A list of the Week 8, Chapter 5, Season 1 quests in Fortnite.

Week 8 has arrived! In addition to officially adding Solid Snake to the Battlepass, Week 8, Chapter 5, Season 1 adds the usual batch of weekly quests. There's no particular theme this time, and for the most part you just have to play the game as normal. This doesn't make the quests easy, per se, but you don't need to plan out your matches too much.

If you've been completing all of the weekly quests up to this point you'll have 42 quests under your belt. This means you'll need to complete only four of the six quests listed below to receive an additional 30K XP.

Desdemona prepares to land at Rebel's Roost in Fortnite.

Visit Rebel's Roost and Ruined Reels

This one's a piece of cake. Rebel's Roost is located in the northwest corner of the map, while Ruined Reels is more or less right in the middle. You can easily complete this quest by starting in Rebel's Roost and making your way inland to Ruined Reels, or you can just wait until you visit them naturally. Visit Rebel's Roost and Ruined Reels to receive 15K XP.

Desdemona crouches before collecting some ammo in Fortnite.

Collect ammo while crouched

A bit tricksy, but not a big deal. Simply look for ammo, walk up to some without getting too close, crouch down (press down the right joystick on console versions of Fortnite), and press the interact button (the left button on consoles). You'll get plenty of bullets each time, so this shouldn't take long. Collect 200 ammo while crouched to receive 15K XP.

A map of various NPC locations in Fortnite, Chapter 5, Season 1.

Purchase an item from a character in different matches

There are NPCs all over the place in this season of Fortnite, and virtually all of them sell stuff, whether it's a weapon, a restorative item, a utility item, or whatever. You need to approach NPCs and buy something. Doesn't matter what it is, just buy something. A map of all the NPC locations on the map is displayed above, but generally speaking if you go to a notable location you'll probably find someone. A few examples:
  • Metal Mouth, north of Reckless Railways
  • Vengeance Jonesy, in the underground subway stop between Pleasant Piazza and Fencing Fields
  • Hope, in Hazy Hillside
  • Steelsight, on the roof of Rebel's Roost
  • Mecha Team Shadow, at the train station north of Pleasant Piazza
You'll also need Gold to purchase items, so make sure you collect every pile dropped by a defeated enemy, raid every cash register, open every safe, and bust up every pile of gold bars found inside vaults. Purchase an item from a character in three different matches to receive 15K XP.

Desdemona prepares to open fire on an enemy from a distance in Fortnite.

Damage enemies beyond 25 meters

Most combat in Fortnite takes place at a distance, and 25 meters is not that great of a distance. If you grab an assault rifle and fire at enemies you see a ways away you'll fulfill this quest with no trouble. Inflict 1,500 damage to players beyond 25 meters away to receive 15K XP.

Desdemona comes across some emptied Weapon Cases in Ruined Reels, a location in Fortnite.

Search Weapon Cases

A new addition to Fortnite, Weapon Cases are padded display containers that show you what's inside before you open 'em up. Weapon Cases are located in a bunch of specific spots throughout the map. Some examples:
  • The vaults in Grand Glacier, Reckless Railways, Snooty Steppes, and Fencing Fields
  • In the basement of a building on the north end of Reckless Railways
  • In a room on the secnd floor of Rebel's Roost
  • In a small, hidden room beneath the ruins of Ruined Reels, along the edge of the coliseum seating
Search five Weapon Cases to receive 15K XP.

Desdemona hides inside a Cardboard Box and goes for a walk in Fortnite.

Travel distance while using the Cardboard Box

A new utility item that showed up with Solid Snake, the Cardboard Box allows you to tuck into hiding and sneak along. You're not that difficult to see, but it's still a neat addition. Cardboard Boxes are legendary (gold) items, but not particularly rare. Grab one, toss it on the ground, put it on, and walk around for a while. Travel 150 meters while using a Cardboard Box to receive 30K XP.