The weekly quests for Fortnite, Chapter 5, Season 1.

Still working on Week 9?

Week 10 of Fortnite, Chapter 5, Season 1 has arrived, and with it a new batch of quests to complete. (They're a little late, but, better late than never.) These quests run the gamut of potential tasks, and will have you running all over the map to complete. Let's get started.

Arctica checks a Bounty Board in Fortnite.

Accept bounties from Bounty Boards

A long-standing mechanic at this point, bounties and Bounty Boards are old hat for most Fortnite players at this point. All you need to do is approach a Bounty Board and accept a bounty for another player. You don't have to complete the bounty, just accept it.  Accept two bounties from Bounty Boards to receive 15K XP.

All of the named locations have bounty boards. You can also find them at the various train stations, just by following the tracks. Check far enough to the northeast and southeast of the map, in the snowy sections, and you'll also find two more. There's no shortage of Bounty Boards, in other words.

Arctica leaps through the air while under the effects of Flowberry Fizz in Fortnite.

Travel vertically under the effects of Flowberries or Flowberry Fizz

Flowberries and Flowberry Fizz grant you a short-lived, anti-gravity effect when imbibed, allowing you to jump further and hang in the air for longer. Get enough vertical distance while doing this to complete the quest. All you really need to do is hop around a bunch, though if you want to get this quest over in a hurry, trigger the effect on bridges or high ledges before you leap.

Flowberry Fizz appears at random, so there's no telling when you'll come across a bottle. Flowberries, on the other hand, appear regularly - and in predictable locations, if you check out the planted rows of Fencing Fields. Travel 100 vertical meters under the effects of Flowberries or Flowberry Fizz to receive 15K XP.

Arctica ambushes a group of Society troops at the base of a Forecast Tower in Fortnite.

Secure forecast data from Forecast Towers

Forecast Towers have been around for a little while, now, and they tend to operate the same between seasons. You'll see the Forecast Tower from a fair distance, and when you get close a group of Society goons should spawn. One of them is carrying a Forecast Tower Access Card. Defeat the NPCs, claim the card, and use it on the computer console near the base of the Forecast Tower.

There are four Forecast Towers on this map of Fortnite, and they're in the following locations:
  • South of Reckless Railways
  • South of Pleasant Piazza
  • Southeast of Ritzy Riviera
  • Southwest of Ruined Reels
The towers poke out above most other features, so you should spot them without too much trouble. You'll know guards are about to spawn if you see a warp point by the bottom of the tower, and an icon appears by its spot on the map. Towers can only be locked down once per match, so watch out for other players. Secure forecast data from three Forecast Towers to receive 15K XP.

Arctica collects gold bars from a defeated player's remains in Fortnite.

Collect bars from eliminated players

Everyone drops gold bars when defeated in Fortnite, no exceptions. Collect 200 gold bars from defeated players to receive 15K XP. You can only have 5,000 gold bars on you at a time, so make sure you spend some at an NPC / vending macine if you've maxed yourself out. Otherwise you can't complete this quest.

Arctica battles another player using a shotgun in Fortnite.

Deal damage to enemy players with shotguns

Another simple quest. Shotguns are all over the place in this season of Fortnite. Use 'em on enemies. Shotguns are far more effective up close than at a distance, though every pip of damage counts. Inflicts 2,000 damage to enemy players with shotguns to receive 15K XP.

Locking onto an SUV using the Anvil Rocket Launcher in Fortnite.

Destroy a vehicle using the Anvil Rocket Launcher

Recently unvaulted for this season, Anvil Rocket Launchers are lengthy tubes that launch powerful explosives into the air. Find a vehicle, lock onto it with your Anvil, and fire. Boom. The rocket needs a bit of space to get up into the air, so don't try to do this near buildings or it may not work.

Anvil Rocket Launchers are uncommon at best, so you may need to hunt around for a while to find one. If you want a reliable one you can buy Anvil Rocket Launchers from Mecha Team Shadow, an NPC at the train station to the north of Pleasant Piazza, though since this character is recruitable she may not always be there. 

Destroy a vehicle using the Anvil Rocket Launcher to receive 30K XP. Note that the vehicle does not need to be inhabited for this to work, it just needs to have no HP by the end of the explosion.