The quest list for Week 9 of Fortnite, Chapter 5, Season 1.

Week 9 of Fortnite! This week's challenges are a bit of a hodgepodge, and force you to spend a bit more time in the north and the middle of the map. Although they're a persistant threat at any time, you'll want to remani vigilant for snipers this week, as one of the quests asks you to inflict sniper rifle damage. Watch your head!

If you've been completing all of the weekly quests up to this point you'll have 48 completed quests under your belt. If that's the case you'll only need to complete two of the six quests listed below for a 30K XP Weekly Bonus. Not difficult at all, that. Get to work!

Black Widow prepares to land at Lil' Villa in Fortnite.

Visit Lil' Villa and Catcher's Cove

A pair of locations that you may or may not visit on a regular basis, Lil' Villa and Catcher's Cove are tiny spots on the map. You just need to visit both of them once. A quck driveby will suffice, if you don't want to look inside. They're in these locations:
  • Lil' Villa is between Fencing Fields and Hazy Hillside. It's a spacious, fenced-in building on the side of a hill, on the opposite side of the river flowing past Fencing Field.
  • Catcher's Cove is along the coast, more or less directly north of Classy Courts. Unless you land in this general area straight from the bus you'll probably have to worry about the storm, so come here with transportation, or some other quick getaway plan.
Visit Lil' Villa and Catcher's Cove to receive 15K XP.

Black Widow defeats an opponent in Fortnite.

Collect items from opponents

Whenever you defeat an opponent they will drop something. It may be a weapon, it may be ammo, it may be a utility item, it may just be some fruit. This quest tasks you with retrieving those items. All you do is need to pick things up - you don't need to keep them. Collect 25 items from opponents to receive 15K XP. This doesn't appear to apply to things dropped by NPCs, unfortunately, so stick to defeated players.

Black Widow splashes herself with some Flowberry Fizz in Fortnite.

Gain shields with Flowberry Fizz or Flowberries

Flowberry Fizz and Flowberries are both new items in this season of Fortnite, granting their users some extra shields and a temporary high-jump effect. Flowberry Fizz bottles are a bit rare, and you'll usually find them randomly in chests. Flowberries, on the other hand, show up all the time, and can be found in particular aboundance in the orchards surrounding Fencnig Fields. Gani 300 shields with Flowberry Fizz or Flowberries to receiev 15K XP.

Preparing to snipe an unwary opponent in Fortnite.

Damage opponents beyond 50 meters with sniper rifles

Sniper rifles are the bane of stationary players everywhere, and this quest has you targeting unfriendly characters with a sniper rifle of your own. You need to inflict damage on opponents, which means either damaging players or Society NPCs. As long as you maintain a respectable distance - which is a good idea with sniper rifles anyway - you'll complete this quest without too much trouble, as long as you're a good shot. Inflict 500 points of damage to opponents beyond 50 meters with sniper rifles to receive 15K XP.

Black Widow discovers an SUV in Fortnite.

Travel distance in an SUV

A new addition to the stable of vehicles in this season of Fortnite, the SUV can be found wherever cars are typically parked: Named locations with roads, gas stations, larger buildings that have parking lots, etc. You may also luck out and find one on the side of the road. Travel 2,500 meters in an SUV to receive 15K XP. This is quite a distance to drive in a single match, so either bring a Gas Can along or be prepared for multiple drives.

Black Widow uses the EMP Stealth Camo item in Fortnite.

Eliminate an enemy player within 20 seconds of using EMP Stealth Camo

One of the rarer items in this season of Fortnite, the EMP Stealth Camo is found in chests, or can be purchased from Solid Snake, an NPC who currently lives on the tiny island in the north of the map, near Rebel's Roost and Lavish Lair. Once you have one, just turn it on whenever you see or hear gunfire, then attack whomever's shooting. Eliminate three enemy players within 20 seconds of using EMP Stealth Camo to receive 30K XP.