Verity finds a Rare chest in Fortnite.

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Splinter Assignment: The Ooze War Quest Phases

The third phase of the Fortnite / TMNT Cowabunga crossover has arrived! The battle rages on, and this phase forces you to poke around the map quite a bit to complete all of the quests. Aside from one enigmatic quest, however, it's pretty straightforward. Let's get to it!

This article covers all of the quests for Phase 3 of the TMNT Ooze War quests. If you're looking for general information on the event, check out the guide for Phase 1. It covers everything you'll need.

Verity descends from the bus in Fortnite.

Phase 3: Cowabunga Clash

Reach the top 25 players remaining

The first quest in this phase is a piece of cake. Every match of Fortnite has approximately 100 players, and that number gets whittled down over the course of fifteen to twenty minutes of playtime. You can either play the match normally and see how you do, or leap out of the bus and find somewhere to hide. Flying to areas well away from the bus's flight path and looking for a bush to hide should do the trick.

Reach the top 25 players remaining to receive 400 Ooze.

Verity heads to Reckless Railways in Fortnite.

Visit different named locations in a single match

There are eleven named locations in this season of Fortnite, each a major area typically trafficked by other players. You need to visit a small handful of them in a single match to satisfy this quest. Check the map to see the closest location. If you hop in a car or on a motorcycle and ride swiftly between locations you can complete this quest in no time, with minimal danger to yourself.

Visit three named locations in a single match to receive 300 Ooze.

Verity finds some Weapon Cases inside a vault in Fortnite.

Search Weapon Cases

Weapon Cases are a new element in this season of Fortnite. Appearing in specific locations around the map, Weapon Cases let you see what's inside them, and otherwise act similarly to chests. You'll always get at least a Rare (blue) weapon from a Weapon Case. You can find them in these areas:

  • Inside vaults that require a Society Medallion (always at named locations)
  • Rebel's Roost, on the second floor
  • Reckless Railways, in the basement of one of the northern buildings
  • Ruined Reels, in a small, hidden spot near the screen
Search three Weapon Cases to receive 400 Ooze. You'll usually find at least three Weapon Cases in an area, so this should be a relatively painless quest.

Verity moves between locations in Fortnite.

Time Travel into the future... slowly

This one is as simple as they get: Just play the game. That's all. You'll get points for every second that you play FortniteLet 300 seconds pass in a match to receive 300 Ooze.

Verity battles a goon from the Society in Fortnite.

Assist in eliminating Society henchmen

Most seasons of Fortnite have an aggressor group that shoots at your character on sight, and in this season it's the Society. They appear in a number of different places, often guarding a boss character:
  • Lavish Lair
  • Grand Glacier
  • Reckless Railways
  • Fencing Fields
  • Snooty Steppes
  • Hazy Hillside
  • Train stations with vaults
Assist in eliminating ten Society henchmen to receive 300 Ooze.

Verity does a little jump in Fortnite.

Crouch, Jump, and Mantle

Three basic functions of travel in Fortnite, crouching, jumping, and mantling pop up constantly in every match. All you really need to do is play the game. Crouch, Jump, and / or Mantle 200 times to receive 300 Ooze.

Verity prepares to chow down on some Pizza in Fortnite.

Take or eat Pizza slices from pizza boxes with your friends

Pizza Boxes are a returning support item in this Fortnite mini-event. You can find them just sitting around, if you get lucky, but you'll also find them by popping open the TMNT-themed Supply Drops that regularly descend from the sky. You won't get any warning on the map that they're nearby, so just keep scanning the horizon until you see the head of one of the turtles. You can also buy them from TMNT-themed Vending Machines, if you find one. (Ritzy Riviera has one of these machines, for example.)

Take or eat eight Pizza slices from pizza boxes to receive 300 Ooze. You also get credit for any members of your squad eating Pizza slices. If you want to eat all eight slices from a box yourself, try sitting in the storm while eating. It will slowly drain your health and allow you to chow down.

Verity leaps into battle in Fortnite. (Literally.)

Damage opponents while airborne

Going back to the jump function, this quest requires you to inflict pain on enemies while airborne. The simplest way to do this is to hop into the air, aim your gun (preferably a shotgun), and fire at an enemy. You can also complete this quest while using Turtle weapons or the Grapple Blade, if you have them on hand.

Inflict 100 points of damage on enemies while airborne to receive 400 Ooze.

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