A list of the April O'Neil Investigates quests in Fortnite.

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The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles exploded onto the scene earlier in Chapter 5, Season 1 of Fortnite, and now it appears that they're about to get their own mini-campaign, on top of the usual Fortnite shenanigans. April O'Neil, reporter friend of the turtles, has some weekly quests for you to complete before the event begins. Better get to it.

Lana Llane chats with April O'Neil at the Rescue Station in Fortnite.

Week 1

Talk to April

Pretty simple: Track down April O'Neil and talk to her. The April NPC hangs out at the Rescue Station, a building on the east side of the map, near the borders of the snowy regions to the northeast of Reckless Railways. Normally the Rescue Station isn't too active, but with people trying to complete this quest you may run into trouble going straight here. (I found her in the small, elevated ranger's shack on the northeast side of the station.) Talk to April to receive 10K XP.

Lana Llane inspects a sewer manhole in Fortnite.

Hide in Sewer entrances

As you explore the named areas of the Fortnite map you'll probably come across green-lit manholes. These are entrances to the sewer, which serves as a fast-travel route between two points in that area. The manholes usually take you from the streets and into basements, often straight to vaults.

You have a few different options for hopping into sewer entrances, but the simplest to find - and the least likely to be busy - is in the parking lot of the small hotel to the northeast of Grand Glacier. You'll find it on the east side of the map, and the manhole leads into the basement of Grand Glacier. Hide in one sewer entrance to receive 10K XP.

Lana Llane enters the Underground HQ in Fortnite.

Visit the Underground HQ

If you've spent any time poking around underground you've probably found the Underground HQ by now. This well-armed hideaway is located beneath the rolling hills to the southeast of Pleasant Piazza, and its accessible by three routes:
  • By entering the train tunnel to the southeast of Pleasant Piazza and looking for a door that leads into service areas
  • By entering the small building just north of the train tracks and using the Ascender inside
  • Via a manhole at the intersection near the Ship It! warehouse, northeast of the Underground HQ
Visit the Underground HQ to receive 10K XP.

Lana Llane inspects some empty pizza boxes near the Underground HQ in Fortnite.

Find empty pizza boxes

This quest dovetails off of the last one. While you're in the Underground HQ - which resembles the Ninja Turtles' subway home from the 80s and 90s films - you'll see a few empty pizza boxes sitting around. Inspect all three of them, hopefully while not under enemy fire. The pizza boxes are in the following locations:
  • On the side of the tracks in the main subway tunnel
  • On the north side of the tracks and through a door to the west - if yu see rubble you're headed in the right direction
  • On the south side of the tracks and up some stairs
Find three empty pizza boxes in the Underground HQ to receive 10K XP.