The reward screen for the Fortnite / TMNT crossover event.

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Splinter Assignment: The Ooze War Quest Phases
Cowabunga, dudes! An extension of the April O'Neil Investigates! quests, the TMNT: Cowabunga event is a Ninja Turtles specific mini-season for Fortnite. The event has you completing a series of Turtles-specific quests over two-and-a-half themed weeks. Complete said quests to earn a slew of Nina Turtles swag.

Unlike most quests, which reward XP for completion, the Ooze War quests give you, well, Ooze. Ooze works as an alternate form of experience, advancing you down a prize tracker on the main loadout screen. You need to accmuluate 11,000 Ooze to gain all of the rewards in the event. You can't get that much in a single week, so you'll need to keep playing over the next two-and-a-half weeks to acquire everything.

The Cowabunga event has two tiers worth of rewards:
  • The first, free tier features several emotes, an instrument, a backbling, a loading screen, an item wrap, two level-ups, and ends with the Turtle Blimp glider.
  • The second, paid, premium tier (1,000 V-Bucks) unlocks the Shredder outfit, as well as a bunch of Shredder-inspired items, ending in the Super Shredder outfit. You'll also receive two more level-ups along the way.
The normal and premium tiers advance in tandem with one another. Get 1,000 Ooze, for example, and you'll unlock both Ninja Stance: Leo and Shredder's Cape, assuming you paid for the premium tier. You can pay for the premium tier at any point in the event and receive all of the rewards you would have acquired up to your current level of Ooze.

There are six phases total to the event. (That's my guess right now, anyway. Maybe five?) You need to complete each phase to advance to the next. We'll keep updating this page with each new phase, which unlock every three days, so check back often. Completing five quests in each phase will, ultimately, unlock the Krang backbling.

Trailblazer Lynx checks out a manhole in Fortnite.

Phase 1: Stick to the Shadows

Travel through sewer pipes in different matches

Remember those manholes you needed to use in April O'Neil Investigates? You need them again. You'll find glowing green manholes in many named locations, and other places besides. Reckless Railways has a particularly easy one, if you look in the north end of the location. 

Travel through three sewer pipes in different matches to receive 400 Ooze.

Trailblazer Lynx targets an opponent with a suppressed weapon in Fortnite.

Damage opponents with supressed weapons

Suppressors showed up among Weapon Mods a few weeks ago, and they're relatively common on any gun you may pick up. (You'll know you have one if 'Covert Ops' is in the weapon name.) You can also apply suppressors to guns by using a Weapon Mod Bench at any named location with a vault / boss combo (Lavish Lair, Grand Glacier, Reckless Railways, Fencing Fields, Snooty Steppes). 

Inflict 500 damage on opponents with suppressed weapons for 300 Ooze.

Trailblazer Lynx prepares to claim a Ninja Turtle Supply Drop in Fortnite. (Michaelangelo, to be precise.)

Search a Ninja Turtle Supply Drop

Balloons are back, and this time they look like each of the Turtles. They appear far off in the distance, and you'll see them quickly enough if you keep an eye on the skies. Rush over and pop open the crate attached to the balloon to receive special TMNT-themed weapons, as well as some restorative items. These balloons are visible to any nearby players, so you may need to fight to get the balloon. 

Search a Nina Turtle Supply Drop to receive 400 Ooze.

Trailblazer Lynx uses the EMP Stealth Camo item in Fortnite.

Use the EMP Stealth Camo item

A Legendary (gold) utility item that allows you to disappear - almost, anyway - the EMP Stealth Camo is a somewhat rare item. You can get it out of chests at random, but your best bet is to just buy one from Solid Snake. He's on the northern-most island, north of Lavish Lair. This island has frequent player visitors, so get ready for a fight if you try to buy one from Snake. 

Use the EMP Stealth Camo item once to receive 300 Ooze.

Trailblazer Lynx blows up a small room full of Objects in Fortnite.

Destroy Objects

This one's nice and simple: Wreck stuff. Destroy walls, fences, beds, side tables, lamps, fixtures... just about everything in Fortnite counts as an object. Using explosives in crowded rooms, or just driving into things with a larger car, is a good way to quickly complete this quest. 

Destroy 200 Objects to receive 300 Ooze.

Trailblazer Lynx visits Splinter in the lair of the TMNT, a location in Fortnite.

Visit the lair and then travel East

Between Pleasant Piazza and Fencing Fields you'll find a delivery warehouse, and beneath the warehouse you'll find a subway system, named Underground HQ, where Vengeance Jonesy lives. Just off the main subway is the home of the Turtles, filled with their stuff. There are three ways down into this area:
  • Look for a door in the nearby train tunnel
  • Look for a utility building to the south of the warehouse
  • Use the manhole in the middle of the intersection near the warehouse
Once you've entered the Turtles' lair you need to travel east a certain distance to end the quest. Head in the direction of Fencing Fields, in other words, and a little bit past it. Having a car makes this a quick, safe trip. 

Travel 500 meters east after visiting the lair to receive 300 Ooze.

Trailblazer Lynx visits a Ninja Turtles vending machine in Fortnite.

Purchase Nina Turtle Weapons from vending machines

There are vending machines all over the map, in named locations and smaller, unlabeled spots alike, and now you can use them to buy weapons inspired by the Turtles. There are six specific locations for the Turtles' vending machines, labeled on the map. Purchase one of any of their four weapons to satisfy the quest. 

Purchase one Ninja Turtle weapon from a vending machine to receive 300 Ooze.

Trailblazer Lynx zips around on a TMNT-themed Driftboard in Fortnite.

Do an impossibly difficult trick on a Driftboard

Driftboards make a return in this season of Fortnite, and while you can't do normal tricks on them like dirt bikes, you can get Trick Points. Hop on a Driftboard, guide it to an area with plenty of hills or drops, zip over a jump, and press down the left control stick to get a speed boost. If you get enough air time and then perform a forward or backward flip (just hold the control stick forward or backward) you'll accumulate some points, which is enough to complete the quest... just make sure you land the jump.

Do an impossibly difficult trick on a Driftboard to receive 300 Ooze.

A list of Creator Made Island games in Fortnite.

Discover Quests

In addition to all of the Battle Royale-specific quests listed above, you can get more experience by entering a Creator Made Island and earning experience. Earn 65,000 XP in a Creator Made Island to receive 450 Ooze. (My go-to maps for this are the Zombie-themed arena shooters, though you may have something else in mind.)