The party discovers the Sun Shrine, the only place on the planet where the sun always shines
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Sun Temple, 2300 AD

- While wandering around in 12,000 BC, you may have noticed a small, unreachable floating island. This is the Sun Temple, and for thousands of years it is hidden from sight…

- … until, in 2300 AD, it reappears to the south of the Keeper’s Dome on a small island. Stock up on equipment that will resist or absorb fire (or, alternatively, put fire-resistant members Lucca and Ayla on your team) and head in. A boss fight waits.

The party takes on Son of the Sun, a fire-elemental creature that guards the Moon Stone in 2300 AD

Son of the Sun

Son of the Sun is a tricky creature that utterly resists normal attacks. A being of fire, Son of the Sun is surrounded by five fires (called ‘Prominence’) that serve as its weak points. Hit Son of the Sun directly and you’ll do basically nothing besides incur a painful counterattack. Hit four out of the five fires and you’ll get the same reaction. Hit the right Prominence, though, and Son of the Sun will take damage. Son of the Sun will occasionally shuffle the fires, so finding the right one won’t guarantee you a victory.

Your path is pretty much set, in this case: beat on the Prominences until you find the one that deals damage to Son of the Sun, then focus as many attacks as you can on that fire before Son of the Sun shuffles them around. Repeat the process until Son of the Sun goes down. Given the sheer number of possible counterattacks this incurs the fight can be very painful, but wearing Red Vests, Red Mails, or even Ruby Vests will greatly reduce the risk, as Son of the Sun only has one attack that’s not Fire-elemental. An annoying fight, but not that difficult if you’re a little lucky and a lot patient.

- Son of the Sun will retreat after the battle. Follow it to collect the Moon Stone. It’s obviously lacking in power, and needs to be restored. This will require some intense time travelling.

Crono and company change time in Porre and make the crusty elder into a generous, happy man - one who's more than willing to hand over the almost-powered Moon Stone

Recharging the Sun Stone

- Head to 65,000,000 BC and fly to the top right corner of the world map. Here you’ll find the Sun Shrine, a place where the sun always shines. You can leave the Moon Stone here.

- Jump ahead to 1000 AD and check the Sun Shrine. The Moon Stone is gone. Ouch. You’ll have to go looking for it.

- Fly northwest to Porre. You’ll find a decidedly conspicuous shine emanating from the Elder’s House. Speak to him, though, and he’ll deny finding the Moon Stone. He’s obviously lying - but nothing you can do in this era will change his mind.

- Also in Porre is the Snail Stop. Inside you’ll find a merchant who will sell you Spiced Jerky for 9,900 gil. Purchase some, then hop back into the Epoch.

- Travel to 600 AD and check the Elder’s House of the past. Speak to the woman in the kitchen and she’ll ask to purchase your Spiced Jerky. Give it to her for free.

- Jump back to 1000 AD. Porre’s elder is now a super nice dude, and if you speak to him he’ll gladly hand over the Moon Stone. Take it back to the Sun Shrine in 1000 AD.

- Leap forward to the Sun Shrine in 2300 AD. The Moon Stone will now be fully charged into a Sun Stone. Put Lucca in your party and approach it. She’ll freak out over the possibilities…

Lucca uses the Sun Stone to power up her equipment with a fantastic new gun, the Wondersho

- … and after you jump back to her home in 1000 AD, she and Taban will create a Wondershot and Sunglasses. The Wondershot is a fantastically random weapon for Lucca, while the Sunglasses… are an accessory. Shrug?

- You’re not done with the Sun Stone yet, however. Assuming you complete this quest first, you’ll get extra goodies when you complete the quest for the Rainbow Shell in another optional quest - including one of Crono’s best weapons in the game. (Or the best if you’re not playing the DS version.)