe him out with a strong Tech or two.

- Follow Ozzie again. Ignore his obvious trap baiting and try to leave. This will open up the treasure chest, which contains a Hi-Ether. Before leaving through the northern door, check the southern wall south of the doorway to find a secret passage. Inside are chests that contain a Doom Scythe, a Gloom Helm, and a Gloom Cape, all for Magus. There’s also a Magic Capsule on the ground in here.

- Leave and save. This place has been a joke so far, but it’s about to get a whole lot tougher.

The final remnants of Magus' grand army - Ozzie, Slash, and Flea - take on the party

Ozzie the Great, Super Slash, Diva Flea

Yikes. The difficulty level has jumped substantially. The three Fiends are basically reflections of your own team, fighting individually and via combo moves to bring you down. The key to winning this fight is to avoid all-hitting or zone attacks and focus strictly on wiping out one of the competitors at a time, preferably starting with Flea. Once you remove one of the fighters the other two won’t be able to use group attacks anymore, making the fight much easier. (Flea’s also likely to try and run away once you do enough damage.) Slash goes second, and since he doesn’t attack on his own, Ozzie is third.

- Once the trio is ousted, check the two chests in this room for a Speed Ring and a Clarity Cap, then head upstairs. You have to battle Ozzie again, but… uh… well. You know what to do by now.

- After the defeat of the Fiends, you’ll find people are much, much friendlier in Medina. Not that there’s much to do there at this point, mind, but hey.